Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day from Paregon Pretty Pink Park Central!

Twenty Two Treats! 
The Best Blossom Gifs from
The Wooster Square Blossom Blog!

Have a great Valentine's Day 
See You Round the Square!

Monday, February 6, 2017

2017 Official Wooster Square Blossom Blog Battological Blossomation!!


Noun. The act of revealing or disclosure, a prediction or announcement. 

Origin, Wooster Square Blossom Blog.

Spring 2017, just around the corner.
May not have felt like it the past few mornings
in the Wonderful World of Historic,
Wildly Famous, Wooster Square!

New Haven, 
the NEW,
San Diego. 
(just wear some mittens.)

By Authority
Authority for the Wooster Square Blossom Blog was given 
by the Historic Wooster Square Association.

Pretty in Pink

Our Purpose
The Wooster Square Blossom Blog's main purpose is to photograph our Hallowed Hanami Friends (Our Cherry Trees) and let everyone know when they 
are in Peak Poppadge! (70% trees in full bloom).

I've worked my Blossom Blogging Buns off to bring the World to Wooster Square's doorstop.

January 28, 2017

Coming in March, the 
Wooster Square Blossom Blog 
will be celebrating 
5 Years of Publication!!!


My research, along with the Blossom Mainframe,
has been sought out by the
National Park Service in 

Washington DC, where they have
a similar, lesser known Cherry Blossom Festival.

No, I guess it's really lame, because
I heard the National Cherry Blossom Festival
is in a Mall in Washington DC.
(Hey, and they don't have 
New Haven Apizza)

National Park Rangers and I
kibitz, console, laugh and cry about 
our beloved beautiful blossoms.

If you think about it, it's a little disturbing.

But not the results! 

Picture Perfect Pink Park People!

To bud, or not to bud, that is the question.

Made in New Haven

The WSBB became what has become
 known as the 
World's First Photoblogumentary!
(just google it)

2017 Wooster Square Cherry Blossoms

Cold, Frozen in Time;

Potential Beauty, Serene;

Belief, hope, Wonder.
Bart and Cheryl's Haiku 2017

This is my good side!

Blossomation 2017

What we have learned about the past,
we apply to the future.

What we know about the present,
is applied to the future

We search for patterns, observe
Cherry Blossoms all over the World.

All that Data is fed into the Blossom Mainframe,
(I feed the mice and put them on a wheel)

And Voila! A date for Peak Poppadge!
(When 70% are in full bloom) 

It's a perfect pink peerless prediction people!

Here's a look at the past few years.

Click to enlarge

Wooster Square's Sweet Sakura's
will be in 
Picture Perfect Peak Poppadge 
April 23, 2017**
**(I take pictures and post everyday during
blossom season, so you won't miss them)

Mark your Calendars!

Call your friends and Neighbors!

Shut the Front Door! 

]That's the same date as the Annual Cherry Blossom Festival!!

Click here for details and dates for other Cherry Blossom Bonuses!

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Stay Warm
See You Round the Square!
Beinecke Library Panorama


Saturday, January 21, 2017

Blossom Blog Actually Exceeds Actuations, options exhausted, Action Authorized!

Not to Worry, No interruption in Blossom Blog Banter!

Alas, when does one need to 
know what an actuation is? 

Who knows, in fact, who knew?

Well, if you are into foto fun folks, it means that your camera can only take just so many photos.

My desk without my camera 

Not like the old days?

Hardly, the days of my Nikon FM where you loaded your Seatle Filmworks film in
...24, 36 exposures.

Cell phone photo

Each of those photos counted back then, but who knew that in today's day and age, 
your Digital camera can only
 take so many photos without pulling the plug?

Kind of like cranking the film forward, and the crank falls off....camera busted. Mother Trucker!

But digital? Yes, digital too.

Surreal Square Stuff

Nothing actually broke off my +CanonUSA 
Canon D70 EOS, it just couldn't take
any more photos, or actuations.

(You work your Blossom Blogging Butt off
and Boom! Shooting Blanks!)

+CanonUSA  to the Rescue!

January 21, 2017

I emailed Canon in Jersey, they knew the 
problem immediately. Said it was kaput.

"Bart, you Busted your Blogger Buddy!!"
was what Canon said..

Yes, that's a real flower in that Crocus!

Within one week, 
my trusted companion D70
is by my side, like new 
completely FREE for
the Blossom Blog!!**
**(a small handling fee of $298, cause hey, 
it's not what you know, but who you know.)

So it's Back to Blossom Business!

Upcoming next, our Blossomation
(when our World Famous 
Cherry Blossoms Bloom)
for 2017!

Real Photos!

Keep Calm 
Actuate On

See you behind the lens,
See You Round the Square!

Sunday, January 1, 2017

2017 Wooster Square Hanami Handsel, no Humbuggery Here!

Residents Roiling, Revealing Riotous Resolutions!

Happy New Year
Wooster Square!

I don't mean to be a stickybeak. 
I mean, I can't help it, it just happens. 

But why in heaven's name, would anyone
at the beginning of the year make promises
that they have no intentions on keeping.

Oh, I see, since it's a New Year, some folks see fit to see a bunch of stuff that needs fixin.

I need to lose weight, lose my boy/girlfriend.
I need to work out, need boy/girlfriend

Floss more

Clean your closet, basement, garage....life
Get Healthy, new job, new career or New Home.
Be a better person, friend, spouse...

Holy Hanami Horror!!

All those promises we make, we end up making our lives more complicated.

Here in Historic, World Famous Wooster Square,
we take each New Year in studious stride.

Change happens all around us, yet
we remain the same. 

The same Neighborhood, same Friends,
same World Famous Apizza,
same glorious Park with Cherry Blossoms.

Drive down Wooster Street today and you'll see a new pride and shine in the Neighborhood.

Wooster Square isn't a place just to visit,
it is a state of mind. 

A real neighborhood with people that take
pride in it's History and home in
New Haven Connecticut.

Wooster Square Wishes

Just Breathe Baby!

Keep Calm
Apizza on!

Bright New Year

People Pleasin Park

Warm wishes for a
Happy, Healthy and
Successful New Year!

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Next up? Time for a Blossom Blog...
Blossomation! Stay tuned!

See YOU Round the Square 

Congratulations Neighbor and long time
Wooster Squarian, Wendy Hamilton
 who was named 
New Haven Register's
Person of the Year!!

Click here for Wooster Squarian of the Year!

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Fall Foliage Fiasco Folks! Forecasters Fumbling for Feedback on Funky Phenomenon.

Friggin Former Forcastical Forays Fail, 

 Future of Fall Foliage Frowzy

Even Poindexterious Prodigious Predictinator Nate Silver stands stumped, saying 
"Usually, leaves change color at the time of Summer and into Fall, then drop...
at least as far back as I can remember.."*

Fall Foliage season is a statistical slam dunk. 
A Grand Slam of Color and Commotion.

 A Brilliant Blast of Bountiful & Breathtaking
multitudes of hues here in our 
Historic Hanami Sakura Square.

So well what the heck happened this year?

Well it kind of sputtered, one tree here, another there. Sugar Maples, usually some of the brightest and earliest, were late to the party! 

However, Oak trees, normally whose leaves just turn brown, took on a sunset haze.

Most years, you see some trees turning in August.
I usually look, but saw none this year.

Of course, it has been the hottest year on record.
But miraculously, Wooster Square remains
mostly Sunny with highs about 
70 degrees, 365 a year.*

Monster Mega Moon Man

What is going on here?

That is only something that the Blossom Blog Mainframe can handle. 
The Mainframe, with it's
connection to Yale's Super computer, the NSA,
Eric Snowden, Nate Silver, and NASA. 
Not to mention "The Onion", Wikimadeitupia and a large silver dollar coin for flipping.*
(for the difficult questions)

So while The Blossom Blog mainframe kibbles all the bits, rams the dos, and does its mega doodles, let's take a look around our 
Sweet Sakura Square!!

Full Flowers Folks.

Peppermint Patty Pleaser People!

Gone with the wind...

Pink Nation!

We laid out a yellow carpet for you.

Old Postcard, late 1800s

New Postcard, 2016

Wooster Square Wows!

Pizza Party!

 Bridge of Sighs.

The Wooster Square Blossom Blog will have
a Pearl Harbor memorial post on our Facebook Page!

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Moon's a risin

So what gives with the Weather?
According to all the data organized,
analyzed, digitized as well as stigmatized....

Turns out the Weather changes everyday!

Hey, this is New England, not
San Diego! We have four
glorious seasons of joy
here in the
Wonderful World of Historic,
 Famous Wooster Square!

Don't forget the Facebook post
on Pearl Harbor Day!

Christmas Tree Lighting, 
Caroling and more!

Click here for Historic Wooster Square!

*Please don't believe everything 
you read on the internet!

You heard it hear first folks!

See You at the Tree Lighting
See You Round the Square!

***   ***   ***   ***
Thank You Sponsors!

Open House Sunday!
December 4, 2016

This historic Condo has been over looking the Park for over 100 years.

Cherry Blossoms, the Wooster Square Farmer's Market and World Famous Pizza is all out your door!

Imagine, walking downtown to see a show at the Shubert, dinner at Zinc and walk it off on your way home through
Historic, Famous Wooster Square!

Call or Text Cheryl Szczarba
(tell her, the Wooster Square
Blossom Blogger sent you!)