Thursday, May 11, 2017

2017 Record Fracturing Festival Finds Food, Fallal, Frolic, Fanfare and Floriferous Fun!

Cherry Blossoms Behind, Summer Fun Ahead!

At the 
Wooster Square Blossom Blog,
the World's First Photoblogumentary,
the primary objective is to get 
the word out on our 
Historic Cherry Blossoms.

Well, I believe that we did that
and more this year.

A record 12,108* people walked,
sang, danced, ate and had 
a great time during the 
44th Annual Cherry Blossom Festival.
*According to the NHPD, over 11,000 
people were in Wooster Square. The 12,108
exact figure was tabulated by the Blossom Mainframe through data synthesis.**
**Please don't believe everything your read on the internet.

For a look at all the fun, Check out
I Love New Haven

Check out ILNH here

And what about Social Media?


Between Google+
Twitter, WSBB,
Facebook page, & instagram,

In one month, a record of more 250,000 people visited our 
Sweet Sakura Square
virtually, online,
at the Wooster Square Blossom Blog.

And not just the USA.
 9 other Countries visited daily.

So, then my job must be done.

Ha HA! I say!

With so much going on in New Haven during the summer...

International Festival of Arts and Ideas,
Click here to be swooned all June.

Connecticut Tennis Open,
Click here for World Class Tennis, Right here in N'aven

Concerts on the Green,
Click here for Arts and culture

Movies in the Parks,

Shakespeare in Edgerton Park,
Farmer's markets all over...

And Apizza?

Well, you get the picture.

A Blossom Blogger's work
is never done!

I am still physically challenged, recovering form shoulder surgery due to Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Just another month until I can
hold a Blossom Blogging Camera!
These are all cellphone shots.

A shout out to 
Arthritis Awareness Month.

Stay tuned on twitter, google+
and the widely popular and entertaining
Wooster Square Blossom Blog
Facebook page.

Thanks to all my 
Flower Following Fans!

I hope all got pictures they hoped for!
Another Great Year
in the Wonderful World of
Universally Famous,
Historic Wooster Square!!!

See You Round the Square!

Friday, April 21, 2017

Beautiful, Bodacious, Bright Bonzer Blossoms Blowing By and Bye Bye!

Cherry Blossom Festival Set For Sunday Noon to 4:30

Beauty races in,
Pink and white everywhere,
Now floating, blowing
  Bart and Cheryl's Haiku 2017 

 Pink and white confetti!

So Let's Party Like it's Peak Poppadge!

Peak Poppadge 
April 17, 2017

The Stage is literally set for the
44th Annual Wooster Square 
Cherry Blossom Festival!!!

The Park plays center stage 
to over 10,000 Cherry Blossom
Lovers from all over the World!!

Park Pink Party People!

After all, Wooster Square was named
as one of the 20 best places for
Blossom Viewing in the

20 Best Places in the World to see Cherry Blossoms, click here!

And, if that's not enough 
Fine Fellow Flower Following Fans, 
Wooster Square
was anointed as basically
 Paradise on earth by 
according the the Huffington Post!

Click here for a past post and links to our Sweet Sakura Shargri-la

Schedule of Flower Frolicking

This is the 19th year, that World Class
Musicians perform in Historic 
St. Michael's Church on
Historic Wooster Square.

The Best Part?

They are all Wooster Squarians.
Friends and neighbors.

The Concert starts at 7:30,
followed by a reception and 
party with the artists.

All are welcome and invited.
Bring the whole family, drag
their friends along!

The concert is really spectacular
with something for the young,
young at heart and older too.

Please, make it a point to
attend this Free Event.
(donations for St. Michael's accepted)

Also, #breakingnews

The Weather will Great Sunday!

Well, it was supposed to rain.

But the Blossom Blogger has 
more pull than a John Deere tractor in the weather department folks. And @wtnh
and +Gil Simmons have given
the green light to our 
Flower and Foodie Fun!

Wooster Square Cherry Blossom
Festival is this Sunday
Noon to 4:30!

Food! Music! 
Free Children's events
Did I say Food!
Crafts, Local Artists, 
The Wooster Square Blossom Blog,
Local organizations, 
Museums and more!

There's lots of food too!

Come support $$ local
artists and local institutions!

Come bring the Family to
our Neighborhood Hanami Party!

Let's Party Like it's 
Peak Poppadge People!!!

Let's take a look at some photos
from Thursday afternoon and
then more important announcements!

Raining today, blossoms are hanging on for dear life for you! I'll have more photos later today and tomorrow 
on facebook and twitter...

Don't rain on my pink parade!

We've laid out the pink carpet for you!

Flower n Fence Foto Fun!

Come join the fun!

X marks the spot!

Come play in the drifts!

Heavenly Hanami Happiness!

Wooster Square Remembers

Beauty Reflected

Pink Nation!

Say ahhhh!

Dancing Petals

Pink Nation Too!

This will be the last blog post before
the Cherry Blossom Festival. The Wooster Square Blossom Blog has a table with some local photos, posters,
mugs and everything Cherry Blossom.

Stop By, Say Hi!

I have to get everything together.
Look for photos up until the 
Festival on our facebook page
and on twitter!

Also, on a personal note,
I'm have surgery on my shoulder due to my Rheumatoid Arthritis next week. 

While recovering, I'll be analyzing this years Bloom for all sorts of fun Facts and Figures!

So Stay tuned Folks!

You can't keep a good 
Blossom Blogger down!

See You at the Festival
See Your Round the Square! 


Monday, April 17, 2017

Wooster Square Cherry Blossoms Peaking! Festival Sunday April 23!

Head To our Sententious Sakura Square for Hanami Happiness

When Mr. Blossom Blogger?

That's the question I get all spring.

The answer?




Will they still be around for the Festival
on Sunday April, 23 from Noon to 4:30?

Yup! But past peak I'm afraid!

So that's why my job as 
Chief Blossomologist in 
Historic Wooster Square
is to tell you that the


Ah, job satisfaction.

All that Hanami Happiness.


Devoted Digital Device Dudes 
and Dudettes!!

Get To Wooster Square 
for those Wedding Photos
before the midweek Rains!

Let's take a look at 
some photos from this morning!
More will be posted later
on facebook and twitter!
Follow the links on the
side to keep up with
everything from Wooster Square!

Viewing Cherry Blossoms in Full
Bloom may cause dizziness, hyperventilation,
wide smile and happiness.
View with caution and use discretion
when sharing, and please share!

Get to Wooster Square ASAP!

Keep Calm
Hanami On!

See YOU Round the Square!

Friday, April 14, 2017

Wooster Square Blossoms for Easter Weekend!

Park's Pretty Pink Peak Poppadge 

in 2-6 days!**

**Blossomations for entertainment only.
Prohibited where void. 
5 cent deposit required in Indiana only.
TSA pre-flight check not required.
Contact your doctor before viewing
extreme cherry blossom photos.
Your experience may vary from photos.

The Wooster Square Cherry Blossoms 
are Blooming now!

Predicting Peak is like walking
a tightrope. One slip, and your
sent tumbling the statistic books.

But that has not happened here
at the Wooster Square Blossom Blog.

For 5 years, we have shown
you and told you when peak
is and when it will be.

100% accuracy from the 
World's First

Our Blossoms on Hughes Place

If you can't get to next Sunday's 
44th Annual Cherry Blossom Festival,
then by all means do what you need to get to Wooster Square and enjoy
this years Blossoms!

The weather is Gorgeous.
Sun, warmth and spring.

Come join the Fun!

Photos from today!!!

Warren St Wonder

These buds are for you!

Popping daily

Columbus Colors
Hughes Place North

Holy Hanami History!


Court Street Colors

Take a Blossom Hike!

Pink and green machine!

Pink Nation!

Flower Fun Folks!

Pretty in Pink

We saved you a seat!

!!!Photographer Alert!!!

Grab your favorite device 
and head to Wooster Square!

This weekend will be perfect
for those engagement, wedding,
new baby, or we're just in love
with Wooster Square photos!!

Carpe Diem!!

Follow on facebook, twitter
and this Blog for more updates!

Peaking shortly! 

See You Round the Square!!!