Thursday, September 8, 2016

World Class Tennis Takes New Haven by Storm! 2016 Connecticut Open

Historic Hanami Coverage Makes History
World's First Photoblogumentary

Hot fun in the New Haven Sun. 
Mother nature was kind to the Connecticut Open
a WTA event the week before the US Open Tennis.

Sometimes, that makes it tough to get some 
Women to come if they want to rest the week before. 
Then, throw in that event in Rio called the Olympics, and then it even got more involved.

But thanks to the charm and respect that these tremendous athletes have for tournament director 
Anne Worcester, that wasn't a problem.

Tournament Director Anne Worcester with
Madison Keys.

These internationally incredibley talented Women
love New Haven and Anne!

Thanks Anne for a great Week!

So many Olympic medalists came that in fact on Opening night we had a
ceremony of flags with the Women that represented
their country and their Gold, Silver and bronze medals!

March of Olymians

Canadian star and Olympic Flag holder can't 
contain her excitement that after this
she's heading to Wooster Street for Apizza and Pasta!
Pork chop done "chicken parm" style
Tres Scalini, Wooster Street

Quite a sight right here in New Haven.
#nhv #gscia #ctopen16 

Oh, about that Hanami History Here.
Since the WSBB is the world's first
(I know, I made it up)

So Media credentials? 
Too legit to quit!

First Photoblogumentary Media Credentials
circa 2016

Take a look back at the week the was,
2016 Connecticut Open

The interview with the press for 2016
Champion, Aga Radwanska. 
She was very focused, but took the time to
take some photos with the locals.

"Aga" and "Wooster Square Blossom Blogger"
aka Bart Connors Szczarba

The crew, Sarah Greenblatt, Aunt Rosemarie,
Aga and Cheryl Szczarba.

3 Time Champ and New Haven FAV,
Petra Kvitiva was battling a cold.
But she's got a Bronze from the Olympics!

Petra LOVES New Haven
and New Haven LOVES Petra

Let's Rock this Stadium! 

Ball kids

Coin Toss Dance off!

#8 in the World, Roberta Vinci

Cushiny Colorful Comfort

Vinci reaching

Hair raising action

Garcia rips one

Blossom Blogger
Ryan Krystafer of
Good Morning CT on +WTNH News8 

Ukrainian, Elina Svitolina
was a Szczarba favorite
and made a great 
run to the 

Cover smashing tennis!

Notable fans

Live New Haven, Love New Haven

ESPN Coverage

Local Coverage +WTNH News8 


Makarova's Makareena

US Open Semi Finalist!
Go Sweet Caroline!
(Woznizacki, 4 time 
New Haven

However, in 2016, it was
Wildcard Entry and Number one seed, Agnieszka Radwanska,
and she played flawlessly.

Congrats Champion from 
Connecticut, New Haven and
the Wonderful World of Historic
Internationally Famous,
Wooster Square!

See You Round the Square!
Golf Legend Jim Furyk, shot
a 58 in Hartford, was up in Norton Mass, for the FedEx cup. 
He had to take the selfie.

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Best in the USA!

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Monday, August 15, 2016

It's Official! Wooster Square Blossom Blog Rocks New Haven Living's "Best of New Haven 2016"

Wooster Square Blossom Blogger 

voted 1st Runner up in Bloggers, 

1st Runner up as best Twitter-er.


Both categories under 

Best Of New Haven: Local People.

I was literally sakura square slapped silly, seriously surprisingly stupefyingly stunningly speechless, when I saw the Wooster Square Blossom Blog
in print as first runner up. 

Well almost speechless.

When Cheryl came to me with whimsical whigmaleerie idea of a Blossom Blog over 5 years ago, 
We had no idea that if would morph into whatever it is today.

Which is now, in fact, part of the mainstream media.
(yes folks, that means I am despised by Mr. Trump)

However, if you look at our Predictiveness Chart,
The Wooster Square Blossom Blog
stands alone in being 100% accurate
when it comes to our Wooster Square Blossoms.

Click chart to enlarge

Click here for New Haven Livings Best of Local People

Pots of Gold in Wooster Square!

If you're not following the 
World's First Photoblogumentary,
 you don't know what you're missing.

What's is it, this Blossom Blog a newbie might say?

First and foremost, the
Wooster Square Blossom Blog 
was created with the blessing of the Historic Wooster Square Association, and was to report and photo when 
our World Famous, Wooster Square Cherry Blossoms
are blooming on the Square in the Spring.

Second, it is a blog. There are words to go with
the pictures, perhaps some tongue twisters!

Thirdly, its a documentary of our Sweet Sakura Square,
the goings on in our Historic corner of New Haven.

Cheryl Szczarba is the Chief editor, sponsor and publisher of
the Wooster Square Blossom Blog.

The Wooster Square Blossom Blog wants
to thank Cheryl for 5 great years of sponsorship.

Thanks New Haven Living!

But most of all thanks to those that voted
and Love New Haven as much as we do!

Next week we will be reporting from the 
Connecticut Tennis Center at Yale for the
Connecticut Open! 

Makarova Makes Magic

Follow the Wooster Square Blossom Blog 
Facebook Page
@ BlossomBlogger on twitter
for all the latest photos, action and commentary!

Thanks Again New Haven!!

Bart and Cheryl Szczarba

See you at the Tennis 
See You Round the Square!

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Saturday, August 6, 2016

There's a hole in New Haven's Soul, Grove Street Grieves.

Wooster Square Remembers

Bill Cameron knew just about
 everybody in New Haven.
 That is, if you stopped by his 
place of employment,
The Grove Street Cemetery.

Since 2004, I have regularly walked my dogs, photographed, biked, or more sadly buried Cheryl's father's remains at Grove Street.

The Szczarba plot(s) Bill helped us pick out.
And the Fence was designed by Ann Lehman.

I first met them in another life, when I was
a banker and handled some 
financial dealings in the 1990's.

 Wooster Squarian! Lived at the corner
of Chapel Street and Wooster Place.

You don't forget a man and wife, who work at the 
same job, their whole lives. 

When you walked through those pearly gates, er
Henry Austin designed gate, Bill and Joan's
dogs would come running up to the half door
letting them know they have another visitor.

Stones from New Haven colony's first cemetery.
The upper New Haven Green!
(no they didn't move the remains.)

Always happy to help, Bill never had anything but
a smile on his face 
and a kind word as you passed by.

History Loves Company

You see, Bill and Joan were a New Haven enigma.

And you don't have to take it from a bumbling, brassy, bodacious,
bumptious, boisterous, Blossom Blogger!

Ask anyone in #nhv 

But not just that, Bill and Joan 
were ALWAYS there.
Grove Street Cemetery never is closed.

Free tours every weekend, or just stop by pick up
a brochure and look at all of America's history!

Well, at night I suppose, but every day,
 every holiday, every Christmas, every Easter,
 Bill and Joan
were masters of the 
Historic Hallowed Grounds.

For over 40 years!

Unfortunately, Joan is in a rehab hospital,
falling ill after Bill passed.

I spoke to their children, who are filling
in until they can find another superintendent.

The tears in Bill's daughters eyes told the story as
she looked about the property, 
saying she's doing the best she can.

Trying to find one, person, let alone two,
that dedicated their whole lives,
their whole beings, to the 
Grove Street Cemetery 
is inherently impossible.

Nobody can ever take Bill and Joan's place.

My first visits without Bill and Joan
sitting in their office just seemed weird.

Empty. A hole in New Haven's soul.

Eli Whitney, inventor of the gin and tonic.
(I'm told he invented the Cotton Gin)

This summer, I have biked through 
Grove Street almost daily.

Now, I don't think about how much
they are missed.

New Haven has big wings for an angel.

I see Bill and Joan everywhere in Grove Street's
Historic Hallowed Grounds. 

Rest in Peace Friend.

See You Round the Square!

Thank you Sponsors!
A single family in Historic Wooster Square!
Live and walk in Historic Wooster Square.
New Haven's "Brooklyn"
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