Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Blossoms are Cleared for takeoff! We have Peduncle Elongation!

45th Annual Cherry Blossom Festival is this Sunday April 22, 2018!

We are finally in the Home Stretch.

However, Mother Nature has not
been the most cooperative 
Diety in in Town.

After being pounded with nearly
three inches of punishing wind
driven rain for two days,
our Cherry Blossoms came out unscathed.

These blossoms on Hughes Place 
are usually one of the first
trees to Pop and Peak.

They are in the final stage,
the "Puffy white".

These will peak in 3-6 days depending
upon this chilly dilly weather!

Hey Mo Nature!
A little Help?!?

Most of the blossoms in the park
are in the Peduncle Elongation Stage.

In this stage, they are vulnerable 
to wind and rain and worse.

These may take 6-10 days to peak.

Come on Baby Blossoms, you can do it!

The Festival is in 4 days, what should
you do? Get out and enjoy one
of the 7 Wonders of Wooster Square!

Some trees will be popping, maybe a few
in peak... hard to say with the chilly weather.

So that's why you stay tuned right here 
to the 
World's First Photoblogumentary!

Look for another update Here on Friday!

I'll be out everyday posting pictures everyday
on our facebook page and on twitter!

Or sign up for email delivery of
pipping hot pink park pics people!

Also, Saturday night is the Cherry Blossom Festival Concert at 
St. Michael's on the Square.

I personally invite you to come
to this free event 
(you may contribute to the church for providing 
the space and refreshments.)

World Class Musicians and Composers from 
Wooster Square perform and it's impressive!

Come join the Party starting 
at 7:30 Saturday night!

Take a look at some photos from yesterday
and today. The Cherry Blossom in peak
are on the perpetually blooming tree
on the corner of Sunshine and Happiness!
(Chapel and Academy)

Pollen Producer

Popping Sunday?

History Loves Company

Hughes Place. The trees on the right (lower) are all new!

It used to be a tunnel, now its still beautiful!

Sakura squirrel sighs, spring? Seriously!

These are jusssst popping on Hughes Place!

These any.... second...

Pink Nation!

Parks perfect for people and pets!
(Don't forget the pizza!)

 Future Fireworks!

Make tracks for Wooster Square!

 Nesting Herons!


Sunshine and Happiness

Mark your calendar!

You won't be disappointed!!

The Party Starts Sunday at Noon!
I'll have a table selling photos!

See You Friday at the Concert
See You Round the Square!

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Thursday, April 12, 2018

Spring 2018: Oh how slow can we go!!

Friday - Saturday warm up welcome

Hurry up and Wait!!

Isn't this what Life is all about?

We hearty New Englander's are not famous
for being all that patient. 

You've heard of the New York Minute?

Well that's slow motion to people in
Connecticut that have colder weather.

We want Spring to be warm.

When do we want it?



Friday and some of Saturday the weather
sounds downright dandy, deserved.

Then we literally plunge
with high winds...we will be following.

The Cherry Blossoms are vulnerable to high winds and freezing
 temps from here on out!

Let's look at some photos from
yesterday and today

Future Fiery Flower Fun!

Hold the phone, sez here it's Spring?!?!?! 

 Filling in with color

Hughes Place 4-11-18

 Park getting spruced up!

Funky Flowers

 Come for the blossoms, stay for a pie!

"Our" bench!

Flowers for all!

Need, some, warmth.

Wooster Square Wormcam!

Seek and you shall find.

Party starting!

 Surreal sights solicits simultaneous sighs

Pink Nation!

Bring your device!

Things are looking up!

History Loves Company

This tree at 8 Hughes Place Blooms first.
Besides the one that blooms all year!

6-10 days to peak

Memorial services common.

Like how short the blossoms last,
reminds us that life too is 
short and to enjoy it's beauty

45th Cherry Blossom Festival
Sunday, April 22, 2108
Noon to 4:30!!

Love in the air!
Our very own Wooster Square 
Yellow Crowned Night Heron's came back!

Last year, "Pepe" and "Sally" had five chicks!!

They lost their 3 year nest, so I guess let's 
get frisky and then get to work!

Wooster Square is for Lovers!

Follow the facebook page, me on twitter 
and of course this blog 
to get all your blossom fix!

See you Bird Watching
See You Round the Square!

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