Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Holy Historical Hanami Honor or Horror? Did New Haven move on from being New England's best kept secret?

Wooster Street never been more popular in the 

40 Years I have lived here!

This summer, forty years ago, I packed up my Capri hatchback and drove to Hartford Connecticut for training and first moved to West Haven. Coming from Michigan, I wanted to live near the water. Lot's of good times at Chicks hot dog stand that's now long gone.

New Haven became my adopted home.
As a kid, my dad worked in the auto business
and we move around frequently.

I never really spent any more than four years in a row in anyplace I lived. Now I have lived in Connecticut for over 65% of my life.

Back in the early 80's New Haven was a pretty
typical city. Gritty, old school hangouts,
lots and lots of restaurants.

In 2006, I moved downtown to Wooster Square.
I found that the best way to meet people in the Square was to walk around said square see?

Walking my dog I met my wife and fell in love
in Wooster Square park! Poof! Love at first woof!

Remember, this was in the ancient olden days. Life was "different." I quickly learned that it was good to know how to get the to the local pizza spots, pastry shops, restaurants, Knights museum and all the Yale haunts. As I would walk my dog it was nonstop.

People in their cars would slow down, roll down their window and ask, "hey how do we...." Why? Well this was 2006, no all purpose dutiful devices.

Those days are long gone. Everything goes social and viral. We've had more pizza reviews than slices. All you have to do is drive down Wooster Street and look at where all the cars are from. Everywhere!

Lines start forming at 11am and I'm not kidding.
The pizza fame came with some amusement to us here in World Famous, Historic Wooster Square.

Corner of Chapel Street and Olive.

But then came 2020. That year that wasn't. During that time, more and more apartment buildings were going up. There are dozens. Thousands more people downtown. Who's going to live there we all asked.

The answer is lots and lots and lots of people, bringing new life and vitality to New Haven. Each neighborhood, be it City Point, or Beaver Hills. People care about each other.

People who care about New Haven and all its blemishes. We are here to change things, not sit back and direct, criticize, or denigrate.

N'avener's walk the walk, no need to talk. We roll up our sleeves and get to work. Our neighborhoods are thriving with new development and vitality.

Blossom Blogger Biking & Birding Bliss!

Last Saturday I went for a bike ride all in New Haven.
The amount of people out and about was staggering.
Staggering for one because New Haven was EMPTY during the pandemic. Yale's faculty and students were missing. I could ride my bike all through New Haven & run every stoplight. No people, very few cars.

Now? Thankfully we are not overwhelmed with traffic -yet. And New Haven is making great strides to help with walking and biking safely. But the streets, cafes, parks - you name it was full of people. 

In East Rock, packs of birders could be seen binoculars, cameras and tripods in hands. Other young groups seem to be organized for kids. Now you can rent kayaks right near the Orange Street Bridge.

Riding down Orange Street toward downtown, one could see families, babies, runners, bikers and every table full at the now four café/coffee/food shops.

Atticus, P&M, Nica's, and Blue State coffee. Each one every table taken. New Haven's population is soaring.

Tuesday I biked down to Lighthouse Point. The easiest way is to go over the Tomlinson Bridge and through New Haven Terminal. The Terminal is has ship offloading, loading and tons of storage space outside.

I've never seen this Terminal buzz with so much activity. Yards full of lumber, building supplies and construction steel rebar. Fourteen flatbed tractor trailers were lined up to be loaded.

And as I was heading home? A train came and was delivering more construction rebar. The pandemic turned into a construction boom that downtown has not experienced. The city is reclaiming highways to rejuvenate neighborhoods, connecting the city in ways not seen in my lifetime.

It's exciting and frightening at the same time. In Wooster Square, the neighborhood is a bit apprehensive. I mean, it was already hard to get pizza, or a table on Wooster Street. All these new apartments will no doubt have an impact.

We don't want to be in a Yogi Berra situation... meaning "nobody goes there because it's too crowded." 

However, we are hardy New Englanders. We can roll with the occasional hurricane or blizzard so we probably will figure it all out.

I'm just glad I don't have to give directions to all these New Haven Newbies! 

Take a look at some photos from the last few bike rides, all photos taken within the City Limits!

Great Blue Heron High fives, er three?

Osprey fishing

Ospreys and Great Egrets in the Harbor.

Scrap heading for a ship

Great Egrets, no regrets!

Song sparrow


Queen anns lace

News 8 covering my historic ride,
News at 11:00!

Great Egret shuffle kerfuffle

Double crested cormorant

Herring Gull

Greater Yellowlegs

Juvenile Yellow crowned night heron

No jive, just turkey.

Wooster Square is at the end of the Rainbow(s)

Another satisfied customer.

We're getting down to work here at the Wooster Square Blossom Blog for a huge fall season!

Look for the next post for details!

See you on the Road
See You Round the Square!

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Cheryl Szczarba, Realtor
Seabury Hill
Wooster Street, New Haven

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Thursday, April 15, 2021

Now 2021 is Fun & Not Yet Done!

Wooster Square Cherry Blossoms Reach Peak! 

Let La Passeggiata Proceed! 

Lifetime Wooster Squarian,and 
famous New Haven Resident,Noah Webster, 
defined Passeggiata as:

     "A traditional evening stroll in the Central Plaza
      by the town's residents". The word derives from
      the Italian Verb passeggiare, which means to

Walk? Got a special place in mind?

Well my friends, this is
the time of year we wait for here in our
Sacred Sakura Square. The time when our
Cherry Blossoms are Blooming in 
World Famous,Historic Wooster Park! 

Wooster Park Cherry Blossoms 
quite possibly peaked on Wednesday. 
So I suggest that Perfect Pink Passeggiata
is waiting for you! 

As most of you know, I'm recovering
from foot surgery and have had great
support from folks posting photos.

Not a problem! I have a couple of 
official Deputy Blossom Bloggers too.

So what are you supposed to do?

1. Set GPS for Wooster Square.
2. Order food from Wooster Street.
    (Pizza, Pasta, Steaks, Veal...)
3. Take said take out to
    Wooster Park.
4. Spreak blanket, pop the
    bubbly, and Bon Appetit!
5. Gather garbage, place in
    proper receptacle.
6. Pull out digital device.
7. Passeggiata around the Square
    (walk, pausing to mug manically).
8. Dessert on Wooster Street
9. Text friends family with the
    #woostersquare #cbfnh2021
10. Follow the Wooster Square
     Blossom Blog all year! We
     are celebrating 10 Years!

And now, the moment you've been
waiting for! Deputy Blossom Blogger
Linda Young took these photos
last night 4/14/2021!!**

Thanks Linda!

Viewing Wooster Square Cherry 
Blossoms may cause spontaneous
smiles, uncontrolled laughing &
a feeling of mindfulness. 

12 Hughes Place
Historic Birthplace of the
Wooster Square Blossom Blog!

8 Hughes Place Bellwether tree.
Usually peaks first.

Hey! Holy Hanami Here!

Pink Nation!

Hughes Place looking North.
This used to be a tunnel of Cherry Blossoms
but the trees all on the right were replaced.
To tell you the truth, it's come a long way!

Bev's Corner
Beverley Carbonella was one
of the driving forces of
planting our trees and starting
our annual Cherry Blossom Festival.
No longer with us, the former
Italian Consulate Home owner
and N'aven original was way
ahead of her time. We all miss her.

Former Italian Consulate
Academy Street.

White and pink power pleasers!

Wooster Square-
Land of Ahs

Sadly, this man forgot his camera.

Holy Hanami!

1000 words

Phence Photo Phun Pholks!

Pink Nation!

What a great Blossom Season 2021 has been. Thanks
to all that have sent photos for without your help, I
would not have been able to show and follow our
perfect pink pretties!

Here's some photos from yesterday taken by 
Honorary Wooster Squarian Fiona Cullinan Firine!

Excellent! How about one from today 4/15/2021
by neighbor and Wooster Squarian 
Angie Iovanne!

So by this photo, you can see that
our Wooster Square Cherry Blossoms
are peaking and hanging on.

I can predict that this weeked shall be
beautiful if a bit chilly.

Thanks again to all contributors and the kind
and thoughtful comments. But really
folks, it's all in a day's work for
the Wooster Square Blossom Blogger
(plus deputies & friends).

See You on Passaggietta 
See You Round the Square!

***   ***   ***   ***   ***

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at Seabury Hill on Wooster Street.

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