Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Who Knew? World Class Tennis in New Haven for 20 Years and Counting!

2018 Sneak Peek!

Anyway you look at it, 
20 years is a long time run.

Aussie Daria Gavrilova
2017 Connecticut Open Champion

Once a year for a little more than a week in August
(this year is August 17 to the 25th)
Professional Tennis comes to
New Haven at the Yale Tennis Center.

If you are in the dark,
let me help you see the light.

Last year's solar eclipse from the Court.
Before the eclipse!

If you think this is some snooty, snobby
sublime sport then you are 
suspiciously superfluous!

World Class Tennis upFront and Personal!

The Connecticut Open Tennis is all about fun in the New Haven sun!

Monday Night Opening Ceremonies.

Want action?

Try 4 out of the top ten
Women's Players in the World!

Were talking the best of the best!
Even the Bestest!

Including reigning World #1,
former Connecticut Open Champion,
and current French Open Champion
Simona Halep.

2013 New Haven Open Champion

One of the exciting features of the
Connecticut Open is that it is one week ahead of another tournament 60 miles down the road, the US Open.

You've got players on a streak, players fine tuning their game and others just trying to move up the ladder.

Genie Bouchard, pride of Canada last year.

Once again, the 
Wooster Square Blossom Blog 
has been granted inside access;
being the World's First (and only)
Photoblogumentary has its perks!

Besides being courtside everyday and night, I'll be tweeting live! I'll be meeting with the players, taking photos
and letting you know what is happening
at the Connecticut Tennis Center!

I know that some of you might be a little skeptical. Don't be. 
Take the plunge.

New Haven is Home to Champions

There are food trucks, kids day, Beer Festival on Finals Day, 
and of course the Tennis!

Christina McHale leaps for a point

This Friday and Saturday will be the
the Qualifying rounds.

This is a great time to get up close to the players on the outside courts. 

Punishing Action

Kirsten Flipkins Focuses

Magdaléna Rybáriková

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Many thanks to Anne Worcester,
Tournament Director for the
past 20 years!!

Come for the Fun,
Stay for the Action!

Fan Fun Folks!

See You Around the CT Tennis Center
See You Round the Square!!!

Friday, August 3, 2018

A Guy, a Dog and a Blog

The life and times of Zippy, 

Wooster Square's Rock Star Blind Italian Stallion Greyhound. 

Ode to Zippy 


My baby boy.

Dogs can mean a lot to people.
Zippy was no exception.
He was a rock star.

I rescued Zippy, 
an Italian Greyhound 
just weeks before I moved to 
Wooster Square
from the the Heights of Foxon 
(Fair Haven).

Zippy was about 2 and a half years old.

Just adopted.

Just 2 weeks later, we met Chyna and Cheryl.
And for everyone but Chyna, all are happy as a Pepe's Clam Pie!
(Chyna is just the Alpha leader).

Cheryl and I married in 2008, almost 10 years ago.

When I was Single, Zippy and I used to 
wander the streets of New Haven
from Long Wharf to Broadway. Of course,
I was at the end of the leash, but 
Zippy was an attraction all to himself.

The Zipster pranced like a pure bred stallion.
Being that he couldn't see, it was especially
tricky "walking" Zippy as you had to
guide him like a horse.

Zippy trusted us with his life.
What Zippy gave us was priceless,
unconditional love.

Zippy had been known to stop the old
Rudy's where he was always welcome
by the old bartender there, who recently passed.

People would randomly stop me in the street to ask me if my dog was Zippy! I just stopped asking people how they new Zipster...
he just had special powers.

All seeing and All knowing.

Mr. Zippers had a way with charming people, especially women.
He would wander the bar as if he knew everyone. 
Seems as if everybody did.

Four dogs and a wedding 10 years ago.

He loved attention and he got it.

Popular at the old Fuel Coffee Shop,
he was inside twice when the health
inspector came in... 

What Happened to Dog Friendly? 

No, it wasn't Zippy's fault that Fuel Coffee Shop Closed, we just happened to be there a couple of times a day.

Zippy was a special dog. 
He wasn't treated well at his 
original home with twin boys. 
Zipster didn't see well and would get startled.

Zippy spent over 2 years at a Greyhound rescue.

Nobody would adopt him because he was black.
(Italian greyhounds come in all 
sorts of cool colors!)
I didn't care, I took him on the spot.

Oh, and there might be some to say 
he was a bit of a crank.

Or some would say really cranky.

When Zippy would get all comfy under covers
all you had to do was speak to 
him and he would growl.

He bit just about everyone who 
loved him at one time or another.
Zippers hated to be picked up, 
unless by me, and that 
was a dangerous prospect at times.

"I'm sorry I bit you Daddy", Zippy would say
(Zippy called me Daddy even though I adopted him.)

But you just kinda felt sorry for the little guy.

After dusk, he was almost completely blind when
I moved to Wooster Square.On our nightly walks Zippy in Wooster Park he would love to BARK, and hear his voice echo (echo) 
off the old historic homes
of our storied sakura square.

Zippy had more quirks than 
screws in an erector set, 
but you dealt with them,
it was what defined him.

One such not so oddity was t
hat he loved raw vegetables!

All you had to do was pull out 
some veggies to make
a salad and he was whining and begging.

The smell and sound of vegetables
being chopped drove him crazy.

Zip had an internal clock that wouldn't stop, he knew EXACTLY
to the minute 
when he should eat, 
go outside, 
go for a walk,
get treats before bed......

Cheryl and I were on Zipper time, 
but we didn't mind at all.

He gave back to us so much love and affection.

As Zip got older, his eyes started bothering him
and to add insult to injury they had to be removed.

The vet explained to us
 we could have implants and 
Zippy would blink as if he had eyes.

However, this was a procedure was more for
the pet owners  than the pets themselves. 

The vet recommended just
sewing the eyes shut once removed.

I know, pretty gruesome business this pet owning. But old Zippy pulled through, 
he adjusted.

Of course, by now he's missing most of his teeth and getting up there in age.

In the spring of 2016
Zippy had some convulsions. 
We took him to the Hospital.

The attending Vet told us that we all die sometime....
he's 14 years old, all these physical problems...
great bedside manners.. Zippy was in the hospital for three days and three nights.

I was besides myself. I didn't get to say goodbye!
But he pulled through. Again, you can't keep a good Zippy down! Cheryl and I made the most of the time we had left with Zippy.

We didn't travel far from home, 
and if we did and could, 
we brought all the dogs. 

By the Fall of 2016, Zippy was having problems
standing up while doing his business. And soon, sadly he just ran out of gas.

 We were hoping that the poor little
 Zip would just go to sleep. 
But alas, as a final act of our love for Zippy,
we took him to the vet one lonely fall afternoon. 

We tearfully said our goodbyes as Zippy slipped
away and told him to meet us at the 
Rainbow Bridge, we will come for him. 

Cheryl and I knew it was time to let go.

Zippy can SEE again!!!

As Cheryl and I supported each other to the car, a large Red Tail Hawk flew circles around us.

We knew it was Zippy's spirit flying free
with his new gift of sight! Always flying
above us to love and protect us....

Thank You Zippy,
 for all you gave to not only our lives,
but to all the lives that 
my cute little baby boy touched.

Wooster Square's Rock Star
Italian Stallion Greyhound

Monday, June 11, 2018

Summer in the City!

New Haven is HOT!

What a Blossom Season we had.
Each year brings new folks,
neighbors and old friends together.

Here at the Wooster Square Blossom Blog,
we are dedicated to bringing the 
blossoms to you or tells you when to 
come to the Blossoms.

For six years in a row!

And of course, tracking and reporting
on our Pink Paradise is the #1 Directive.

Somehow, I became the 
Wooster  Square's Senior Sakura Scrutator!
Two hundred Twenty Eights Posts

Spring however, is just a warm up
to all the Fun things going on in
New Haven all summer long.

In the summer, things are a
 bit more laid back here in 
Historic Wooster Square and New Haven. 


Heck No! 

We had the 5th Annual 
NHDocs Film Festival. The
Festival Features neighbor Steve
Hamm's take on life in Wooster Square
in the old days. 

Also we have the Arts and Ideas Festival
which lasts until June 9, 2018 – Jun 22, 2018
Click here for the Arts and Ideas!

And as if Spring didn't last forever,
we finally have some 
beach and bar-b-que weather.

If you haven't noticed, they have done
a lot of work on Long Wharf.

The Canal Dock Boathouse is set 
to serve all of New Haven.

Also, they improved the Food Truck areas
and made a two lane bikeway.

Back a few years ago, I seemed to be the only
one that would venture to walk Long Wharf.

Now, look out!

Food, trucks, people picnicking,
enjoying the view or biking.

They've even found a local Restaurant
to run the Information 
Center as a Snack Shop.
(Brazi's Italian Restaurant on Long Wharf)

So besides all the Beaches, Parks
Restaurants, Museums, World Class Tennis,
Concerts, Plays and America's Best Pizza-
You'll have a tough time deciding what to do!

Take time to Enjoy New Haven this 
Summer. Don't forget to stop by
Wooster Square for a Pizza Pie Picnic!

It's not uncommon to see people from
every State sometimes eating pizza and 
drinking from their trunks because
the lines are so long they got take-out!

Please people, pizza party responsibly!

While you decide what to do....

take a look at some photos 
from late Spring and Early Summer!

Rockette Wooster Square

City Sights

Knights Landing

Sign of the times

History Loves Company

Wooster Square has two pair of Nesting 
Yellow Crowned Night Herons. 
They feed at Long Wharf.
(I'm not sure which food truck)


West River Eagle

Long Wharf Pier

Canadian Geeselets

I hate it when sand gets all in your worm!

Northern Rough Winged Swallow

Lesser Yellow Legs

Meet Mr. Tom!

And my Friends from Baltimore...

Nectar of the gods

Touch down in New Haven why don't ya!

Home of the Blossom Blogger.

And these guys...

Beautiful Bird

They Breed in the Arctic, chill in New Haven.

Ring Bill Gull Flyby

West River Eagles!

My ride.

Banding Day

Eagle Whisperer.

Concerned parent

We Salute our Veterans

We see you!

Least Sandpiper

Semipalmated Plover

Monk Parakeets? Yup, got them too!

Greens Great

Grab a Slice of Heaven.

Mallard Edgewood

Cat Bird

American Voters

History Loves Company
(A Farmer, Yale Student and Connecticut Militia
shoot at the British when they invaded New Haven in 1779.)

Luck of the Irish Ukrainian Wooster Squarian!

Backyard Bird
(Northern Flicker)

Edgewood Park!

Female Wood Duck

Baby Wood Ducks!

Proud Mama

Posing Pair

Great Scott! I mean Great Blue Heron...

A little boat ride on RiverQuest!

Picture Perfect!

Ospreys Galore

Snowy Egret (close) and Great Egret

Under the Q-Bridge

Tug Boat-Tug Boat-Tug Boat

Beineke Library

Old and New

Geometric Free Fun!

Lighthouse Point Park

Busiest Harbor from between NY & Boston

Next Post: Blossomating next year's Peak!

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