Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Hello Mother Nature? It's Wooster Square. C'mon Man!

 Square Sizzles Seemingly Sempiternal! 

In case you haven't left home in the last 30 days, you know how hot it's been. We've had multiple heatwaves with "feels like" temps running over 100. And the Humidity? Forgetaboutit. Like wearing a wet hot dog.

Like they say, it's not the heat, it's the Humility!

The month of August is the calm before the storm. Right now you've got a few U-hual's around, but in a couple of weeks, droves of new folks move into and settle into our sweet sakura Square. 

For those who don't know, we have several new apartment complex's in just Wooster Square alone with two more on the drawing board. You have Olive & Wooster, at the top of Wooster Street. Then next door they will be building another complex next to it on Olive Street.

The Whit is being built on the corners of Olive and Chapel Street, transforming ugly lots and Comcast building into instant CityScapes! On Court Street an office building on the corner of Olive is being renovated into more apartments.

The Smoothie building is one complex given the go ahead to put something opposite 360 State Street, the high rise on Chapel Street. Lastly, St Michaels sold off the school and a nunnery and those are renovated to apartments.

That's a lot of new people in World Famous, Historic Wooster Square!! Welcome to New Haven!

So, you are new to New Haven let's pretend, and I can tell you a few highlights!

Tour Yale- take a guided tour or get maps and set out on your own. Dating back to colonial times, New Haven is the 1st planned city so there's lots of history.

Museums? New Haven has a plenty. The Yale and British Art galleries are right across the street from each other. You can visit for FREE. In addition, you have to go to the Beineke Library which holds Yale's depository of books, including Audubon and a Guttenberg Bible. If you go, ask for Michael Morand, tell him I sent you!

Outdoor markets are on Thursday on Audubon Street where it's closed off to traffic. You can meet new people and mingle while you enjoy local food.

We have movie nights galore. Look online for parks with movies near you. Speaking of parks, we have some doosies! East Rock park was laid out by Olmstead who did Central Park in NYC. Also popular, Edgewood, Edgarton Park (formerly Eli Whitney's property), West River Memorial Park and to hit the beach go to Lighthouse Point Park. Many of the smaller parks have a splash pad for the kids.

On Wooster Street, we have Memorial Park, near Sally's Apizza. There's a ping pong table, bocce court and swings for the kids. For the adults, the package store is right accross the street.

Many a family jumps off I-95 to get pizzas during all times of the day and can be seen eating pizza out of trunks, or in the parks! Beats waiting an hour for a table!!

All that fun being said, the main purpose of the Wooster Square Blossom Blog is to track, monitor, inspect, predict, cajole and cross fingers on when our Beloved Cherry Trees (Sakuras) are blooming.

For 11 years, I have correctly predicted and shown you the process with 100% accuracy!

The title of Chief Bloomologist is one I do not take lightly. In fact, at times it can be incredibly stressfull.
Cold, wind, rain, snow, sleet and heat all play in as factors. So to have predicted correctly for 11 straight years is quite an accomplishment.*

So for the photo part of the World's First (and only)
Photoblogumentary, lets have a look around New Haven for the past few weeks while I program the Blossom Blog mainframe for 2023's Peak prediction.

*the WSBB simply guesses, and the error factor in days & is adjusted.  I do take photos everyday to show the process. Please use responsibly, not meant for human consumption, WSBB is not tested on animals. Void while prohibited. Not valid in Canada.

House finch

Edgewood Park
Mrs. C in a Cherry Tree.

Bath time

Long Wharf

Follow your nose!

Make tracks for Wooster Square!

Freshly painted and restored dome on St Michaels. 

Fair Haven

Fair Haven Marina, restaurant and marina. Canoes and Kayaks rented hourly!

Grand Ave Bridge. Just renovated, I got a mention for sending awesome memes during the pandemic keeping the workers all smiling. Too bad it has been tagged already.

Carpenter Bee. How can you tell? It's bigger than a Bumble but more noticeable, you can see the belt where he keeps all his tools if you look closely. 

Hanami History!

As you can see, the last three years have been pretty consistent. 2023 will be a little warmer than this year.
Look for the Wooster Square Cherry Blossoms to be peaking on April 16, 2023! 

Also, stay tuned here for any and all things Wooster Square. Follow @woostersquareblossomblogger on Insta and the Wooster Square Blossom Blog Facebook page. Lastly, I post photos on twitter, @blossomblogger.

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Sunday, June 12, 2022

Summer Sizzles, spicing up our Sweet Sakura Square!

 Colleges Empty, New Haven now home to townies, newbies, Alumni, and tourists!

Long gone are the days when all the schools let out New Haven seemed like a ghost town. Trying to find a spot open for breakfast seemed like a chore. Lunch? Maybe to watch some sports? Nope. Nada. How about an early happy hour? Good luck.  Most of downtown New Haven didn't open back up until 5pm. 

Of course, this was all pre-pandemic and the Booming bounteous apartments springing up in every neighborhood in New Haven. Seems like everyone figured out, "I'm always in New Haven, why don't I just live there?" 

For me, the move downtown came in 2006. I wanted to be closer to my doctors (arthritis), be able to walk everywhere (or bike!) and meet people.

However, my decision to move to New Haven was made in 1988 purchasing a condo in Fair Haven Heights and later a home in Westville on Alden Ave.

Move ahead 10 years and I'm out walking Zippy, my blind Rock Star Italian Stallion Greyhound. On one of my first walks I bumped into my future Bride and Joy, Cheryl Szczarba walking her teensy tiny dog Chyna (toy poodle). In 2008 we eloped and the rest is er History.

So I guess we were somewhat trailblazers back then.
Wooster Square is a tight knit little neighborhood.
People love our Saturday Farmers Market, Wooster Street, the restaurants and our Wooster Park. The secret is out of the bag now. Thousands have made the move downtown.

But I digress. My job here is not to just tell people about Wooster Square. The Blossom Blog is like show and tell in kindergarten. Dumbed down of course for internet purposes. After all, you've hung on until now without a single photo to entertain you so I must return to my duties as dictated by the Historic Wooster Square Commission in the year Two Thousand and Twelve (2012). My how time flies when you're having fun in the #GSCIA - Greatest Small City in America!
#nhv #newhaven #woostersquare

I've been lucky enough and healthy enough to get out on my bike and do a little birding. Let's take a look around from the past week!

See You on Wooster Street
See You Round the Square!!

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