Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Official Wooster Square Cherry Blossom 2021 Predictions!

 Happy March!


Hanami History

2020 and 2021 will go down in history. 

At every turn, our daily lives are disrupted.

Working, living and relaxing all cooped up.

Like last year, the Wooster Square Cherry Blossom Festival will not happen. Don't get me wrong.

The Festival is postponed to

April 24, 2022

walk the walk

 Lucky enough for us, the Famed Floral Fireworks

go off like clockwork. Mostly like they'll bloom

some day, we just don't know exactly.

Dawn of a good thing

Heavenly Hanami Here

Hughes Place Pink Nation

Hip hip hooray for the
pink white and blue!

Morning Glorious

Well then Mr. Blossom Blogger

how can you claim having predicted

when the blossoms bloom for 12 years?

For the uninitiated, I take photos everyday

at the first sign of blossoming.

Stage one - Green buds.

Then I post them here on this here blog.

And my prediction* is usually around

when our Festival would be anyway.

But coming just THAT day, you'll

be dissapointed. Because the blossoms

could have bloomed and your busted.

So all you need to do is follow.

this Blog, or the WSBB facebook page

Click here for the facebook page

or if you're on Twitter

Click here for my twitter page

See, it's pretty easy to know about when

the Cherry Blossoms will be blooming

Sign up for email updates on this blog

and you won't miss a post!

 See you on Wooster Street

or See You Round the Square!



Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Grand Slam! Ernie's Pizzeria hits a walk off Home Run in the Pizza Capital of the World!!

 It's Official. Ernie's Pizzeria Rocks 

New Haven Style Apizza out of the Park!


Like there is any debate anymore.
New Haven has been declared the
pizza Capital of the World.


On March 16, 10 years ago, I started the
Wooster Square Blossom Blog.

I was entrusted by the Historic Wooster Square Association to monitor and report on
Wooster Square's famed Cherry Trees
that line our Historic Hallowed Hanami Square.

I was to post pictures that would show
people when to head to the Square to see
the Cherry Blossoms.

You see, they don't always bloom on the day of the Annual Cherry Blossom Festival.

Since my wife, Cheryl Szczarba, basically
volunteered me, I set out to chart my way.

I've studied, researched, & predicted.

I blogged and I blogged.
And blogged some more.

Blogs were new, there wasn't any
GPS or many blogs. No facebook.
No twitter.

Just me with my annoying alliteration already.
For 10 years.

Back in the day, I'd walk my 
Italian Stallion Greyhound all over N'aven.

I was stopped all the time and asked,
get this, directions.

Yup, this WSBB is that old.

Old enough to be considered a leading
National Expert on Cherry Blossoms.

I've been in contact with my counterpart
at the National Park Service about
Wooster Square's Blossoms
as well as conversing about damage
due to climate change.

A couple of years ago National Geographic
did an article and I'm quoted as an
expert- Chief Bloomologist.

"The National Park Service, tasked with predicting peak bloom in advance of the National Cherry Blossom Festival, says it’s virtually impossible to say with accuracy more than 10 days from the actual event and human-induced climate change can make precise estimates even more challenging. Bart Connors Szczarba, a locally-dubbed “Chief Bloomologist” based in New Haven, Connecticut, notes that, “Until you see green buds, there won’t be blossoms. They fall into a pattern but can bloom out of nowhere!” He adds that cold winters are good for blossoms. “What's bad is warmth followed by snow and freeze, like Washington had last year or the year before.”

So what does this all have to do with Ernie's Pizzeria?

Not much, really.

The point is that there was so much to report on here in World Famous, Historic Wooster Square
well I just kept on blogging.

So in the off-season,
the other 46 weeks after charting
out the cherry blossoms, we
decided to spice things up
with a best pizza takeout contest!

But oh we Wooster Squarians, 
persnickety picky pizza New Englanders,
 had no idea what was
about to happen.

Since we have what we consider to be
the best pizza in the World
right here on Wooster Street.
Pepe's, Sally's, Abate's, 
now Zeneli's and 
Pasta Eataliana Trattoria Napoletana
you would think perhaps the votes
would lean in Wooster Square's way.

Out of nowhere, Westville's sleepy
Ernie's Pizzeria wins the First!

And the second.

And the Third.

Now, Ernie's Pizzeria has catapulted
into Worldwide Pizza Serious stardom.

No other acclaimed pizza places in New Haven can claim to be a winner ever in the 4 years of the
Wooster Square Blossom Blog
Great Pizza TakeOut Debate!

No wonder anymore!

If you don't believe me, go to YouTube and
search Ernie's Pizzeria.

Or, look at those perfect prized pies above!

But don't take it from me!

Here are quotes from the voting:

"Their mozzarella pizza is the best! So cheesy!"

"One thing that you can always count on at Ernie's is consistency. I've been eating Ernie's ever since I could eat pizza, back in the late 70s. There are many great choices in New Haven for apizza, but we always go back to Ernie's. Never had a bad pie there... maybe because there have only ever been 2 people making the pizzas, Ernie and now Pat. Same smile, same kind demeanor, same passion for delicious pizza. 
How do you top that?"

"Best Pizza, Best Friend. Awesome restaurant and staff!!! We love Pat!!

"Pat and the crew are like family!"

"I drive 15-20 mins just to pick up or dine in at Ernies. Pat not only makes a great pizza, but he's an even better guy. Respectful, humble, takes pride in the ingredients he buys."

"My vote is for Ernie's.
I have been going there since 1973.
Many great options in New Haven but Ernie's is my favorite."

"I am 47 years old been going since I was 3. Pat always remembers me. I live an hour away and make the drive multiple times a year."

And announcing our 
$100 Gift Certificate winner!

Bridgit S. from East Hampton Connecticut!
Bridget wrote:

 "We have been fans of Ernie's since the early 70's all of us 7 kids would look forward to the rare occasion that we could "go out for dinner"  Pat's parents were the nicest people on the planet and Pat has followed in their footsteps.  We now live in East Hampton, about 45 minutes away but not far is too far to travel for the best pizza in the world!"

So you see?
Ernie's Pizzeria is the real deal.

Haven't gone yet?

Eat in or take out, it is one classic Pizza Joint.
And Pat?
You've heard that his customers are like family.

Well? Guess what?
Pat and his famous smile are waiting
just for you. Tell them it's your first time,
make sure you get to meet Pat.
Tell them you heard about it right
here on the one and only
Wooster Square Blossom Blog.

Pat is a great guy, one of a kind.
Ernie taught him right.

Or you know what?
Just tell Pat congratulations.

Congratulation Ernie's Pizzeria.

Winner of the 4th Annual
Wooster Square Blossom Blog
Great Pizza TakeOut Debate!

See you at Ernie's
See You Round the Square!

Special thanks to our Sponsor, Cheryl Szczarba,
Realtor, Seabury Hill Realtors for
sponsoring this contest!!

Call Cheryl for all your Real Estate needs!

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Does anyone really know what day it is? Does anybody really care?

 68 Days Until Wooster Square is in Full Bloom!

 If you thought last year went wicked fast,
just wait for how fast this Winter of 2121 will be.

A couple of cold days, shovel a little snow. Staying
inside, safe and warm. Covid be damned! 

For some, this monotony is just getting too old. Even those introverts who relished the time at home, have ants in their pants to something. ANYTHING!

Hey 2021! Let's just skip straight to Spring!

If only.

Have you voted in the 
4th Annual
Wooster Square Blossom Blog
Great Pizza TakeOut Debate?

The Debate is about where do you go
for that special everyday go to pie.

You know, takeout.

Now it may be the same place 
as you go and sit down and eat as well. 
But this is specifically where you go, they know you when you call,and they know what you want.

And you get that steaming hot
pie home paying strict attention
to the time it comes out of the
oven until it burns the crap
out of the roof of your mouth at home.

Before I tell you how to vote, take a look
at some photos from around the Square.

No green, no Blossoms

Make History no Mystery

Cold Square waits warmth

We wait, we wonder.

Frozen Fence Foto Fun Folks!

Cooper's Hawk visiting Wooster Street.

Here's lookin at you kid.

Shake it off!

Keep the pets indoors!

To Vote for your Favorite takeout pizza,

simply put the name in the subject line
and email to:

This also enters you to win a $100 Gift
certificate to your favorite pizza pie place people!

Thanks to our Sponsor, Cheryl Szczarba, Realtor
at Seabury Hill Realtors on Wooster Street!

Call or text Cheryl today for all your
Real Estate needs.

See You getting TakeOut
See You Round the Square!!

Monday, January 4, 2021

The Fourth Annual WSBB Great Pizza TakeOut Debate! Can Ernie's Four-peat?

YOU can win a $100 gift certificate to your go to Pie Place People! 

Some people will read this post in Amazement.

When I started the Annual Great Pizza TakeOut Debate
nobody knew that Westville's Ernie's Pizzeria
would be the the Inaugural winner,
by a landslide.

Ernie's Pizzeria has a long history of
presenting perfect pies.

Ernie's cheese pie

You can even take a class, pre-covid,
to learn how he makes his Prized Pies.

Started by his father Ernie, Pat took over the
reigns once his father gave him the secret recipe
for his signature crust. Pat never looked back.

The man, the Legend!
Pat on the left, not me.

Pat's proud of the fact that it's a pizza joint.
You go there to get pizza, period.

To understand Ernie's popularity, I only
had to look at the numbers of
 a couple photos of the Pizza Restaurant
I had posted to Google Maps.

Two photos of the interior have been
viewed 2,371,352 times on google maps.

The second and third most viewed of the
nearly 30 million views of photos
I've posted on Google Maps.

I took them with my phone.

So apparently everyone but you 
and I knew about Ernie's Pizzeria.

And Ernie's fans?
Rabid, diverse, and from all over the world.

Out of all New Haven area pizza places,
Ernie's has quietly built a legacy...
and a legion of devoted followers.

And you want to know why?
Pat. The owner/chef/friend of all.
If you've met Pat, you can picture
his smile when you walk in.

He himself is an Institution.

The Pizza world's hidden wonder,
right under are Wooster Squarian noses.

Sure, since the nearly 10 years of writing
about Wooster Square, pizza, New Haven,
and most importantly Blossoms,
the world has changed.

Nobody stops me to ask how to get to Sally's, Pepe's,
The Father McGivney pilgrimage center, or Lucibello's.


Everyone has a device that you can
command to give you directions!

So now you've got Social media the likes
of El Presidente of Barstool sports and
Daym Drops stopping to give their
2 cents worth of advice.
(They liked it).

In fact, Paul Portnoy sold his
website/himself for millions of dollars.

7.9 out of 10

So say you're interested in purchasing
the Wooster Square Blossom Blog, 
it's a steal for the low low price of

Think of what you could do with my
portfolio of nearly 20 years of my digital photography.

Serious inquiries only.

Selling photos at the Cherry Blossom fest.

So how do you vote?
How do you enter to win the raffle?

To enter the Fourth Annual 
Wooster Square Blossom Bog
Great Pizza TakeOut debate
simply email (copy this and paste in email)


Put the name of your favorite takeout pizza
in the subject line and any comments are
appreciated about why and what you get!

Voila! You just voted and got into the raffle
for a $100 gift certificate to your
favorite pizza place.

Voting ends February 13.

You can only vote once.

A Special thanks to our Sponsor,
Cheryl Szczarba, Realtor
Seabury Hill Realtors
for sponsoring the Gift Certificate!

If you are thinking of buying or
selling (incredible time to list due
to short supply of inventory)
this is one of the best times ever.
Call or text Cheryl at 203-996-8328
#1 in sales/listings in New Haven 
2019 of condos & coops.

Happy Voting!

See you getting takeout
See you Round the Square!

Sunday, December 13, 2020

Hey 2020! On your way out, don't let the door hit ya where the Good Lord split ya!

 Wooster Square Remains vigilant 

fighting to stay connected, apart. 

Oh 2020, what have you done? 

In March we waited for Spring of 2020, 
the new Decade and
The Wooster Square Cherry Blossom Festival.

Stop the presses!



Stay home, stay safe.

To most of us, it still feels like we're stuck
somewhere in time. The days go by
without any accordance of normalcy.
The pandemic makes one irascible, insuperable. 

I personally have autoimmune issues
and I'm over 35 (61).

So it's been difficult for all of us. I haven't been
to a store, coffee shop, restaurant for months.

I know there are a lot of us out there. Relying on
others to shop, cook, clean.

Like others who are fortunate to work,
Cheryl is considered essential as a Realtor.
Cheryl heads out like Wonder Woman to
helps those who have Real Estate needs
 in these special pandemic times.

Superhero with sidekick, Chyna
slayed the competition in 2019
#1 sales #1 listings Coops & Condos!
(in person she wears a mask so her super
powers are hidden secret.)

These are difficult times, so much loss,
so many missed events that can't be replaced.
Memories that can't be reshaped nor re-lived.

Stranded in time. Each day is another like another.
Only time marches on, we're stuck in some
 Wild Wooster Square Wormhole

Weeks have no beginning or end.

It's deja vu all over again.

Any possible sign of High Hope here for
 Hanami Happiness?

Well, the immature tree on 
Luisa DeLauro Corner
bloomed all sorts of times, 
like on New Year's Day.

It was a bellwether tree and beyond.

Well, all that blooming tuckered 
that poor little tree out and 
people it popped its last peak and died.

So, the Historic Wooster Square Association
had the parks dept plant a new immature
Sakura Cherry Tree.

And wouldn't you know it but the tree,
out of nowhere goes to Peak Pop 
in December, lasting quite a while.

Corner of Sunshine and Happiness!

Never. Gets. Old.

Pink Nation!

Flowers n fence foto fun folks!

Think Spring!


Using my vast nearly ten years of Blogging
on Wooster Square and the Cherry Blossoms
I've done some research about the corner
of Chapel Street and Academy.

I dusted off the mainframe and came up with this*

The answer lies in the record of one internationally known Wooster Squarian businessman & owner of an Apothecary Benedict Arnold.

Apprenticing in Norwich, he
came to New Haven and settled
in where else but Wooster Square.

Mr. Arnold's house was on Water Street.
Now it is an empty lot near
High School in the Community.

Benedict Arnold hung his shingle
(sign) on the corner of 
Chapel Street & Olive Street
only about one block away.
(Now the site of St P&J's)

B. Arnold Druggist was very popular
with the Yale students and the wealthy.

With his ties to England, Benedict was able
to use credit to buy goods that were
in high fashion such as perfumes.

Also, himself a voracious reader, imported books
of all types including medical.

Mr. Blossom Blogger?
Just what the hell does this have
to do with the Cherry Tree Blooming?

Well one day, a student of the fifth Yale President,
came in with tremendous pain. Benedict
Arnold could see that the man may not live.

The druggist made a concoction 
of ether, cannabis, and opium.

Incredibly, the student felt cured.
He ventured over to Wooster Park
where he found a vendor selling oysters.

The student ate as if his life depended on it.

But alas, Mr Arnold was correct. The student
was terminal. Rumour has it they found
him leaning on a gaslight at the corner of...

Chapel and Academy.

Legend has it he was smiling peacefully a note clutched in his hand that read...

"Although my life is cut so short, I was
a blessed man on this earth. I thank
"Dr" Arnold for making my transition
to the after life free of pain and a full belly.
Free to Blossom Benevolently."
signed: T. (Thadeous) Bloom, Esq

*(some things, although entertaining, are just plain not true and made up. Benedict Arnold did live in Wooster Square and his office was down the street. Actual events may not have happened.
Prohibited while void in some counties. The Wooster Square Blossom Blog is not responsible for you falling for it hook line and blossom.)

Please, everyone stay 
safe and healthy
for the holidays.

Coming January 2021!

The Fourth, somewhat annual, Wooster Square Blossom Blog Great TakeOut Pizza Debate!

Please follow the WSBB on facebook
and Blossom Blogger on Twitter!

Have a Happy New Year!