Sunday, December 2, 2018

The 2nd Annual Great Pizza TakeOut Debate!!

Warning: Graphic Images of 

New Haven Apizza. 

Readers are urged to use discretion. 

2017 Winner Ernie's Pizzeria

In 1638, when Puritans founded New Haven, little did they know 
that it would become 
home to so many firsts.

First Telephone Directory
ET Phoned Home

First Planned City
Laid out in 9 Squares

1791 and having fun

New Haven was instrumental in the 
Revolution supplying guns 
made in the city, men and supplies.

During the Siege of Boston, N'avener's 
dropped everything to repel the British.

Our own General Wooster, who was a hero
in the French and Indian wars,
 helped lead the charge.

Because of all the manufacturing that took place in the City, many Italian immigrants came to 
work in the factories from around Naples.

Many from the town of Amalfi. 
Some of those brought honed cooking 
skills, virtually unknown to most Americans, to service the hungry workers.

In 1925, Frank Pepe opened a bakery
and began making what they called ah-beets.

Commonly know in these parts as Apizza.

First pizza? I doubt it, but hands down #1
pizza in the USA

Making Pies for over 93 years!!

Sally's Tomato and Pepe's top Clam pie!

So when it comes to pizza in the 
State of Connecticut 
everyone has their favorite.

In fact, one Lifetime Wooster Squarian,
Colin Caplan just wrote the Book
on New Haven Pizza!

Check out Colin's book on Amazon

And of course, we can be

at tad bit obnoxious.

Found on the "internet"

So last year we decided, Why not have a contest to see what is people's favorite TakeOut Pizza joint.

You know what I'm talking about.
The number your 
phone knows by megabit.

Say Ahhh!

That pizza place that knows 
you by what you order 
and treats you like family.

Fresh Tomato pie.

They cook it to your perfection.

Caution: The Bacon and Mashed Potato
Pie at BAR is more delicious than it looks!

You know exactly how long it takes 
for the pie to be cooked and you are there as it comes out of the oven.

Abate's on Wooster Street

Or to be safe, you order your pie
and share a beer 
with the owner as he/she cooks it.


So, where is 
New Haven's best 

Our 1st annual 2017
Great Pizza TakeOut Debate
yielded a tasty surprise!

Ernie's owner Pat making his
Award Winning Pies.

Ernie's Pizzeria fans 
were not surprised at all. 
They voted, voted and 
voted some more!

The winner of the 2017 
Great Pizza TakeOut Debate!
Ernie's Pizzeria in Westville!
Ernie's Pepperoni and
Brocollirob and Sausage are two favs

Who will win be the 
2018 Wooster Square Blossom Blog 
Great TakeOut Debate?

That's where you come in.

You need to vote! 


Simply copy the address, 
paste into your email
and in the title leave the name
of your Favorite Pizza TakeOut!

You may leave a 
Deliciously Delectable Diatrol as to
why you think so, or not!

Voila! You Voted.
(one vote per email)

Voting ends January 2, 2019

But that's not all Folks!

One name will be drawn and
will win a $100 Gift Certificate
to your Pizza Place of Choice!

That's a lot of Za!

Wait, What?

Yes, you can win just by voting!

Of course, none of this would 
be possible were it not
for our Sponsor, 
Cheryl Szczarba, Realtor
serving New Haven's 
Real Estate needs for over 16 years!

As one of New Haven's top 5 agents,
you can count on Cheryl's experience and knowledge whether buying or selling your home.

I'll see you in the Voting Booth
See You Round the Square!

Important Holiday Notice!
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Thursday, November 8, 2018

Fall Blossoms in Full Bloom, 2019 Blossomation for Peak PoP, Pizza & More!

As the days get shorter, 

the Fun just Adds up in Wooster Square!

Fall in Wooster Square is a magical place.
Wooster Park is crammed with Families
enjoying the Beautiful Fall Blossoms
(ie. foliage)

Wooster Square Wows

Almost in the blink of an eye, our peak
foliage was hit with wind, rain and then some.

Leaves all down on some trees.


It's about that time of year for two things:

1. 2019 Prediction for Peak Pop
(100% accuracy past 6 years!)

2. The Second Annual 
Wooster Square Blossom Blog
Great Pizza TakeOut Debate!

You know, it's never too early to plan your Spring Vacation in Historic Wooster Square.

In fact, the Wooster Square Historic Association,
is hard at work on next year's Festival.

So while I cull the Blossom Mainframe's
digabits and megatrons for 
information leading to the prediction
of next year's Cherry Blossoms, 
enjoy some photos from around
the Square and a few birds too!

Academy Street. Home of sites and sighs.

Fiery Fun

Golden crowned kinglet in 
Wooster Square's
Christmas Tree

Warren Wonders

Wooster Street

Park Pleasing Pic

Make History no Mystery!

Sunsetting Surreal Scene

Land of Ahs

Holy Hanami!

Blossom Blog Bug Cam

Pizza Park Picnic Parties Please People!

My friends at #googlephotos chose 
a few photos from past 
memorable fall Square Scenes.

DeLauro Table Teaches

Fall Flowers Facinate

Canopy of Sighs

Flaming Fauna

Park's Picture Perfect

Days gone by...

Great Egret Long Wharf

Essex Eagle

Blossom Bluebird of Hanami Happiness

This Hanami Hummer came 
migrating through...

I love Wooster Square this much!

Lesser Yellow Legs Long Wharf

(Semipalmated Sandpiper, Long Wharf)

Wooster Square Blossom Blog
Blossomation 2019

For the Past 6 years, the main
purpose of the WSBB
is bringing you the dates and
times of when Wooster Square's
Infamous Cherry Blossoms
are going to bloom.

We are pleased to say that 
we continue with a 100% accuracy of reporting 
when the Blossoms are PEAK!

Not bad for the 
World's First, Only
(and considered to be among the best)

Mark you Calendars Blossom Buddies!
Wooster Square's Cherry Blossoms
will peak on
APRIL 28, 2019
April 29,2018

Blossom Flurries

Only 171 Days or,
5 Months, 20 Days or
about 24 weeks.

Not to Fret Flower Following Folks!

We have lot's going on in Wooster Square and New Haven all
Fall and Winter Long!

Like What?

The 2019 Wooster Square Blossom Blog
2nd Annual 
Great Pizza TakeOut Debate!!

Stay tuned for your chance to win a
$100 Gift Certificate to your pizza
joint of choice, just for voting!

Last Year's Winner?
Ernie's Pizzeria!
Sponsored by:
Cheryl Szczarba, Realtor
Seabury Hill Realtors

Contest Details Coming Soon!
Follow the WSBB on facebook!
Follow @ Blossom Blogger on Twitter!

See you getting Pizza
See You Round the Square!

Friday, October 5, 2018

Summer slipped away, Fall Fun & Frolic about to Begin!

Huge Happenings Here

at Hanami Headquarters in

Historic Wooster Square!

In the Fall, activity around 
Wooster Square picks up significantly.

Schools are in Session, vacations 
are in the scrapbook and we
gasp as we realize it's almost
the end of the year!

What the H-E double hockey sticks
happened to the summer?

I'll give the the twitter review of
the 2018 Summer here in Southern New England.

"Wow, it's hot! Holy Crap it's Stormy!
Man the boats! Biblical flooding!

Fortunately for me, all I could
do is all summer was sit in air conditioning.
(sarcasmly said)
You see, on Father's Day, (June 17)
a tendon snapped in my foot.

Apparently, one needs this tendon to 
walk, stand and the like. So, surgery at the
end of July and I'm still hobbling.

Not to worry Fellow Flower Following Fans!

I've been able to get out on a few occasions,
I still can't wear a shoe, so it's a little limiting...


Columbus Day Parade

Sun., Oct. 7

Starts 1 p.m. • New Haven City Hall on Church St.  

Ends at Wooster Square Park for an

Italian Festival  with:

Food vendors, musical entertainment, exhibitors, and kids activities.  

Save the date!

I'll be there with a table of
matted photos of Wooster Square,
New Haven and Yale!

Take a look at some photos from this Summer 
from the times I could get out!

Lot's of World Class Tennis.
The Connecticut Open had the
second highest week of attendance
out of 31 WTA events!

Way to Go New Haven!

Without a Shadow of a Doubt,
New Haven has World Class Tennis.

Elina Svitolina Seriously Smacks

Daria Gavrilova 2017 Champion fell short.

Makarova a Fan Fav

Belarus's own Aryna Sabalenka 
wins the 2018 Connecticut Open!

And of course there were birds...

Our Nesting Yellow Night Herons returned
to Wooster Square. Not one but two mating pairs.

One nest had 5 chicks and the other two!

Yellow Crowned Night Heron on Long Wharf

Not to be confused with the
Black Crowned Night Heron!

American Oystercatcher

Cardinal Red

Black Swallowtail Caterpillar

Rose of Sharon

Rocket Wooster Square!

Grab your nuts! Falls a comin!

Everything is Wooster Square is power sugared,
even our bees!

Great Egret

 In flight

Juvenile Laughing Gull

La Amistad

Belted Kingfisher, with a fish.

Snowy Egret

Canal Dock Boathouse

Lesser Yellow Legs

Semipalmated plovers and least Sandpiper,
peeps for my peeps! 


Please don't litter 

Female Ruby Throated Hummingbird
stops by Wooster Square on
his way to Costa Rica.

You never know what you'll
see in Wooster Square!

Don't Forget to check out all the in Activities this Weekend in
Wooster Square! A documentary, a historic tour and of course the 
Parade on Sunday!!

Click here for all info on Columbus Day weekend

See you at the Park Party
See You Round the Square!!!

***   ***   ***   ***   ***

Do you like pizza?
Where is your favorite place to 
get take out pizza to bring home?

That's the 2018
Wooster Square Blossom Blog
Great Takout Pizza Debate!

Last year, Ernie's Pizzeria
won Hands Down, Slam Dunk!

Who will win this year?
Stay tuned for your chance 
to vote and maybe win
a $100 Gift Certificate to your
favorite takeout pizza place people!

Don't miss your chance to be counted! 

Sponsored by Cheryl Szczarba, Realtor
Seabury Hill Realtors, Wooster Street.