Thursday, February 21, 2019

Ernie's Pizzeria in Westville Voted #1 TakeOut Pizza in New Haven!!

Ernie's Repeats as winner of the 

2nd Annual Wooster Square Blossom Blog 

Great TakeOut Debate!

What do People want?
When do you want it?

Say everyone is hanging around,
and they start talking about food.
Invariably the conversation
goes something like this:

Hey, let's get some pizza!

It's not that complicated between friends.
You know what pizza you will order
and exactly what you get on your pie.

When you call to get your pie,
the person knows you and how you like your pies.

You also know how long it takes to get your pie,
so as to get it right out of the hot oven.

Or, maybe your one who likes to order it
and go straight to get it. Maybe jaw
a bit with the owner & share a brew.

Then you've got those that will call and
order your pie, then go eat it at the Pizzeria.

Or just plain old sit down there and eat.

Folks, there's no bad way to 
order or eat pizza. 

I think we can agree on that.

What we won't agree on is your 
Favorite TakeOut Pizza.






Da Legna's?


Well truth be told, here in New Haven, the
Pizza Capital of the United States 
and possible the Universe, 
we have a hidden sleeper fellow 
serious sober sauce slurping sidekicks!!

Ernie's Pizzeria

Who knew that Ernie's Pizzeria has
been around making classic 
New Haven Style Pizza
for 48 years!?!?!

We do now!!

For the Second year in a row,
Ernie's wipes out the competition.

Read on and drool folks!

Actual comments from voters:

"Ernie's is my Favorite Pizza"

"Ernie's is by far the best pizza there is. It's not only the flavor but the whole homey atmosphere there. Pat makes you feel part of the Family"

"Best Pizza Hands Down"

"Love Ernie's! Best in New Haven no doubt"

"Favorite eat-in or take-out, the best."

"No matter where in the world I travel,
I always come home to Ernie's"

"Ernie's makes the Best Pizza, my
favorite is the meatball or pepperoni."

"Ernie's is a neighborhood place. Pat always has a friendly greeting and makes the best onion pizza ever!"

"Ernie's by a long shot! The taste, the crust, the atmosphere and the people beats them all!
Pat is the Best"

Pat and the Blossom Blogger

Congratulations Pat 
and everyone at Ernie's Pizzeria!

A special thanks to our Sponsor,
Cheryl Szczarba - Realtor
Seabury Hill Realtors

Thank you Cheryl, also our camera sponsor, for the great photos you see here on the 
Wooster Square Blossom Blog!

And Cheryl donated $100 Gift Certificate
that is going to Caroline Z. in North Carolina!

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Thursday, January 24, 2019

Eight is Great! Blossom Blogs Logs 8th Year of reporting on Blossoms, Birds and Banter!

World's First Photoblogumentary 

Brings Wooster Square's 

Cherry Blossoms to the World!

What an exciting time to be in New Haven,
especially here in Historic Wooster Square.

Glistening Globules Gleaming Gleefully! 

2019 will be another exciting year of
photos, fun and all sorts
of information that you didn't necessarily 
want to know but it fascinates you anyway!

There's a lot to know about New Haven
and Wooster Square if you're new
to these here parts of the web.

You'll learn facts, figures and yes, 
there will be a quiz!

Lots to learn about our famed Cherry Blossoms.
Frozen until further notice.

Each year I predict when the Cherry Blossoms
will be at Peak Pink Poppadge!

And for 7 straight years, I have
been 100% correct.

How is that possible?

Well, that's the catch.  You have to 
follow along and watch 
each step of the Cherry Blossoms Beauty!

(when the type is big, so is the message)

The Blossom Blogger's main
Sponsor surprised me with
a New Canon Camera!
Thank you!
Cheryl Szczarba,Realtor
Seabury Hill Realtors!

The Canon was specifically
designed to Blossom Blog Specifications!

One of the fastest action cameras in the Canon Arsenal, I'll be sure to get all the action this year!

While I fiddle with the new controls,
check out some shots from around
the Square and Bird photos with
my new dedicated device!

Ice Dancing!

Not so common, American Widgeon

Not to be outdone by
the American Black Ducks flying in.

A sharp eyed Cheryl spotted
the Red Bellied Woodpecker!

Aha! Actually, one rarely sees
the red belly. Great find Cheryl!

Red Shouldered Hawk.

It wasn't hard to notice this guy fly into the picture.

Eye on the Prize.

American Widgeons

Wintering in Branford

Just Ducky!

Frigid Frozen Fence Foto Fun Folks!

Ice everywhere.

Dark eyed Junco wintering
in Historic Wooster Square.
They breed in Northern Canada, eh?

I've heard of Black ice, never green.


More ice Blossoms!

Blossom Blog Refreshment stop!

After lunch we saw this
Great Blue Heron sunning
on a frigid January day.


A large Thank You to my
sponsor, Cheryl Szczarba,
Realtor-Seabury Hill Realtors
Wooster Street!!

Without her support,
these photos would not be possible!

So, I've done my job.

Your Job?

The next time you need 
to buy or sell a home....

Contact Cheryl Szczarba.

City Living at its Finest!

See you on Wooster Street
See You Round the Square!


Sunday, December 2, 2018

The 2nd Annual Great Pizza TakeOut Debate!!

Warning: Graphic Images of 

New Haven Apizza. 

Readers are urged to use discretion. 

2017 Winner Ernie's Pizzeria

In 1638, when Puritans founded New Haven, little did they know 
that it would become 
home to so many firsts.

First Telephone Directory
ET Phoned Home

First Planned City
Laid out in 9 Squares

1791 and having fun

New Haven was instrumental in the 
Revolution supplying guns 
made in the city, men and supplies.

During the Siege of Boston, N'avener's 
dropped everything to repel the British.

Our own General Wooster, who was a hero
in the French and Indian wars,
 helped lead the charge.

Because of all the manufacturing that took place in the City, many Italian immigrants came to 
work in the factories from around Naples.

Many from the town of Amalfi. 
Some of those brought honed cooking 
skills, virtually unknown to most Americans, to service the hungry workers.

In 1925, Frank Pepe opened a bakery
and began making what they called ah-beets.

Commonly know in these parts as Apizza.

First pizza? I doubt it, but hands down #1
pizza in the USA

Making Pies for over 93 years!!

Sally's Tomato and Pepe's top Clam pie!

So when it comes to pizza in the 
State of Connecticut 
everyone has their favorite.

In fact, one Lifetime Wooster Squarian,
Colin Caplan just wrote the Book
on New Haven Pizza!

Check out Colin's book on Amazon

And of course, we can be

at tad bit obnoxious.

Found on the "internet"

So last year we decided, Why not have a contest to see what is people's favorite TakeOut Pizza joint.

You know what I'm talking about.
The number your 
phone knows by megabit.

Say Ahhh!

That pizza place that knows 
you by what you order 
and treats you like family.

Fresh Tomato pie.

They cook it to your perfection.

Caution: The Bacon and Mashed Potato
Pie at BAR is more delicious than it looks!

You know exactly how long it takes 
for the pie to be cooked and you are there as it comes out of the oven.

Abate's on Wooster Street

Or to be safe, you order your pie
and share a beer 
with the owner as he/she cooks it.


So, where is 
New Haven's best 

Our 1st annual 2017
Great Pizza TakeOut Debate
yielded a tasty surprise!

Ernie's owner Pat making his
Award Winning Pies.

Ernie's Pizzeria fans 
were not surprised at all. 
They voted, voted and 
voted some more!

The winner of the 2017 
Great Pizza TakeOut Debate!
Ernie's Pizzeria in Westville!
Ernie's Pepperoni and
Brocollirob and Sausage are two favs

Who will win be the 
2018 Wooster Square Blossom Blog 
Great TakeOut Debate?

That's where you come in.

You need to vote! 


Simply copy the address, 
paste into your email
and in the title leave the name
of your Favorite Pizza TakeOut!

You may leave a 
Deliciously Delectable Diatrol as to
why you think so, or not!

Voila! You Voted.
(one vote per email)

Voting ends January 2, 2019

But that's not all Folks!

One name will be drawn and
will win a $100 Gift Certificate
to your Pizza Place of Choice!

That's a lot of Za!

Wait, What?

Yes, you can win just by voting!

Of course, none of this would 
be possible were it not
for our Sponsor, 
Cheryl Szczarba, Realtor
serving New Haven's 
Real Estate needs for over 16 years!

As one of New Haven's top 5 agents,
you can count on Cheryl's experience and knowledge whether buying or selling your home.

I'll see you in the Voting Booth
See You Round the Square!

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