Saturday, May 9, 2020

In these upside down times, Wooster Square Cherry Blossoms came through with Flying Colors!

 Official 2020 Blossom numbers
Sources: Wooster Square Blossom Blog, Library of Congress, Peabody Museum, Beinecke Library, New Haven Museum

Not one of us really knows what's going to be the new normal around here.
Jobs, Careers & practically everyone's livelihood is at stake.

The stakes are high, but so must be the bar.
We cannot let this happen again.

But how Mr Blossom Blogger?

Well, in my years I've seen a blossom or two.
And I can tell you lot about the science of our
Sweet Sakura Sights.

I can bore you to death pontificating on pizza.
And I can entertain you with bountiful
photos of Beautiful Birds.

Explaining people, that's a different matter.

What I observe is somewhat frightening.

People need to realize we need each other.
Despite differences, we can achieve success.

Respect differences and respect each other and
we'll get through this together!

Besides! It's Hip to be Square!
Wooster, that is!

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy
See You Round the Square!


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Moving is difficult at any time,
but this is unlike any other.

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Thursday, April 23, 2020

What if Wooster Square Blossoms Bloomed & Nobody came?

Serene sight as Square Sakura's Shine

'If a tree falls in the forest but nobody is around to hear it, does it make a sound?'.

Or conversely, are the Blossoms just as beautiful even though thousands of people stayed safe at home rather than witness the beauty?
Few stragglers left

 Turn on the green machine

Pink carpet

Crab apple

Just add warmth!

Square Site

Almost done!

Blossom Tornado

Gray day.

You're nuts if you don't love blossoms!

Blossoms Last Stand

Did you catch the Blossom Blogger on WTNH?

Back to the question about the cherry blossoms! Of course they were
beautiful! And you saw them
for the Ninth straight year here!

Probably tomorrow's heavy rain
spells hanami havoc!

More photos this weeked!

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy
See You Round the Square!

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Sunday, April 19, 2020

Cherry Blossoms last Beautiful Blast II

Today would have been the 

47th Annual Cherry Blossom Festival!

Festival cancelled?

Well, unless you've been under a rock on Mars,
everyone on Earth has had their 
routines royally righteously rocked.


Even though Wooster Square Cherry Blossoms peaked on Easter last Sunday, we
still have quite the show going!

And guess what?

Sally's Apizza is open for takeout!

Check out some photos from this morning!

Sensible Social distancing required!

Another Report on Tuesday!

See you in line at Sally's
See You Round the Square!

Special thanks to our Sponsor.
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Thursday, April 16, 2020

Cherry blossoms last Beautiful Blast!

Monday's storm and high winds take toll

If you are still in New Haven 
and haven't seen the 
Wooster Square Cherry Blossoms, 
better high tail it over here!

One of my friends commented,
"I've never seen the Blossoms more beautiful, and so few people to see them." 

And he's been here 20 years.

Such is the strangeness of 2020.

Shall we take a look?
All from today

Blossom Forecast!
Blossom Flurries possible with blossoms dwindling through Sunday.

Another Report over the weekend!

Enjoy Quarantine
See You Round the Square!