Monday, May 16, 2016

Wooster Square anointed "Center of Known Paradise" on Earth!

25 Reasons Connecticut Is Basically Heaven On Earth according to the Huffington Post!

We here at the Wooster Square Blossom Blog have been know to boast a bit. 

Maybe brag a bunch. 
Perhaps a little blustery bravado.

 Indubitably a bit bombastic blowhardness 
when it comes to our
sweet slice of shangri-la,
Wooster Square.

And why not?

Up until 5 years ago, only the Wooster Square Blossom Blog was tooting it's own
hallowed heavenly hanami horn!

But now, we have been discovered by the...

Now everybody is 
Blossom Blogging Bonkers!

Hughes Place

Since "Heaven on Earth" is akin to 
Paradise, it's not that much of a stretch to say 
that Wooster Square's a Huge Hanami Heaven!

And why not?

You read in the last edition that New Haven is the most "Normal" city in the USA.

Read about normal cities in the five thirty eight blog.

New Haven is a tremendous melting pot, with a thriving involved community. 

A mixture of butchers,
bakers and candlesticks makers.

Bankers to Bass players, artists, educators,
students, neighbors, friends and family.

Now the whole world watches our Wonderful
World of Famous, Historic Wooster Square.

What about the pizza?

Best in the USA!

Invented it.

So we have some things to expound upon
whilst engaging those not in the know.

What do you expect from 
America's First Planned City?

If I were you, I would plan a trip to our 
happy historic square!

While I dig up the Huffington Post article,
Arianna wanted me to post a few 
pictures just for her and her... er, paper 
from New Haven For Fun Favs Folks!

Tulips on Hallowed ground.

Old is new

Sterling Shot
(Yale's Main Library)

New Q Shines

Fair Haven to East Rock

Eastern Phoebe Photo Phun

Stair to Nowhere

New Haven Lighthouse Park

View from Yale Art Gallery
(free admission)

Save it for your Mama!

Speaking of Pizza.

Tomatoes Apizza
in Metro Detroit
is named #1
in Michigan by the Food Network.

The owner studied on Wooster Street
and brought New Haven Style
Pizza to Michiganders. 

I have photos on the Menu!

Click here for a link to a short video of how he makes his pies on WXYZ TV Detroit. New Haven Style!

Thank Goodness for the internet.

Because, for one, this is how you are receiving
this transmission from Blossom Blog
headquarters on Wooster Street.

Also, however, is all the stuff to learn!
True or not!

I read it on the internet!!!

You heard it here first folks. Wooster Square is #4 and #5 of the top 25 reasons to live in Connecticut.

Click here for Minou Clark from the Huffington Post and her insight into why our Sacred Sakura Square Rocks!!

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