Thursday, April 25, 2013

Blossoms Take to The Air In Wooster Square!

Blossom Drifts Expected Up to 3 Inches

Our Beloved World Famous Wooster Square Cherry Blossoms never fail to excite each Year. They are Predictably, Unpredictable.
Cherry Blossoms are the Ying and Yang. One day they peak in absolute Wooster Square Wonder then the next day they take off like toddlers on their first stroll. 

This morning we awoke to a Pink and White Delights all over the porch, sidewalks, streets and cars. The little rain we received over night and this mornings gentle breeze sent many of our Blissful Blossoms to the air and ground. Which begs the question. Why do the Blossoms start out Pink, turn White, then are all Pink on the ground again. Blossomy kinds of minds want to know...

Blossom Drifts Developing

Our Bright Pink and White Beauties have definitely turned the corner and are hitting to the Airwaves. To those of us with a slight problem with the pollen, Chief Climate Advisor and Neighbor Gil Simmons reported an 11 out 12 for the sneeze index. I am not sure if it because we are on the downside of a Blossom Bell Curve or the Pollen count that is making my eyes all teary. 

Perhaps it could be from the fact that one does not get much done when the World Famous Wooster Square Blossoms are Popping. Lot's going on here on the Wooster Square Blossom Blog, your Photoblogumentary. And as Chief House Spouse, I had to trade hitting the gym for a couple hour workout of up and down the stairs of cleaning and vacuuming. I am lucky to have an understanding wife who is not in the least concerned her husband is spending hours taking photos and telling the Whole Wide World about the transformation of our Little, but Perfect, Slice of Heaven we call home. And our Pink and White Stars that Shine.

So without further ado, let's look at some photos from this morning.

Hughes Place South Still Stunning 

Pink and White Tunnel to Happiness 
Still Open for Viewing!

Be careful so as not to get....

...Stuck in the Blossom Drifts!

Car Cleanup Required
(at least you don't have to warm up your car)

Shadow Casters
Bright Buds Taking Flight

Heavier Blossom Flurries Expected

Blossoms Still Shining

Pink Nation

Square Looking Southward

Rightly, Brightly Delightful

360 Degrees Of Happiness

Sunny Side Up Blossom Rainbow

Whole Bunches of Pink Fun

Dark Side of the Blossom Globe

Christopher Shows his lighter, softer side.

***Photographer Alerted***

Threelips Leaning

Wooster Squares Waiting
(set on a piece of the Square and picnic!)

This weekend we will be on the tail end of the Blazing Blossoms. Get down to World Famous Wooster Square to see our Beloved Sakura Trees and get a slice of peace! 

Yesterday marked the 375th Anniversary of New Haven Connecticut. Happy Birthday New Haven! Site Projects kicked off an interesting Laser Light show going for 3 more nights from Dusk.

Click here for more information from the Greater New Haven Arts Council:

I managed to get a picture from the Blossom Blog Perch last night. The weather was less than spectacular making tonights lighting even more exciting! Check it out.

Blossoms and a (use your finger quotes) "Laser"
(quite cool)

Wooster Square Blossoms Sleeping

Head to Wooster Square to See the 
Blossom Snowstorms

See Your Round the Square

Held Over to May 3, 2103
Bart Connors Szczarba
Photos from Box 4a at the New Haven Open,
Capturing and Instant in time when
Form and Atheletic Elegence Intersect.