Sunday, March 14, 2021

BREAKING Blossom Blog Business!

 Blossom Blogger Busted, Out for Repair. The Wooster Square Blossom Blog turns 10 yrs old!

Funny thing about feet. They are great. Most of the time, you hardly have to think of them at all. You just put your shoes on and strut your strut. 

I have been walking the streets of New Haven since 2004, taking photos along the way. I've lived in Westville, Fair Haven Heights and now in Wooster Square since 2006. 

My Italian stallion Greyhound and I could be found at the Long Wharf Nature preserve or sitting at Rudy's sipping a cold PBR.

Back then I didn't give my feet a thought at all. Get up, problem. Today? A much different calculation. Getting up takes thought and deliberation.
Two years ago a tendon ruptured in my right foot.

I was in agony. The surgery, although successful, led to more problems. I had an appointment to have it repaired again, then the pandemic hit.

So tomorrow morning I have to go to Yale New Haven Hospital to have my foot and ankle reconstructed.

You know, a couple of bolts and rewiring.  

I wish.

I'll be getting out and keeping everyone informed. But for the next few weeks it's going to be tough without weight bearing for six weeks. This year there is also no festival for the 2nd year. So for the lucky 13th birthday of this blog, I have to say this will be challenging.

So I'm asking for anyone to send me pictures. I'll write a blog post and include your photos. 

If you are interested, email

Drop me a note and I can give you an assignment. As the Official Wooster Square Chief Bloomologist, I have the power to make you 
an Official Apprentice Blossom Blogger by powers mostly afforded by me and rubber stamped by the Historic Wooster Square Association!

So drop me an email! Follow the facebook page and me on Twitter and instagram.

On the Blossom Side here in Wooster Square, we are sloooowly getting to stage one, green blossoms. Washington DC's Cherry Blossoms (google it, they have a little festival too) have entered stage one.

Here's a clip from their site 
"The Washington Post‘s Capital Weather Gang issued their prediction on March 5. They predict a peak bloom between March 30 and April 3.

NBC4 Storm Team4’s meteorologist Amelia Draper issued her prediction on March 10. She predicts that the peak bloom will come sometime between April 4 and 9, a little later than the other predictions."

In Wooster Square, our peak on average 16ish days later. So you can do the math!

Take a look at some photos from this weekend.

Don't forget to email if you want to participate in taking photos! You don't have to be a pro! If you have a smartphone, you have a great camera! 

See you at Yale New Haven
See you Round the Square!

ps: if anyone has a golf cart they want to loan me I see a sponsorship in your future!

EDITOR'S NOTE:   The Wooster Square Blossom Blog is fully sponsored by Cheryl Szczarba (no relation),REALTOR at Seabury Hill Realtors on Wooster Street. 

If you ever thought about listing your home, Cheryl can help you get the most for your home and make the process easy.
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