Monday, April 22, 2013

Wooster Square Wows World

Wooster Square in Full Bloom

Despite meeting Spring face to face only a few times here in the Square, our World Famous Cherry Blossoms are not disappointing. We are at peak or just past here on Hughes Place. I have not seen the all our Beloved Sakura trees Pop! on Hughes Place and the Park at the same time since I have lived here (2006). 

Certainly, the colder temps have slowed the Beautiful Progression of Pink and White Goodness to a crawl! They are hanging on even with stiff breeze today. 

Over the weekend hundreds or even thousands made it to our Wonderful World of Wooster Square to see our Cherry Trees in Full Bloom.  There were crowds walking down, biking down, rollerblading down, and of course driving down Hughes Place. If you have not seen the Pink and White Blossom Tunnel to Wooster Square it is still Beautiful!  

Let's just see what everyone came here for this weekend! They should be around for a while. 

Tomorrow Blossom Math

Passion for Pink
(Hughes Place Looking North) 

Here's some from...
Sunday Stroll

Big Blossom Beauties

Park packed with a Plethora Blossom of Peepers

Bright Blossoms

Fun Fence Finds

Pink Nation!

Tippy Top Tree Treats
(From the Blossom Perch)

Sunday Night
(Chyna relaxing after long day, yes it 
is that chilly at night!)

Monday's Photos

Our Blossom Buddies!
This was one of the first trees to Bloom, so the first to send Blossoms into the air!


Park is Popping!

Hanami Happiness

White Winning Wonders

Blossoms Burning Brightly

Court Street Colors

Your Table is Waiting...

Pizza Blossom Party!

Premier Seating available for...

Wooster Square Pink Nation!!!

Get down to Wooster Square this Week!

***Photographer Alert***

The Wonderful World of Wooster Square is in Full Bloom. Take a drive by during 
New Haven Restaurant Week
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Just in!
Held Over to May 3, 2013
Bart Connors Szczarba's
Creative Arts Workshop
80 Audubon Street
New Haven, Connecticut

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See You Round the Square