Wednesday, April 23, 2014

When Hughes Place is Poppin, Wooster Square Starts a Rockin

The 41st Annual Wooster Square Cherry Blossom Festival: Sunday April 27, Noon to 5!

Living in Wooster Square, I have found many totally interesting tiny tasty trivial tidbits. And of course, it all starts here with our annual besiege of big beautiful bountiful blossoms in our Sweet Sakura Shangrila Square.

The (bl)Awesome Party starts Friday night with World Class Musicians who are local neighbors playing in a concert at St. Michaels Church on the Square. 

Sunday is the Main Event! The Wooster Square Cherry Blossom Festival is truly a love of labor for the neighborhood. Last year over 7000 people came to our precious Square of humble perfection!

Special thanks to Arlene and Cheryl Szczarba, Realtors at Seabury Hill, and their Broker Barbara Hill for being major sponsors.
Without local support and volunteers, we could not have this event.

Check out the website below for all the other great sponsors and all the food and entertainment.

Not does a day go by that someone doesn't ask me when the blossoms will Pop!

Well, that almost depends on where you are standing. Our blossoms we have been following popped! while I was out taking a few pictures before the rain that never came. So that tree is about half way to peak.

But around the Square, you will find some trees partially popping, while others seem a long way off.

A good general rule is that Hughes Place Pops! first, then along Greene Streete and Academy. Lastly Wooster Place.

Or they just all Pop! at the same time!

Pesky Puny Pink Pretties!

While I feed the latest 2 days of information into the Blossom Blog Mainframe for more accurate results,
take a stroll around the Square!

Blossom Buddies

Bam! Beautiful Blossoms Baby!
(what a difference a day makes!)

Academy Street looking north

Breathe deeply, exhale... smile

Pretty Pink Poppers

Fenced Flowers for fun folk!

Come join the Park Party People!

Fireworks in the making

Looking south towards Chapel Street

Lonely daffodil needs company

Fine feathered flower friend

Hughes Place

Speaking of birds...

Walking Chyna 
(Happy 11th Birthday Today!)
((4.5 pounds of precious poodle))

I came across a woodpecker!

Downy-back banging blossom tree

MMM, bugs with Cherry Juice!

Night crawling

Pink Nation People!

Blossom Mathematics

Let's look at today's daily shot

Looks a lot like last year

Today's look just a bit ahead, but it was a dark and wetter day today. This made for a more vivid color.

When did they peak last year?
Peak Poppadge!

In 2013 it took 6 days to get to this peak here on Hughes Place.

It is 4 days to the Festival!

Yes Virginia! 
There will be Cherry Blossoms!

Wooster Square Park will have 
varying degrees of Blooming, making for a great day of fun, photos and food.

Come spend the day Sunday!

***Photographer Alert***

Hughes Place is Pink and Popping!

Follow the progress 
right here on your 
Wooster Square Blossom Blog!

Stay tuned for more updates!

See You Round the Square!