Thursday, May 15, 2014

Historic Square Heats Up! Lots to Like, Do and See!

Square Sees Spring Surge, 

Time to Live Life and Laugh Lots!

Remember? When you were looking out the window to endless snow? When it took you an extra 15 minutes just to put on all your gear just to go out?
When you were cussing, cursing, castigating, complaining, criticizing, condemning, and callously, comminating the continuous crazy cold? 

Time perhaps to get outside and smell the Roses.
Maybe not roses, not yet. 

Our Cherry Blossoms may be history but there are still signs of life returning to our Historic Perfect Patch,
Here in the Wonderful World of Wooster Square.

Lots of Green
Lots of Blooms
Lots of Birds

The 2014 Blossom data and information 
is being fed into the Blossom Mainframe... 
with assists from the National Park Service,
 The entire Country of Japan, Nate Silver,
My Samsung Smartphone and Eric Snowden, 
are now being analyzed. 

By the next post, we should have some 
serious surreal statistical stuff, so stay stuck Square Sillies!

Between Mother's Day and 
cleaning the blossoms out of my house, 
we have had a busy week!

Not too busy enough to let you gaze at some 
fabulous fun fotos flower fans!

So while you enjoy a few photos,
I will dig into the...
For a Sneak Peak of the look back at the 
2014 Wooster Square Cherry Blossom Season.

Also coming up next post!
The Second Annual
Wooster Square Blossom Blog's

Top Ten Advice
Graduating Seniors!

Even though this post contains 
extreme excitement 
by photos of still (a couple)
 blossoming Cherry Trees, other photos of our
Historic Square and evirons can make you feel light headed.
Your knees may knock and you may sigh often.
These symptoms are common, in fact normal.
If these symptoms remain for more than a few hours...
I have done my job.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the Show!

Green Goes Good

Lingering Last Loners

Mostly Memorable

Blossom Buddies down to dingle berries

Pink Nation!

Put on a Happy Face!
Every Day is a Holiday in the 
Wonderful World of Wooster Square!

Pollen Producer Pollutes Park!

Signus on treedicus
(I tried scanning the tree with my phone and with no luck
I took my face off my device and learned something!)

Stem City Shows Sakura Cycles....
sometimes solemn sadness 

The Blossom Season,
Ones Delightful Mindfulness,
Bygone way too fast.
Bart and Cheryl's Haiku, 2014

Row Row Row your House!

Court Street Colors
(or for those above and across the pond)
 Cul-de-sac Colours)

Blossoms being polled.
(Courtyard behind Polly McCabe school)

Floral and Fence Foto Fun!

Prime Park Property

Daffodils, Dazed, Dazzling Darlings

Sweet Sakura Soaks Sun Silly!

White Wowers

Furry Fond Flower Fellow Finds Food

The Pollenator

Historic Hanami Happiness

Our Dates are final for 
2014 Wooster Square 
Pink Nation!

How will it compare to 2013?

(click to enlarge)

And before you go...
didn't I say birds too?

Cheryl and I took a few bike rides in the nice weather and it's always a good idea to throw the camera
on the bike with a good lens!

Red Wing Black Bird chases Hamden Hawk...

A couple of days later, we saw this 
Blue Jay Buzzing the Red Tail...

Until we see what we came for!

Hamden Eagles: Pepe and Sally are back!

They have two chicks that have already hatched.

Sally Seems Surreal Sitting So

And in Edgewood Park a first for me.

A Scarlet Tanager!

Stay tuned for all Wooster Square,
all things that blossom, buzz and birds!

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See You Round the Square!