Thursday, June 19, 2014

Historic Wooster Square's 2014 Official Blossom Report

We waited So Long, 

Pink and Whites brought such delight, 

Now sadly gone.

Bart and Cheryl's Haiku 2014

Summer is finally taking hold here in the Northeast. Here in the Wonderful World of Historic Wooster Square, things well, slow down. Then Summertime Heats up fast! Like our Beautiful Bright Big Bountiful Blossoms, Summer is HOT and is over before you know it! There is plenty to do and see in Wooster Square and New Haven this summer! 
And after last winter, 
don't you deserve to have some fun?

Many fellow Wooster Squarians scatter off on summer vacations, some time abroad, exotic research in jungles, or sadly, off to pursue their lives beyond the confines of our Supremely Sweet Sakura Square.

No worries, they will be back. Who can resist the Best Pizza in the USA? 
Not to mention our annual, Habitual Historic Hanami Happiness here. Which is after all why we are here in the first place. Then maybe pizza. Or the Bolognese at Adriana's. Or the cannoli  at Lucibello's. Or just a clam pie while park picnicking, washing it down with 
No one really ever leaves Wooster Square, and the Square never leaves them. Who can forget the cool salty air off the Sound, waiting in line at Pepe's (and then Libby's), or taking La Passeggiata around our Precious Perfect Precocious Pretty Patch, our Park is Paramour People!  

Click here to view a 3 minute video on location in Italy on la Passeggiata

Its not about how much 
time you have to spend,
but how you spend your time. 
General David Wooster*

Wooster Square Waits!

Harkness Tower
Did you know New Haven was named
#1 Foodie City 
in the Country People?!?!

According to, New Haven
is the best place to Decidedly, Dutifully,
Diligently, Delicately, Decisively, deliciously dine definitively Delectably , DUH!!

Here's the Top 10!

1.New Haven, CT
2. Scottsdale, AZ
3. Boston, MA
4. Asheville, NC
5. Traverse City, MI
(Go State!)
6. Berkeley, CA
7. Boulder, CO
8. Burlington, VT
9. Omaha, NE
10. Washington, D.C. 

click here to read about how New Haven Rocks the Food World on WTNH channel 8 website!!

Read all about it in Livibility here!

2014 Wooster Square

Blossom Report

There is always a reason to talk about our wonderful blossom season. The Cherry Blossoms are truly one of life's simple pleasures. 2014 was no different. There was high drama and low temperatures. Much like Washington DC, our blossoms showed up on the later side of Spring.

If you recall, last June I predicted the Cherry Blossoms Peak Poppadge from April 25-29.

Using careful analysis of all the Blossom Blog data now shared with the National Park service and all of it's resources, we hit the blossom right on the head!

Our Bevy of Beautiful Blossoms Peaked
April 29, 2014

April 29, 2014

The blossoms popped and were gone in about 12 days. In Wooster Square, like Washington, we had wet colder weather that brought the blossoms down in a beautiful pink carpet covering the square.

When we "chartilize" the data, we get this:

Click on chart to enlarge. 
(Objects clicked appear larger than if in real life)
((void where prohibited))

We had what we call in the Blossom Business*,
a "Haystack" type of year. 
As represented in the graph, we have the blossoms popping and peaking, then rapid decline... 
giving the graph a haystack type appearance.
(* in the psychiatric business, they call you wacko)

As opposed to last years slowly baked blossoms, which rose slowly, and steeply falls off like a cliff.

(click to enlarge 2013 chart)

Once again, the Wooster Square Blossom Blog predicts and tells you when the blossoms are blooming with 100% accuracy. 

An added bonus, the Blossom Mainframe has examined all this years data to Blossomate
2015 Peak Poppadge Dates!

Free, Fast and Fun Fine Foliage Fellows!

Let's take a look back on 2014 with never before seen photos before I tell you about World Class Fun in Wooster Square 
Historic New Haven Connecticut!

Listen to the Band American Authors
"Best Day of My Life"
while taking a stroll through
2014's Blossom Season
click here if your smart device is dumb.

Our Tree at the Corner of Chapel and Academy.
It always sports the first buds and...

2014's first blossom of the season

Sakura Sparrow Singing Sweetly

Academy and Chapel

St Michael's Stars in Square for 125 Years

Crocus' Came Calling Quietly

Pretty Priceless Perfect Pink People!

Cherry 360 View

Christopher Columbus Calculating Carefully

Get your Pink on!

Happy 125 Anniversary St. Michael's!

Buds Blowing By

Wooster Street Spring 2014

Hughes Place April 24, 2014

Dreams come true in Historic Wooster Square

Wet Weather didn't Dampen our Pinkness

Sunshine brings out the Pink and White

Morning Glory

Bonsai Blossoms

Hughes Views North

Rockette Wooster Square
Stares at the Blossoms out the window
(a stray we adopted after finding her in the Square)

Fence Foto Fun

Please Pick up Perfect Pies 
for Preeminent Park Picnics

Bright White Light Delights!

Academy Street North

Pink and White Tunnel to Happiness
(Hughes Place to Wooster Square)
Day Before Peak
April 28, 2014

Blossoms Blindingly Abundant

Pink Nation!

Row, Row, Row your House,
gently down Chapel Street

Cherry Blossoms a Hit at Cherry Blossom Festival!

Over 8,000 People came the day of the Festival.
Thousands more make the trip while they are
Blooming like nobody's business!

Click here for Historic Wooster Square Assn. and more about the Festival, with links for photos of the event!

Wet Weather = Blossom Enemy #1

April Showers brings pink and white flowers.

Phoggy Phence Photo Phun

Pink Carpet Ride

Hanami Heaven

Think Pink

It's going to be a great Summer 
in Historic World Famous Wooster Square!

2015 Peak Poppadge Blossomation

This week Washington DC set their dates for their little known Cherry Blossom Festival.  They predict the Blossoms will be out from March 20 to April 12th.

Click here for DC 2015 information

Wooster Square's 
Cherry Blossoms 

April 22 through April 26!!

There's no guessing when it comes to the Wooster Square Blossom Blog. All you have to do is sign up for email delivery and you will absolutely know when to head for the Wonderful World of Wooster Square.
Or just visit to get the scoop on our 
Precious Park of Humble Perfection!

While the Blossom Mainframe does important maintenance for a couple of weeks, let me tell
you about some exciting this going on here in Wooster Square and New Haven!

The International Arts and Ideas Festival has started and runs through June 28.

Most of the events are FREE. New Haven is a great walk-able City. You can take the train in and the FREE shuttle takes you to the Green and the Omni Hotel!

Take advantage of some great summer fun!

Click here for all the information on their Website!

Got a boat that's unblessed?

Sun., June 22 – 1 p.m. 
 New Haven Harbor at Long Wharf 
Sponsored by St. Andrew the Apostle Society (Wooster Square)
The St. Andrew the Apostle Society wishes all the 

boaters and their families a safe and fun season!!

How do you follow that up?
How about a sausage and pepper sandwich?

Thurs., June 26 -  Sun., June 29        
St. Andrew Club Grounds, 515 Chapel Street



Click here for all the information from St. Andrews society

Read New Haven Independent article here

Summertime is one of the best times of year to visit New Haven and 
Wooster Square. From the Arts and Ideas through the St Andrews Festival finishing up at the NEW
Connecticut Open
(formerly the New Haven Open)

Not one person answered any of my calls why they didn't change the name of the Tournament to the
Wooster Square Open....
Maria Kirilenko 

Don't forget! The Wooster Square Blossom Blogs
to the Windy City, Chicago Illinois!

See you at the Arts and Ideas, St. Andrews Society
and the New Connecticut Open


See You Round the Square!