Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Frosty Freezing Frigid Frozen Flabbergasting Fun here in Historic Wooster Square !

Think Pink! Only 88 Days until our Cherry Blossoms will be peaking!

We are fortunate enough that we are thinking pink in the middle of January. After all, the 
Blizzard of 2015 wrapped us up in a tidy blanket of white. But this year, until now, the snow gods had been kind to us. Alas, another blizzard in 2 years was to swiftly and soundly smack our 
Sweet Salient Sakura Square. 
Fortunately, we only got about 8-12 inches of'
light fluffy powdery snow.

We dodged a bullet.

And because people learned their lesson
with the Blizzard Nemo in 2013, people got 
their cars off the streets and or got their
cars towed away.

2015 is a dusting compared to the
38 inches of snow in 2013

When we went to bed, they were saying 18-36 inches
Wrong again? These poor weather people.
I mean, really, how can you believe someone
who can tell with a straight face that 
there is a 50% chance of rain?

We can all breathe a sigh of relief that
we were not buried like Nemo. We have
had enough snow the past few years.

Sure, its pretty and all, but in fact, winter starts getting old somewhere after Thanksgiving.  
A little white around Christmas? 
Sure that's nice, but then see you later Jack (Frost)

A little snow for effect from early January

Here in the Northeast, we have been lucky. We were spared most of all the snowstorms to date, except this one.

We lucked out with the snow (until now) but not the cold. After all, it is January. January for some starts off with a hangover and gets worse. But not always, not this year. Cheryl and I usually don't stay up until midnight, and the month isn't all that bad. Both Cheryl and I have our Birthdays. And then February is a short forgettable month and we are off and running towards Spring!

Think Pink!
Pink Nation!
Hughes Place looking north

Wicked Wacky White Wallops Wooster Square
(our first significant snow January 9th)

There are so many things to do here in Wooster Square and New Haven while you wait for the warm spring sun. From museums to restaurants to Yale and all New Haven's history, you'll never run out of anything to do. And, then you can enjoy our New Haven Style pizza, just voted #1 style in the United States (2nd in the world only to neapolitan style from Italy).

Click here to read about the styles and drool from the Huffington Post

So while I have the Blossom Blog mainframe search its vast gigadots and googlebits for some
fun things to do in this cold and for 
Cheryl's and my birthdays...

Check out some photos from January!



Looking at photos from Wooster Square in January may drive you to hunger, boredom, laughter
constipation, sleep, itchy scalp, red cheeks or headaches have even been reported.

Please check with your doctor 
before scrolling any farther!

Prohibited where Void!

Blizzard? Oh, yeah, that's what 
the news called this... or wasn't it
one of the storms of the century?
Poor Weather People!

They deal with all these percentages and 
baromoronics, atmospheric mathematical stuff.

Only the Wooster Square Blossom Blog has a 
100% accuracy rate at predicting when the
World Famous, Wooster Square 
Cherry Blossoms peak!*
(peak poppadge)
*(I just take pictures everyday so you
know exactly when)

Goin to the Dogs!
Wooster Squarians and canines alike
love the snow in Historic Wooster Square!

8-12 inch blizzard.

I feel like I'm being watched!

A Cooper's Hawk has residence 
here in Wooster Square!

Home of America's Best Pies Period People!

Click here to watch a short video from pizzatherapy dot com of them making pizza at Pepe's!

Funky Frozen Fence Foto Fun!

Total Tundra Treat!

Window Drifts

Our buds survived blizzard!

 Wooster Square White Wonder

Titillating, Tufted Titmouse Treats Totally
while hanging with our World Famous
Cherry Blossoms! You just have to
use your imagination!


Speaking of art, have you ever noticed all 
the "gargoyles" all over Yale in 
New Haven and wondered. 
What the!

Randall Beach wrote a great article in the New Haven Register about the whole story. 
Pretty cool!

Click here to make New Haven History no longer a mystery!

]So take a stroll in the cold and look up!

Every story tells a picture

It's not all about pizza here in New Haven.
There are tons of restaurants, making
livability dot com rank New Haven 

#1 Foodie City in the USA!

A new bakery cafe, Whole G
opened in New Haven
at the Corner of Chapel and Orange.

Great breads and more!

Click here to break bread in New Haven and see the Historic building that Whole G is in!

Just follow the smell of Ahbeets
(New Haven for pizza)

(looking up Court Street at 360 State Street)

The Snow Bowl!

Welcoming Wooster Square Waits!

So what is fun to do in January in New Haven?


There are so many great restaurants here.
No matter what type of food, we have it.
Best Pizza? 
Of course.

If you are looking for a restaurant with 
that something special, 
you should head to Zinc on Chapel Street.

You won't find better Modern American cuisine.

Zinc has a vibrant, hip feel, no matter what your age!

Click here for Zinc and check it out!

No matter what is on your 
calender for the end of
January or February,
stay tuned to the 
Wooster Square Blossom Blog
for all news fit to... er, post!

See you on the town


See You Round the Square!

Make tracks for Wooster Square!