Monday, March 2, 2015

Super Snowy, Seductively Somnolent, Ceaseless Siberian Season Stuns Square Citizens Silly!

Sorry Boston, your winter wins! 
Historic Wooster Square digs out five weeks
 in a row of Snow and bitter cold! 
Hey, its' New England!

I don't want to sound like the "News", which starts every broadcast with devastating weather, but we are having another doozy winter here in the Wonderful World of Historic, World Famous, Wooster Square. We went from no snow to Shut the Front Door!.... in 4 weeks, then added more on the 5th. But the snow does blanket our Salient Savored Square's Sacred Sweet Sakuras (our cherry trees)! And when all the snow melts? No, not the weathermen heading for the hills because of potential flooding, not that. The snow will melt and help our Fabulous Famed Foliage Flourish and trumpet its totally terrific tincture!! 

But -2 degrees? Really? C'mon old man winter! Our average temperature highs should be around 40. Sometime winters hover in the mid 40's all winter. Not lately, In the past 4 years we had a  "Snowtober", then the next year was snowmageddon (think what Boston looks like this year), a year later Blizzard Nemo. Then last year we had snow on the ground from December until Cherry Blossoms. And it was (and is now) COLD. 

Another healthy dose of the white stuff

Now this... Barely can go outside, but of course I did and took some photos and you can see them right here, free of charge, nut free in front of your fireplace, sent to your favorite device piping hot (if you sign up for the handy email delivery)! How cool is that? Only here, on The Wooster Square Blossom Blog, the world's first and only Photoblogumentary can you focus on what's important.  Like the
 Wooster Square Cherry blossoms,
and all things 
New Haven/pizza/cannolis/birds and beyond! 

And of course seeing our Precious 

Pretty Patch of Humble Perfection People!

 Buried Treasure!
(Wooster Square February 2015)

Best thing to do is sit back and enjoy the beauty of it all here in Wooster Square. So while the Blossom Blog Mainframes searches gigadots and milibits for the latest on everything Cherry Blossoms across the entire world, enjoy some shots of the Square.

Wicked Wild White Wonder Wows Wooster Square!
Future Pink and White Tunnel to Happiness.
(Hughes Place North)

The snow on all the Cherry Trees can look a lot like the cherry blossoms. After every snowstorm the park is just 
full of jaw dropping bountiful bright beauty baby!

Only 18 days left of winter.  Yea, right!

Night Light

The light casts a pinkish hue on the snow, like fallen blossoms.

Cherry Blossom Blankets

This Blue Jay is still reeling from
what that Groundhog predicted!

Our slice of heaven on earth

On the good news front, sounds like out in the Northwest, their Cherry Blossoms are on the fast track to Blossoming due to the warm spring they have. Vancouver's Cherry Blossoms Bloom before ours, so we get some kind of pattern on when they might bloom around here (April 26, 2015).

click here for an accuweather report on the warm Northwest and photos!

Read more in the Vancouver Sun here

But, then you get a report out of Washington, DC
that because of their winter, 
Blossoms in DC could be delayed.

click here to read Washington's WTOP article on the subject

The Blog mainframe stumbled upon something
interesting while trying to cool is circuits...
What could be better than Cherry Blossoms?

Cherry Blossom Beer!

Really, Japan has everything.
What's next, Sakura Saki?
(photo rocketnews24)

click here to read about this craft beer in Japan on rocket news 24! Seeing is believing!

Not to be outdone in the consuming of
our bright pink and whites,
Starbucks seems to turn its whole
store into a gift shop for a 
Cherry Blossom Festival!

Cherry Caramel Fraps and 
Cherry Blossom Chiffon Cake

Click here to see what they do with Cherry Blossoms in Japan at Starbucks!

Looks like this female Downy Back Woodpecker
is sleeping until spring in a Cherry Tree 
on Hughes Place in February.

Looks like she has a bit to wait!

Big White Blossoms are bomb!

Wooster Square Wows World!

Get your peanuts here!

There are some signs of spring,
pitchers and catchers reporting 
for spring training!

Frozen Ice Box here.

Nuthatch agrees

Wooster Square Waits!

Get your snow here!

Wind whipping white

It just keeps coming...

March 2, 2015
Hughes Place

we are a ways from...

Hughes Place
(April 2012)

Wooster Wonderland
(March 2 2015)

Columbus Coldly Calculating Calefaction

White Breasted Nuthatch in a Cherry Tree

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