Friday, April 8, 2016

Hurray! Hanami Happiness in Historic Wooster Square!

Freezing Rain? Sleet? Winds? Snow?


Spring in New England! We get it all, 
and we got it all. First snow, 
then freezing rain and howling winds. 

We dodged a real disaster. Even the fine folks in the National Park Service had no idea what
would happen to the blossoms after being
completely friggin freakin frozen!

Who knew?

No one knew. So we waited patiently. 

And we watched.

Park pretty in Pink People!

Here is the lowdown from the Blossom Blog Mainframe. I am amazed, even 
the blossoms that were in a peak state,
they came away virtually undamaged
(to this point!).

And the others that were 6-10 days from
peaking, well they are going along 
like nothing happened.

Wait. What?

How can that possibly be?

Of all the power granted to me, I have not a clue.
To be honest, I expected them to all perish.

Like those Magnolias and tulip type trees.
They got hammered. Win some and lose some.

Get out to Wooster Square this weekend!
The blossoms are starting on Hughes Place!

Hughes Heaven

Our Nationally recognized Wooster Square Farmer's Market is outside and full of foodie fun!
Saturday from 9-1.

This will be one of the best weekends for getting out before the blossoms peak. Bring your dandy, dutiful devices and click away! So grab an uber, zip car, bus or hitchhike, but get to Wooster Square!

Warning! Warning! Warning! 
Repeated viewing Wooster Square Cherry Blossoms can cause laughter, spontaneous snorting
and even incontinence has been reported.

Not from weather. 


Winning Wonders on Warren
(off Wooster before Fuel, is another
Sweet Sakura Lined Street!)

Nite lites

Sakura sites to see

Plant your two lips on your love
and head to 
Historic, World Famous Wooster Square!

Award winning neighbor!
Some of the bench dedications are on 
our new benches!

Paid for by donations!

Thanks Elsie!

6-10 days, or not!

It's Academic on Academy

Unbelievably, unscathed.

Pink Nation!

Academy Street North, still haven't quite

But blossoms you will find!

Look, smile, repeat!

Buds just hangin

White Wonders

Pink and white delight

It's ok to stare in our Square

Our blossoms we are following.

History loves Company

Come early, come often

Pink Nation!

Good till the last drop!


Pinks popping out all over!

The good news is that our 
Precious Pretty Park of Humble Perfection survived!

This weekend will be wonderful to get out and take a walk around historic Wooster Square.
Saturday's spotty showers will be followed
by a Super Sunny Sunday!

Pizza, pasta, plus a pretty park people!

Thanks Sponsors!
Open House Sunday
April 10, 1 to 3 pm!
Wake up on Wooster Square!
Walk to restaurants, theater,
concerts, museums and more.
Call or text Cheryl Szczarba
for a private showing!

See you Round the Square!