Friday, April 27, 2018

Rain Strikes at Cherry Blossom Peak! How will they fare?

Park Peaks Pleasing People Plus Pets!

Oh yea, pets.

Wooster Square is for Dog Lovers. 

My wife and I met 12 years ago
walking our dogs. This was
much to the chagrin of Chyna, Cheryl's 5 pound toy poodle.
(i.e. Alpha Dog)

Chyna and Cheryl, you may
have driven by many times and 
not realized this big poster is a teeny dog!

Of course, my dog was 
Wooster Square's Rock Star 
Blind Italian Stallion Greyhound, Zippy.

 Rest in Peace Mr. Zippers

So grab the kids, pets, significant other, pizza, food, beverage, blanket, frisbee,football, wiffle ball 
or whatever and head to 
Wooster Square this Weekend! 

The weather is supposed to be nice!

Right now, we have a hard rain so it will be difficult to see how it will affect blossoms that are in peak!

Pink Nation!

Pink Nation II

But Today, Friday April 2th?

Rain Rain Go Away!

Oodle of Poodles

Wet ones in Wooster Square!

Good news, not a blanket of 
white and pink snow on the ground!

Stay tuned to see how the rain 
affected the blossoms!

But seriously, get your buns to Wooster Square this weekend! Tomorrow morning is the Wooster Square Farmers Market and the place will be hoppin!

Take a look at what you can see!
Taken in the last couple of days!


Wooster Street Wonder

White wonders

Park is Prepped!

History loves Company

Hughes Place

Table's all set!

Grab a friend!

Worm Cam

Follow the pink or white road!

Flower Fun

Don't miss out!


Holy Hanami Horror!

Colors collide!

Wooster Square is Peaking!

Saturday and Sunday should 
be fantastic to get on
your Hanami High!

See You at the Farmer's Market
See You Round the Square!

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