Thursday, January 24, 2019

Eight is Great! Blossom Blogs Logs 8th Year of reporting on Blossoms, Birds and Banter!

World's First Photoblogumentary 

Brings Wooster Square's 

Cherry Blossoms to the World!

What an exciting time to be in New Haven,
especially here in Historic Wooster Square.

Glistening Globules Gleaming Gleefully! 

2019 will be another exciting year of
photos, fun and all sorts
of information that you didn't necessarily 
want to know but it fascinates you anyway!

There's a lot to know about New Haven
and Wooster Square if you're new
to these here parts of the web.

You'll learn facts, figures and yes, 
there will be a quiz!

Lots to learn about our famed Cherry Blossoms.
Frozen until further notice.

Each year I predict when the Cherry Blossoms
will be at Peak Pink Poppadge!

And for 7 straight years, I have
been 100% correct.

How is that possible?

Well, that's the catch.  You have to 
follow along and watch 
each step of the Cherry Blossoms Beauty!

(when the type is big, so is the message)

The Blossom Blogger's main
Sponsor surprised me with
a New Canon Camera!
Thank you!
Cheryl Szczarba,Realtor
Seabury Hill Realtors!

The Canon was specifically
designed to Blossom Blog Specifications!

One of the fastest action cameras in the Canon Arsenal, I'll be sure to get all the action this year!

While I fiddle with the new controls,
check out some shots from around
the Square and Bird photos with
my new dedicated device!

Ice Dancing!

Not so common, American Widgeon

Not to be outdone by
the American Black Ducks flying in.

A sharp eyed Cheryl spotted
the Red Bellied Woodpecker!

Aha! Actually, one rarely sees
the red belly. Great find Cheryl!

Red Shouldered Hawk.

It wasn't hard to notice this guy fly into the picture.

Eye on the Prize.

American Widgeons

Wintering in Branford

Just Ducky!

Frigid Frozen Fence Foto Fun Folks!

Ice everywhere.

Dark eyed Junco wintering
in Historic Wooster Square.
They breed in Northern Canada, eh?

I've heard of Black ice, never green.


More ice Blossoms!

Blossom Blog Refreshment stop!

After lunch we saw this
Great Blue Heron sunning
on a frigid January day.


A large Thank You to my
sponsor, Cheryl Szczarba,
Realtor-Seabury Hill Realtors
Wooster Street!!

Without her support,
these photos would not be possible!

So, I've done my job.

Your Job?

The next time you need 
to buy or sell a home....

Contact Cheryl Szczarba.

City Living at its Finest!

See you on Wooster Street
See You Round the Square!


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