Friday, March 23, 2012

Blossom Math

These Blossoms are subject to spurts of growth to moments of hmmm. So predicting when they will bloom is almost impossible. It's not like you can turn on Channel 8 and watch Gil Simmons tell you in the morning that the Blossoms will bloom today at 2:20 EST. This year is particularly interesting merely because we are writing about it every day. So you tend to notice things a bit more. Here on Hughes Place, the north end of the Square, the Blossoms come about 4-5 days earlier, give a tree or two on the Square. But ask for a prediction of when they will pop, brings out wobbly knees in all our neighbors.

However, I took a photo every day from different angles from our Romeo & Juliet Balcony and from the street. Looking closely at these photos and comparing the blossom size to what they are today, Cheryl and I deduced that we are about 7 days to them popping on Hughes Place, 3-5 days later for the Park. Mind you, that would make them popping on Hughes Place next Friday, March 30th! Take that Gil Simmons! 

Watch the Wooster Square Blossom Slide show from last year!
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Some of Today's Photos

In case I have maybe offended anyone who actually predicts weather at Channel 8, like Gil, our neighbor just around the corner, here is a picture right after hurricane Irene blew through in the park!