Sunday, February 9, 2014

Goldbricking Gloomy Guiltless Gutless Groundhog Guesses, Glorified Gopher Glaringly Goofs!

Blossom Blog Predicts Arrival of Spring, World Famous Wooster Square Cherry Blossoms with 100% Amazing Accuracy!***

How can you take one look at the Prophetic Pampered Punxsutawney Paunchy Prince, and not wonder where he got his Curious Credible Critter Credentials. And in Punxsutawney, which is about 84 miles from North of Pittsburgh, doesn't winter last until about May 15th anyway? 

So Punxsutawney Pennsylvania has about 15 more Weeks of Winter before you will be donning your super silly stylish shorts and hilarious horrific Hawaiian Shirts on the 
back nine of
Phil's Groundhog, Golf and Grill!! 
(ask about the road kill special!)

So let's just say Phoolish Phun Phil is off by about 9 weeks before you will wet your willies in water! 

But Hey!Not bad for a 
Really Rhapsodic
Righteous Rowdy Rodent!

Thanks Phil!

Here in the Wonderful World of Historic Wooster Square, we keep our heads about these things. This is New England after all. And we have the Number One pizza in the Country, Pepe's Clam Pie, just a few steps away. 

According to Yahoo Finance, there are over 69,000 Pizzerias in the United States. 

We have 4 Pizza Restaurants in New Haven in the top 20 in the whole United States People! 
Pepe's, Sally's, Modern Apizza, and Bar. 
And you can walk to all of them from 
Wooster Square! 
How cool is that!?!?

(Pepe's is #2 in this Perfect Pizza Passionate Position)

Speaking of Passion

You see, here at the Wooster Square Blossom Blog, the world's best Photoblogumentary, we have a 100% accuracy of predicting when our Big Blinding Bright Beautiful Blossoms will aBound, Baby! 

***(in case you are new here, I take photos daily as the blossoms are blooming, thus informing you of exactly when you should order your take out Clam Pie and head for 
Historic World Famous Wooster Square
for some Howling Heavenly Hanami!) 

Guess What?!?! 

We have only 77 Days (only?!?!?) until our 
Super Sweet Square Sakuras Shine Supremely!

April 27, 2014
(coincidentally, the day of the 
Wooster Square Cherry Blossom Festival!)

Mark your Calendar 
Follow this Blog for more exciting Blossom News and Tidbits from the Wonderful World of Wooster Square 
and Beyond!

The Blossom Blog Mainframe is Locked In on anything
and everything Cherry Blossomy my 
Hallowed Hanami Heirs! 
While its flinging digits and bits searching for Pink and White Hanami Happiness news, let's take a trip around the Square!

Hughes Place January 24, 2014

And Coming Soon!

Peak Poppadge

The recent snows and relentless cold, has at times left the Square's Sacred Sakuras looking as if in bloom

Winter Blossoms Blindingly Bright

Tundra Takes Tiring Toll

Hoping for Hanami Heatwave Here!

Paul Revere?
No, that's Christopher Columbus Sporting a Ponytail in
Celebration of the 1964 Beatles Playing on the Ed Sullivan Show!

Our Blossom Buddies we followed all of 2013,
here in February, 2014!

Blossom Budies 4-19-13

 Temporary Whiteness Wins Wooster Square

Fence Foto Fun

Wicked White Wonderland, no 360 ways about it!

Speaking of Wooster Square Wonders...

You may know that Cheryl and I met walking our dogs in Historic Wooster Square in 2006, married in 2008. 

Guess who met Cheryl, Chyna, Zippy and I in Wooster Square?


Poor "Roxie" was found by a neighbor starving, frightened and either pregnant or just gave birth. We took her to the vet who promptly said take her to the pound... not!

We took her home, fed her and fell in love with her.

We posted signs, put ads in the paper. She had
no tags or micro chip.

Local Dog walker, Jodi, said it wouldn't be the first time
a dog was dumped in Wooster Square. 

Dog Lover's live, love, laugh 
and meet in Wooster Square.

Somehow Rockie found us and stole our hearts,
if the original owners could not care for her,
know that she is in good hands... and er.. paws

For Chyna (alpha dog 5 pound poodle) and Zippy (our blind Rock Star Italian Greyhound),
its harder to adjust to a puppy, but they don't mind her either.

Speaking of Huge Breaking News!

Come check out my latest show and check out 
the Blossom Blogger's Roots and see
all that is good about Detroit!

Come for the Motor City Madness!

Opening Reception is Friday, March 7, 5-7pm

Show Runs from March 7-21 at Creative Arts Workshop!!

Click here for CAW website and more information!

Speaking of Detroit!

The owner of Tomatoes Apizza in Farmington Michigan sought out the Blossom Blogger for photos of our Historic Wooster Square for their restaurants.

They have New Haven Style Pizza Folks!
How Cool is that?!?

Check out their menu cover and drool over
the New Haven Apizza! 
Check out the photo credits at the bottom! 
Mention you saw Tomatoes on the Blossom Blog 
and if you have ever been to 
Wooster Square your pizza is always free!!
(I am told that the pizza is not free, but delicious.)

(click to enlarge)

(click to enlarge)

Click here to read about New Haven Style Pizza in Michigan and the story

Thanks Tomatoes!!
(Special thanks to Kristin, who tracked me down and 
choose some iconic photos for the menu)

Stay Warm my 
Fine Fellow Flower Following Friends!


Make Tracks For Historic Wooster Square!

See You Round the Square!!!

***   ***   ***   ***

Thank You Sponsors!
This Condo on the Square is 
available now! 2/1/18
Call or Text Cheryl for 
a showing today!

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