Monday, March 19, 2012

Let the Blossoming Begin!

Wooster Square has a very special place in a lot of our hearts. I moved here in 2006, to an apartment on Chapel Street. You don’t have to live in Wooster Square long to know that it is different. This is a real neighborhood, with an eclectic bunch of neighbors. We have famous chefs, authors, playwrights, composers, students, doctors, lawyers, professors, lots of architects, good hard working people and many, who like me retired here in this wonderful part of New Haven.

If you own a dog in Wooster Square even better. You’ll instantly be part of the club. My dog Zippy and I, a legendary Italian (in his own mind) Greyhound that is blind, found many new and lasting friendships. In fact, Cheryl and I met each other walking in the Park and were married in 2008 (much to little the chagrin of Cheryl's 4.5 pound toy poodle Chyna (named after the female wrestler)!

Unless you have seen the awesome beauty of Wooster Square Park in full bloom, or driven down Hughes place with a canopy of flowers overhead, it is difficult to put into words. Being a photographer, I quickly began documenting every season as it came. Each with more more awe than the last. Even so, the camera can’t capture the smell on the air, the petals fluttering in the breeze.

Every year, we Wooster Squarians, wait with baited breath till they pop. And when they do, it is like waking up on Christmas Day as a kid looking at all the presents under your tree. Then we fret about the Festival, whether the blossoms will be early or late. We shudder with every heavy rain or strong spring winds that it won’t wash or blow away our few days or weeks of Shangri La.

So Cheryl and I happily will document our progression of blossoms here. I will share photos from time to time and we would love to hear comments from neighbors and friends not only here but all over the World. Enjoy!