Monday, November 13, 2017

The Winner of the New Haven "Great Pizza Take Out Debate" Ernie's Pizzeria Shocks Epicenter of Pizza Universe!

Ernie's Pies are as original New Haven Pizza gets. For almost 50 years they've been cranking out pizza with no compromises, complete dedication & passion for the craft, only the best, made with the freshest, most simple ingredients. Folks, this is one classy pizza joint where the owner, Pat, treats everyone like family. And they only make one thing - PIZZA! Eat in or take out, this has to be on your "lifer" list! Go, no RUN to get a pizza that Ernie's fans just fawn over!!!!


In a word,
The Perfect Food.

Ok, that's three words.

Food that's fast, hot, saucy,
crispy, salty, spicy, cheesy
(or not)
dream food you can eat
with your hands,
No Utensils Required!
(picnics in the park people!)
And the left overs are good cold
or from a toaster oven
(no, not a microwave)

What is New Haven Style Pizza?

Let's just assume you crawled out
from under some Dominos or
Papa Johns Box.

N'aven Style Apizza
(pronounced ah-beetz)
((N'aven is how you say
New Haven, Not
NEW Haven))

Typically, it has a thin crust,
some say burnt, and sometimes
cooked in a coal-fired oven.

However, some of your best 
N"aven ah-beetz can come
from your regular pizza ovens.

The key is HEAT!

Second Generation owner Pat, took
over from his father a few years back.

Ernie, would only sell the business
to his son if he did not divulge his
prized recipe for his dough and
keep his strict standards of
food quality and freshness.

On a handshake, Ernie ensured that
his legacy would be passed on.
Poor Pat has been on duty
everyday when they are open!
(Nobody else can make the dough!)

Every pie is crafted as a 
work of art.

Holy Hanami Heaven!
Pepperoni n Garlic

Every pie is made to order.

Like pan roasted fresh garlic & broccoli rabe
and house made sausage.
A Pizza Pie Picasso People!

No seriously, this is outstanding pizza.


Yup, straight up authentic 
New Haven Style Pizza

Ernie's is creeping up the best pizza
in America list to #32!

Ernie's customers
flooded the inbox and messages
of the contest.

Pat said his face book page was on fire 
because people were so passionate.

Tens of thousands checked in!

Wham Bam Thank you Pat!

Listen to what the Ernie's loyal fans said:

"My family travels a half hour just to pick up 3 larges from Ernie's Pizzeria at least several times a month. They deserve it!"

 "Ernie's! All my life and every time 
we are in Connecticut!"

"Ernie's! Hands down!"

"Ernie's for the win!"

Ernie’s, Ernie’s Ernie’s"
(we only counted this once)

"Ernie's Is the Best."

I'll take Ernie's!!!

"Ernie's for me no question about it!!

 "Ernie's is the best pizza in the world"

"Ernie's broccoli Rabe and clam. No comp!"

"Ernie's Pizzeria , pepperoni pizza"

"ERNIES!!... hands down best pizza in the WORLD!!!!!! πŸ•"

"Ernie’s Pizza, best White Clam pie ever"

"Ernie's is the best!! #nhveats

"Ernies, without a doubt!"

" Ernie’s Pizzeriaaaaaaa"

"Ernie's for sure best pizza ever"

" Ernie's! Ernie's! Ernie's! We have a rule in our house, you have to earn your Ernies! Running shoes=you earned the Ernies!πŸ•πŸ•"

"Ernie’s. I will put their fresh garlic on anything in this world."

"Ernie’s the best they make you feel like family πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ"

"Wow I’ve never had Ernie’s although I’ve heard a lot about it. I still have to say modern and Zupp’s is a close 2nd"
(a concerned pizzatarian)
((Sorry Zuppardi's and Modern))

" Ernie's πŸ• without a doubt!!!"

"I never take out pizza. 
It has to be eaten on site."
(perfect! Ernie's is a great place
to eat in! Clean and nice friendly service.)

"If Ernie's isn't a winner by a shutout, better check Putin's involvement..."

And on and on!
More People voted Hands Down than
on an aircraft carrier!

But still, there could only be one
winner of the First Annual
Wooster Square Blossom Blog
Great Pizza Take Out Debate!

Congratulations Pat!
Two of N'aven's most Dashing Fellows.
One makes pizza, the other eats it.

So good that you don't care if you ever
have any skin left on the roof of your mouth,
you just wanna eat!!!

Mouth Watering Pizza is waiting!

Thanks to our Sponsor, Cheryl Szczarba,
Realtor at Seabury Hill on Wooster Street
for sponsoring the Contest and raffling off
$100 Gift Certificate to their own favorite
pizza place of choice!

Well, of course it was Ernie's, and Pat said the winner teaches and is going to educate her whole class about what good pizza is by 
taking them for pizza at Ernie's!

Congratulations to both Pat of Ernie's
and Liz K. the Certificate winner!

See you at Ernie's
See You Round the Square!

***  ***   ***   ***   ***
Live in Pizza Heaven
call or text Cheryl for a private showing!
Steps to Little Italy, Yale,
Shops and more! Get rid
of your car and move
to Historic Wooster Square!


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