Saturday, March 31, 2012


There is only one word for a day like today. With all the nice weather we have had we forgot about these chilly spring days. The good news is that if we got any snow, I did not see it. I did see photos on the news with whole yards and trees covered in snow. That kind of weather with the with the blossoms out make a Wooster Squarian feel downright dizzy! And thankfully, there is little to no wind, so 41 degrees feel like 41 degrees. Cheryl and I are watching the Bruins/Islanders game with a nice roaring fire to keep us toasty warm. Hope you are having a great Saturday too.

Todays not a great day for comparing anything. In fact, this years blossoms seem a bit different. Our neighbor Lauren Brown also stated that the blossoms look different this year. Well, our little pink and white babies come and go so fast that it is hard to remember! But here is the consensus. Even on Hughes Place, the blooms nearer the ground are about full bloom while on the tops they are not. So they could loose bottom blossoms (can you say that in a blog?) and then the top ones will go. Or tomorrow will be a little warmer and sunnier and they will all pop. Unlikely though. Tomorrow is going to be chilly 2, but a great day to come and take pictures and walk the park. Tomorrow, with a sunny picture and the blossoms all dried off, we can see, or predict how long they will last! Stay tuned!

I did brave the cold and dodge a couple of drips, walked over to our nationally recognized Farmer's Market and take a few photos.  I even saw Mayor DeStefano, who must have come to the market and to see the blossoms, walking with his family by the DeLauro Monument.

 Court Street neighbor Katie Buick took this picture and sent it to me. Not sure which dog (sorry), but we see the blooms from his perspective. It's a Dog's Life! 

!!!Sunday is a definite photography alert!!!
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Stop Rain! Make Sun!

Italian Consulate, Academy Street

Chapel and Academy

Greene Streete
Thanks to all who came to the opening of Hanami and for your kind words. The show is at CAW until April 13.