Sunday, April 1, 2012

Cool Calm and Collectively Superb!

Sunday morning it was a bit chilly around here in Wooster Square. The sun quickly warmed up the Park but it is still a crisp day. But oh these Blossoms! I admired the canopy of Blossoms cascading Hughes Place and you can't help but think this is just one of the wonders of the world, right here in New Haven!

When I got to the park Charlie and Charlotte Murphy were talking to Erin Cox from our Neighbor Channel 8. Erin indicated she read the blog and came down to interview our Festival Co-Chairman (Peter Webster is the other chair). I happened by so Chyna got on TV as they interview me.  Thanks Erin and to Channel 8 for helping promote our once a year Shangrila. 

Back to important things like analyzing these buds and how far along they are. I took a picture from the balcony today and compared it to last year to find the buds in as comparable day as I could. Here is today's picture:
April 1, 2012

Compare that to April 20, 2011:

If you go one more day, they pop on Hughes Place
April 21, 2011

And last year, 2011, we had peak poppadge on April 26, after this day the blossoms started fading:

So what does this all mean? Probably not much than an educated guess as to what is happening with our pink and white newcomers. Does this mean there is 5 more days until peak here on Hughes Place with the Park being 3-5 days later? 


So if you follow... 5 more days to peak here puts it equal with the look of the trees above. Then after that last year, there were nine more days until gone. That puts us to TA DA! April 15, the day of the Cherry Blossom Festival. If the Park holds to 3-5 days later, we still might have some lingering blossoms!

And last year spring, after snowmagedon, was a dud. It was cold and rainy many days after that April 26 peak poppadge. And with this chilly weather who knows? 

There were hundreds of people out and about today, I hear them laughing and snapping pictures as I blog. Come by now to see some of the best on Hughes Place, the Park is getting beautiful too. Here are some of today's Blossom Blog Beauties!!
Academy and Chapel

Christopher Columbus
Wooster Square

Pink Nation!

It doesn't get any better than this!

Come see for yourself! Bring your friends and your camera!

!!!Photographer Alert!!!