Friday, March 30, 2012

Simply Beautiful!

Last night walking Chyna and Zippy back from the park, Hughes Place looked so beautiful. The Cherry Blossoms look so peaceful and it looks like a symphony of colors and sound but it is so calm and breathtaking. Cheryl took this photo when she left for New Haven Fitness on the green while it was still dark out.
Thanks Cheryl!

Later, after I rolled out of bed and walked the dogs, I took this cell phone picture looking up to St John.

So I am or was close for the full pop on Hughes Place. If you are a photographer like Bruce Lippman from the Milford Camera Club who was spotted taking pictures by the New Haven Independent, get your gear and head to Wooster Square! Read the Indy article... and thanks for following along!

I bumped into Jane Lederer and Katie Buick on my way back from the gym and asked their opinions as to the % poppadge in the park. 50% was the answer. Well, the answer is complicated because of so many factors. The weather being a big one. There is supposed to be wet snow tonight (and if there is I will have out my camera!) and that could really hurt. But I am optimistic that Gill Simmons would not do that to our little pink babies! So everybody to Wooster Square and awe at the Cherry Blossoms to heat up the night air! 

Don't forget if you can't get to Wooster Square, I have a show opening at Creative Arts Workshop that runs through April 13. It is called, Hanami, which literally means flower viewing in Japanese.

Tonight is the show opening from 5-7 if you want to come by and say hi and see more photographs! 

Watch the you tube slideshow less than a minute!

More comparisons tomorrow! I have to get ready for the show, but compare my balcony shot from April 18 from Wednesdays blog. And a street shot of Hughes Place looking towards the Park.