Monday, April 2, 2012

Look up but hold your hat!

Another bright sunny day here in Wooster Square, if a bit windy. Luckily, the buds are in the early half of their short life. Today the Park really popped. I don't think we are at peak poppadge but we are close. All of Wooster Square's Cherry Trees are in bloom.

The place to be is Hughes Place. We are very close to 100% peak. Like recessions, we only know when its over when it is all said and done. And like the Great Recession, this looks to be a great year for Cherry Blossoms. How long they last from here depends on so many factors, but weather now is the biggest one.
So we hope for cool, calm seasonable weather for the next two weeks.

This is a great week to come and see the blossoms, photograph them and make a great memory. Come see our Jaw Dropping Cherry Blossoms this year! I will let the photos do the talking! See you round the Square!
Hughes Place in all it's Glory!

Looking down Academy towards Chapel

"I said a little off the top!"
(tree trimming)

Looking over Greene Streete

Pink Nation!