Friday, April 13, 2012

Yes Virginia, you will see Cherry Blossoms!

Cherry Blossoms are not the only attraction this weekend at the 39th Annual Cherry Blossom Festival Sunday here in Wooster Square. There will be food, entertainment, arts and crafts, a special kids section, special pet section and did I mention FOOD? 

Did you see the weather report for Sunday? Sunny and 74 after a brief chance of showers in the morning. This could be the nicest, warmest weather we have had in years. Bring the family and come down to Wooster Square this Sunday. It is good fun put on by all of us neighbors right here. 

But wait! Just when you think the Squirrels in Wooster Square are kissing these blossoms goodbye:
I found this tree walkin Chyna and Zippy this morning

It looks at first blush as if it is all leaves but it is a cherry tree that has not yet blossomed, but will on Saturday just for you!

More fireworks!

We Love Wooster Square!

See you on Sunday! Come by and say hi!