Monday, April 16, 2012

Cherry Blossom Festival Huge Success!

Thanks to EVERYONE who came out to the Cherry Blossom Festival 2012. Festival Co-chairs, Charlie Murphy and Peter Webster, have set the bar real high for next year! Thanks to those that stopped by and said that they read the blog and enjoyed it. 

Also, special thanks to my wife Cheryl who supported me throughout my CAW Show, and through getting all my photos ready for the Festival. AND, Cheryl and Arlene Szczarba (Realtors at Seabury Hill on Wooster Street)  have been the lead sponsor of the Festival for the past 4 years. Cheryl and her mom are very supportive of the city and the Arts! Their financial support, and the hard work of all the volunteers, made it one of the best attended in 26 years according to my neighbor and 1/3 park caretaker Alex.
And don't get me going about that great weather!

Thanks to everyone who organized, worked, entertained, emceed,  volunteered, vendors and artists. But most thanks to you who love Wooster Square as much as we do.

This blog will continue! Not everyday, but 2x a month or whenever I can share a photo or two! I also will have a 2012 slideshow with 2 angles. They will bloom before your eyes!

Peak looks like it was April 6 or 7. I have not dissected all the data yet. Plus we here in Wooster Square are pooped! Here is peak poppadge and today!