Friday, June 29, 2012

No Worries in the Wonderful World of Wooster Square

Life is good in Wooster Square. Much has happened since my last post and I intend to post more photos of the Square throughout the year. First, I must bid an RIP to my imac, that I was using for my photography.  Unfortunately, I had not backed up everything, but all is not a total loss. Most of my files are backed up, however, thousands lay locked up in bits inside a hard drive I will send off with a wing and a prayer.

This time I went with a pc and now I am back and running albeit with new software and a new learning curve.  It has been hectic here in the Szczarba household so getting every piece together to have the time is the trick.

Blossom Math

In the next couple of week’s (don’t want to make any promises after having my last hard drive sound like it was chewing marbles), I will tackle some important business. I will look at all the daily photos and make judgement as to when we consider the blossoms popping, when we have peak poppadge, and when they are over (darn). No worries, they will be back in less than a year!!

Walking around Wooster Square in the Summer is really a delightful diversion. The Square is demonstrably more quiet with the schools out and most of the Yale faculty and students doing important research or relaxation elsewhere. Yesterday morning, I was reminded that Wooster Square is only a stone throw (or was) to the Sound. The minute I came out the door you could smell the sea as if you were standing on the beach. In fact, Water Street was actually on the water and the Columbus Monument is looking toward the sea. What do you know, beach front property right here in Wooster Square (At a nice leisurely pace you can walk to the boardwalk by Leon’s in 15 minutes. Of course, with all the construction for the Memorial (right Ed?) Bridge, it can be a bit tricky! But worth it. Last year we saw Black Crowned Night Herons by the Quinnipiak dock.  Too bad I didn’t have my camera!

Summer is beautiful here. Fellow Wooster Squarians who stick around for the summer know that there is a great pace in the Park. Many are on vacation and enjoying what the Arts and Ideas Festival has to offer. Cheryl and I and others from the Square will be going to watch Rosanne Cash on the lesser known New Haven Green (10 minute walk). I saw her Dad Johnny Cash play at Toad’s Place in the 1980’s!

Make a point to come down to Wooster Square this Saturday for the Nationally Recognized Farmer’s Market. Grab some pizza & picnic on the Square. Then head to the New Haven Green for some only in New Haven entertainment. Did I mention it’s FREE? (concert, not the pizza).

Time lapse of Cherry Blossoms under construction!

Have a great Weekend and enjoy these photos if you can’t get to Wooster Square.

Some still Popping? Or the last? Taken May 20

Future Cherry Trees (or bird food!)

Take a stroll for Pizza!

Stop to smell the roses...

x marks the spot in Wooster Square!
It's a blooming good time here..

Get your honey and come down to Wooster Square!

Local Art in the Federal Plaza

View from Sunday Brunch at the Top of the Park at
the Omni Hotel. Good food!
Our smoothie neighbors!

CT Audubon Ctr in Milford, check it out!

Chyna! 4.5 lbs of fun! See you round the Square!