Friday, April 27, 2012

Wooster Square Delights!

The Cherry Blossoms have faded and been replaced by all green. Funny when you think of how warm it was (and how lucky we were), and now everything is all green but I'm back to wearing jeans and a coat.

Nonetheless, we had a spectacular year for the Cherry Blossoms. Everyone in the Square marveled at their sheer beauty and duration. In about a week, I will post two new you tube time lapse slideshows of the Cherry Blossoms. I started taking the photos March 19 and I think in a week we will have reached peak green poppadge! 

We are still tracking cherry blossoms and stems into the house. In fact, I was amazed to find one in the shower! We still have the blossoms fresh in our memories but I did find one tree with a few blossoms burning brightly.

There is plenty of beauty all over the Square and I have evidence! Enjoy and have a great weekend.

To see a preview of this years slideshow watch my 2011 you tube

More photos!

Colors colliding

Colorful and Yummy

Waiter, there's a...

fly in my dogwood...

Court Street Colors

Purrfectly content in Wooster Square

Some of the last blossoms of 2012

Come to Wooster Square Saturday for one of the top 10 Farmer's Markets in the Country! Number 1 in our hearts!