Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wooster Square Blossom Blogs to Pittsburgh PA, USA

It has been a hot dry summer nearly everywhere, including here in Wooster Square. So Cheryl and I did what most Wooster Squarians do, take a road trip! This time time the Wooster Square Blossom blogs all the way to Pittsburgh PA USA! Pittsburgh? Well Pittsburgh just happens to be about half way between relatives in Michigan, Connecticut and Delaware. And if you have not been to Pittsburgh, there is a lot to do. First off, the city is like a miniature Manhattan. We literally parked our car (after a leisurely 9 hour drive) and never had to get back in it until we left. And the City is enjoying somewhat of a renaissance with more people moving back to the City and renovating amazing old buildings.

Another thing you can't help but like is that Pittsburgh is basically a mid-western City. I, being from Michigan, found Pittsburghers to be friendly, warm hosts. People who go out of their way to point out the sights to wayward travelers. And there are tons of interesting things about Pittsburgh to see and do. When you go, you have to walk to the Duquesne (doo -cane) incline and take the trolley line car to the top which is Washington Heights. The historic ride brings you to one of the best views of Pittsburgh, really amazing with all the bridges, sports stadiums & major companies Alcoa, Delmonte, Heinz to name a few. Pittsburgh Plate Glass Plaza is almost magical, looking as if you traveled to the Emerald City.

Steep and you need exact change

Best way to get to the top!

The two rivers meet to form the Ohio River- Great views!

Pro football was born in the hills and towns around Pittsburgh by the coal miners looking for sport between companies. You can learn a lot about Pennsylvania sport by going to the Sports museum, which was conveniently located accross the street from our hotel. Housed in the Heinz company museum, you can find out much about the area. Luckily for us, after the first day of a lot of walking, the drought broke and Pittsburgh had 4 inches of rain in 2 days. And when it rains it has really no place to go and flooding in the hills surrounding Pittsburgh becomes headache

Rain could not spoil one of the main attractions to our 4 day get away. Pirates Baseball! Cheryl & I try to go to one ballpark a year as we are both baseball fans. Cheryl is a Red Sox fan, and I am  Detroit Tiger fan. But we love the Pittsburgh Pirates who were surprisingly tied for first and have a shot at the playoffs for the first time since the “We are Fam- i - ly” days.... Let's Go Bucs! great fun in arguably one of the best places to see a game period. Check out the photos.


Take me out to the Ballgame

Play "Misty" for me!

Let's Go Bucs!

When in Pittsburgh on Saturday you have to venture to the "Strip". It is block after block of stores, finger foods, restaurants, quirky shops and the like. Oh and if you are looking for anything that say "Steelers"  on it, you are in luck. There are lots of stores with this football towns shirts, hats & accessories! I read the other day in the Pittsburgh Gazette that more people came out for the first Steelers practice than a Red Sox game (just kidding Cheryl.)!

We even found a New Haven connection one day walking a river. If any of you remember the Louis Kahn designed Symphony Ship/ Barge that was parked in New Haven recently you would have been just as suprised to see this ship as we were! Apparently, Pittsburgh is Home Port for the Point Counterpoint. We caught the tail end of a concert there just before we saw these fireworks I shot just holding my Samsung Galaxy phone. We were so close it was awesome!

One of a kind

Can't help but think of Saturday Night Live...

Watch Pirate's Fireworks shot with cell looking at PNC Park across the river. They had just turned off the lights for the fans...

It is great to be home in Wooster Square! enjoy a couple of more Pittsburgh shots and I promise Blossom Math will be my next post!

Really Cool Convention Center
Just missed Obama!

Not the Steel City for nothing!

I hope you get to enjoy the beauty of Pittsburgh some day soon.

Thanks Pittsburgh! Go Bucs!