Saturday, October 6, 2012

Wooster Square to come alive with it's First Columbus Day Festival, Sunday October 7, 2012

Neighbors here in Wooster Square always look forward to to Fall for many reasons. The Park slowly changes from deep greens to faded hues to gasping color! The leaves begin to rustle with the welcome crisper air. The days grow shorter. 

Court Street Colors

There is still plenty of new life and color in Wooster Square. And our beloved Sakura Cherry Trees are clinging to their Green Glory.

Cheerful Cherry Ex-Blossoms (leaves)

In the fall, they begin to cast longer, comforting shadows.

Without a shadow of a doubt, 2012 was a great year
in the Wonderful World of Wooster Square

Make tracks to Wooster Square!

Eat Pizza in our slice of heaven on earth!

Your Table is set

Take a walk and smell the local bouquet

Some like it hot!

Art in progress

Sunday October 7, there is a huge Columbus Day Parade with the First Columbus Day Festival in Wooster Square Park. Check out this website for information. The show goes on rain or shine!

A couple of weeks ago, the Blossom blogged up to Wolfeboro New Hampshire. Our dear friends Jonathon and Valerie hosted us 4 years ago when we eloped and wed at their lake house.

Still magical

We stayed at their farmhouse and enjoyed the country life for a long weekend (It's dark and quiet!). The leaves were not much different than here but we were a month earlier than 4 years ago. 

Hopewell Farm

Our Dogs love running loose

Zippy sporting tape after succesful bumpechtomy!

Ridiculously Photogenic Toy Poodle 

Thanks Jonathan and Valerie! Check out Jonathan's passion, he is a master at wood making, check out his site.

I hope to see you at the Columbus Festival! I will be there with some of my photos, stop by and say hi!