Monday, April 8, 2013

Hello Spring? It's Wooster Square - C'Mon Man!

Wooster Square Finally Warms

Our friends north of Wooster Square at ESPN have a way with words. Like Wooster Square does with Cherry Blossoms. Like we would all be enjoying with just a HINT of Spring. So while we watch Michigan play another team for the National Championship and enjoy the highlights on Sports Center I can give you an update on the goings on here in the Wonderful World of Wooster Square.

Today was the first day I didn't need a heavy coat walking with Cheryl, Chyna and Zippy this morning. In fact, I didn't wear gloves today and the weather is supposed to soar into the 60's today. 

Spring what took you so long? We here in the Square are sprucing up the park in anticipation of next Sunday April 14 

Wooster Square Cherry Blossom Festival!

Park People Prunning
(Thanks New Haven PW!!)

The photo along Academy looking south towards Chapel still looks we have a long way to go before these pesky pink pretty flowers pop. But these looks can be deceiving. All we need is one week in the 60s and we can forgive spring this year. More cold? Then it is a crap shoot that Cheryl and I initially guessed at April 10 for the Blossoms to pop on Hughes Place (which can be 3-5 days ahead of the park). 

Park Literally hand raked and cleaned for you!

Many thanks to the Historic Wooster Square Association, who tirelessly works year round to make 5 hours of food, fun, friendship and yes there will be Cherry Blossoms. Mark your calendars for next Sunday Noon to 5 at Wooster Square Park. 

Perpetually Blooming Cherry Tree
Academy and Chapel Street
Wooster Square

Pretty Precious Pink Previews

Make Memories in Wooster Square 

Hang with new Buds

Soon to be Tunnel of Lovely Pink and White Blossoms!

Last night, a lot of neighbors got together for a last SOUP! of  the year. The main topic: Cherry Blossoms. Will they be here for the Festival? And since I take pictures of them every day to help of you not miss one second of Wooster Square's Pink Nation, I guess that makes me the expert. The answer in a nutshell. Yes and No. 

You can see from the photo above on Hughes Place they have not popped yet. We are very close though. How close?

Happiness Busting out all over Wooster Square
(Sunday, April 7, 2013)

Future Fireworks!
(Monday, April 8, 2012)

Blossom Math

Looking over last years photos of buds that look about the same size, we are about 6 days from them popping here on Hughes Place.
Just in time for the Festival on Sunday! Festival organizers want you to come and enjoy the Festival and the Cherry Blossoms. So stay tuned to your Blossom Blog and ask Siri and Google to put a reminder in your calendar for the 40th Annual Cherry Blossom Festival!!!

Wooster Square Cherry Blossom Festival
Sunday April 14, Noon to 5pm 

Lot's of local food, arts and crafts and yes even photos. Stop by and say hi! 

See You Round the Square!

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April 1-22