Friday, April 19, 2013

Wooster Square Pops! Hughes Place Nears Peak Poppadge!

Make Historic World Famous Wooster Square 

Your Weekend Destination

Wooster Square Cares

Wooster Square is a diverse neighborhood in dynamic energetic city that has many people who are from or know people from Boston. This Wooster Squarian is Boston Born (Framingham), Detroit Bred (Birmingham) and Nutmeg Aged (vintage 1982). My families roots are from Boston. Cheryl went to School in Boston(Northeasthstern) having a career in Engineering at Boston Technology before moving back to Connecticut (and meeting me in the Square). We all have friends and families that have been affected by this senseless violence. And Connecticut has had a very tough year with its own tragedies that are beyond comprehension.

Today's Wooster Square Blossom Blog is dedicated to those affected by these tragic events. And, to those who run to danger to protect us every day. You are all Heros to us here in Wooster Square.

Wooster Square Stands Boston Strong!

Hughes Place is nearing Peak Poppadge and your Pink and White Tunnel of Cherry Blossoms awaits your trip to the Wonderful World of Wooster Square for what we have waited a whole year (and more) for: Hanami!

Wooster Square Park is right on par with popping with Hughes Place this year, so this weekend would be just right for heading down to the Farmer's Market Saturday and Sunday the weather is going to be nice!

Pink Nation to Red Sox Nation!


Today's before we lost the sun

Hughes Place looking north


Pretty close to peak poppadge

I said just a trim!
Bonzai Sakura 
(St. John and Hughes Place)

Let's Hang Out and Hanami

Wooster Square Pink Nation!

Square Squeals Simply
Get to World Famous Wooster Square!

Our Blossom Buddies Today 
April 19 2013

 10 days old, so cuddly cute

Beauty to Behold


Crowd Adore White Glories

Spring has Sprung 

Wooster Square Pink Nation!

Fine Finger Fancies

Canopy of Pink 

Some day they will be at the top!

Choosy Cherry Lovers Choose Wooster Square

The Crowds are Gathering
Standing Room Only

Table and Benches Ready

Pastel Pink Pleasing 

X Marks the Spot
Wooster Square Pink Nation Rocks!

Petals of Purity

Wooster Square Pink Nation!
Salutes Boston Strong!

I hope the Pink and White Cherry Goodness of our Wooster Square Sakura Trees can help us with some sense of Peace, World.

See You Round The Square
This Weekend Is Peak Poppadge
(70% of trees in Bloom)