Thursday, April 18, 2013

Hughes Place Pops! and Temps Tumble

Hanami Hysteria Hits Wooster Square

Hughes Place is coming into a Glorious Chorus of Pink and White Mania! However, from Thursday afternoon through Friday night they are predicting winds up to 35 mph and rain. Not a good combination for our Funny, Fancy, Fruitful Flowers. And you can cross your fingers with all other Wooster Squarians and hope Mother Nature is kind to our World Famous Wooster Square Cherry Blossoms!

This morning proved to be a better time of the day. When I woke up and got the paper off of the Blossom Blog Stoop, I did look up and say Wow! PoP! The sun was out and warming the Square for a day a Busy Blossoming. Luckily I grabbed my camera on the way to New Haven Fitness as this afternoon is gusty and AGAIN, Chilly. The Blossoms also seemed to tuck themselves back in a bit. Hang on Guys!!!

Now everyone seems to notice that the Blossoms are so slow to Pop! that the leaves are just passing them by. In some cases yes, some no. Some of the Juvenile Trees were to first to Pop! and seem to be just starting to get their big green leaves. Other Sakura Trees' Green leaves look as though they left their Pink and White Blossom Dates at the Dance getting tired of waiting. Every year these Cheeky Cherry Chums seem to surprise us.

Pink and White Competition

We've come a long way 

Blossom Babies

Here are the first of my daily photos and then todays...
Blossom Dreamin...

Blossom Believin...

Bleak and Burr!

Bright and Balmy (at least bright)

Even without lots of wind and rain our Blossoms are fragile little flowers...

Oh the Agony...

So you have seen where we have come from, let's take a look around the Park before the rain hits.

Pink and White Tunnel to Happiness
(Hughes Place South 4-18-13)

Downward Drooping
Our Blossom Buddies we are following

They Grow so Fast
...just 9 days ago

Green and White
(Go Michigan State!)
((Park looking North along Wooster Place))

Ready to Rumble
(Park South along Academy St)

A Rose is a Rose...
unless it's a window...
and this is a Cherry Blossom Blog...

Blossoms Begging for Buddies to Picnic Party

 360 New Flower Fiends Found
(360 State Street overlooks Historic Wooster Square)

Hughes Place definitely Popped! in yesterday's sun and last night. But this afternoon put the brakes on our old chemistry lesson from a post or two ago. 

***Photographer Alert***

Get down to Wooster Square to Hughes Place to catch the Peak Poppadge (coming soon), you will not be disappointed and you can eat pizza too! Every Day is a Holiday in the Wonderful World of Wooster Square!

How to Enjoy Wooster Square Responsibly

1. Come to our Nationally Recognized Top
Ten Farmer's Market Saturday Morning

2. Order Pizza on Wooster Street and Picnic
     in World Famous Historic Wooster Square!

3. Make Memories that will last a lifetime,
    friends that last forever...

4. Eat a canoli

5. Repeat!

Wooster Square Hanami
Get more Smileage 
Out of your Blossom Viewing Experience

See You Round the Square