Monday, April 29, 2013

Wooster Square Segways Spring Into Summer

Blossoms Ending, Fun Just Beginning in 

Wooster Square

When one looks at this Spring's World Famous Wooster Square's Sakura Superiors, one might say they didn't stick around that long. You would be right if you saw them at Peak Poppadge on Sunday the 21st through Wednesday and again on Saturday. Friday the winds took most of the Cherry Trees Pink and White Delights to the air, ground, your car, your shirt, your dogs feet, your upstairs bathroom, get the idea. 

So with today's photos, we can see that our Beloved Blossoms and our Historic Hanami Hysteria is coming to a close. Officially not Over (yay!)?, there are Several Sakuras Still Shining with Pink and White Smile Makers. Plenty of new colors coming to the Park as well. I saw several Hanami(ans) walking and having Picnics on Sunday.

Sunday Spring Stroll in Square
#1 Fan of Quinnipiac Hockey & Fuel Coffee

Sunday's Smileage in Square

There is only one way to analyze this years World Famous Wooster Square Cherry Blossoms and that means a trip to The Wooster Square Blossom Blog School for some...

Blossom Mathematics

April 21 looks to be the Peak Poppadge for 2013 here on Hughes Place, Blossom Blog Headquarters. At first I had a hard time deciding as on the 22nd and 23rd the Blossoms drooped because of cold but on the 24th perked back to close to Peak. But by the 24th there were already Blossoms Bolting as can be seen on the ground in photos where there were barely any on the ground on the 21st.

If you made it here to see the Hughes Place Pink and White Blossom Tunnel to Happiness on the 21st-24, you hit it right on. With the best weather being the 21st and the 24th.  

 However , 2013's downright Chilly Spring, it may have left us with a long run with a Prolonged Peak Poppage People! And Wooster Square was spot on with coming into its own Peak Poppadge about the same day. There are some great photos of the park in all its Glory from the 21st if you look at that post.  But Wow, can these Beautiful Bright Blossoms can get out of town faster than The Rolling Stones after playing at Toads Place in New Haven. 

Speaking of the Stones and Historic Happening New Haven
Toads Place was just named one to the Top 20 Clubs in the Country 
Back to Math...

Peak Poppadge 4-21-13
(From the Blossom Perch)

Peak Poppadge 4-21-13
(Hughes Place View South)

Now check the end of 2012
(officially over on Hughes Place, per Blossom Blog Stats)

This Year?
(Pretty Close Call!)

Another View...
Blossom Bust!

This Year?
(Blossom Bummer!)

Like all really,really, really good things...  marriage, family, friendships, inflations, recessions, .... and Cherry Blossoms...

To see what really happened, you have to let
 time go by, then analyze (or go to an analyst)

Before I jump on the Over Bandwagon, I will still be taking Pictures of our Pink Precious Pretties. Stay Tuned to your Wooster Square Blossom Blog for everything to do with our World Famous Wooster Square!

Check out a couple of photos from today

Sakura Still Shining

Pink  Snow Drifts Deftly
(Do you eat pink snow?)

Getting Green with Envy over Pink!

Wooster Square Pink Nation Rules Our Senses!

Competing Colors Coming

These Buds for You!
(Hughes Place Pretties)

Bumble Bees (I am sure that is the insect term) LOVE Cherry Blossoms. You can see them buzzing all over when in Bloom.

While conducting complicated Blossom Blog Research, I found these two Big Bumblers "fighting" over Pink and White Pure Wooster Square Nectar.

 Fast Flying Fighters

I showed Cheryl, and she suggested that in fact the Bees, 
well, you know... The Birds and the Bees Do it?!?!

That's Disgusting!
(this is a family blog so let's stop the show right here)
((They look like a Cute Couple))
(((Cheryl and I met in Wooster Square!!!)))

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