Saturday, May 4, 2013

2013: Wooster Square Celebrates Historic Hanami!

Blossoms Bring Boundless Beauty

When 2012 came to a close, I wondered whether or not Years were like Elevators. You know, you usually can't go to the 13th floor. Nonetheless, we are here in 2013 and our World Famous Cherry Blossoms did not disappoint. In fact what a Lucky 13 we had in the Wonderful World of Wooster Square. 

 Here at Blossom Blog Central we have spent the last week analyzing the data, crunching formulas and plotting them for all their Pink and White Cherry Goodness. 2013 was notable for a few reasons.
  1. The Blossoms are on a late and alternatively early schedule since 2009. If our Sweet Sakura's follow the current schedule then we should expect in 2014 they will be earlier than this years Pop! on April 18, 2013
  2.  Wooster Square's Succulent Sakura's Bloomed about the same time as Hughes Place, which is usually 3-5 days ahead of the Park. 
  3. 2013 Spring Was (is) COLD!!
  4. The Cherry Stems seem to stay on all the trees longer. You will see from photos later.
  5. We had Peak Poppadge on the 21st, but it was so goose bumpy here that they wilted a bit on the 22 and 23 but perked back up to almost peak (see graph below).
   6. YOU! You all either came to our  Wonderful World of Wooster Square to see for yourself guided by your photoblogumentary, or YOU! just followed along online.

The Wooster Square Blossom Blog Thanks... YOU!

By painstakingly entering information into the Blossom Blog Mainframe, I was able to chart out this years Blossoms From Sweet Anticipation to WoW! to see you next year Blossom Buddies! The Graph shows how precipitously our Fickle Fleeting Funny Flowers Flee! You can click on the Graph to enlarge as it is a jpeg.

Next Week I will be further analyzing this years Blossoms and will have more interesting facts, figures, fotos and fun!

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Before we go, we can look back on this week starting with Tuesday where we still had some of our Sakura's Shining.

Pink Nation!

Pink Blossom Snow at Sunrise

Dignified Dogwood 

Park Pink-ifide

360 New Patient Pink Peepers

Can you Blame them?

Pink, Green and Blue Hues

Stems Still Standing

Sights Still to See in Square

Park Benches Bring Picnic-ers 

Tulips in Square...

Tulips Everywhere.

Tiny New Wooster Squarians

How we look today, Saturday May 4...

Stems Stalling Steathily 

We rolled out the Red Carpet for you!

Hughes Place North 

Pink out, Green in (reds too)

Our Blossom Buddies we are following...
Gone but not Forgotten!

Cuter than Kittens

Greene Streete

All Green and All Gone?

Red Leaves Love Company

Get down to Wooster Square Today!

Everyday is a Holiday in the 
Wonderful World of Wooster Square

stay tuned for all the Fun Stats, Facts, Figures and formula's 
...lot's more fun coming next week after complete Blossomnalysis.

till then...

See You Round The Square!!