Monday, April 15, 2013

Wooster Square Wows with Huge Blossom Festival

Largest Turnout Ever For World Famous 

Wooster Square Cherry Blossom Festival

The weather on Sunday cooperated enough to let organizers pull off the BEST Festival that any Wooster Squarian has ever seen . Temps held to a cool 50 that felt great when the sun was out, but when the sun ducked for cover and the breeze picked up it was downright chilly. 

That didn't stop the crowds from coming and coming and coming. Cheryl and I had tables conveniently located next to each other on the North side of the Park. And the people streaming in after walking down Hughes Place was like being at the entrance to a concert. Which of course, what was going on! Cheryl and I talked to so many people that we never sat and only hungrily could eat food in between, getting anything we could eat standing with one hand. Luckily the guys at the Wooster Square Grill kept us fueled and going!

Co-Chairs Peter Webster and Charlie Murphy did a standout job and the rest of the Wooster Square Association members were on top of everything. The food, music, arts, exhibitors all were outstanding. 

Thanks to all that came by and said they follow this humble yet informative Wooster Square Blossom Blog. And welcome to those that found out about this Photoblogumentary on the goings on in Wonderful World of Wooster Square. 

For excellent photos of the events, go to another Wonderful New Haven Blog on New Haven called appropriately, I Love New Haven. Done by Chris Randall and Jeffrey Kerekes.

Ok, so now we can breathe a bit easier here in the Square with the Festival behind us. The Cherry Blossoms were at least not over, and we do have the one Perpetually Blooming tree on the corner of Academy and Chapel Street. And the our Beloved World Famous Sakura Trees on Hughes Place gave us a glimpse of the smiles to come. Thanks to all involved from the City to the Volunteers and to all of you wonderful people that came to our little corner of the World. 

So let's get down to the main question I was asked. When are the Blossoms going to bloom? Uh oh, that means we have to take a trip to school for some:

Blossom Math

For this we have to take a spin around another chilly morning here in Wooster Square.  I need some comparison photos... Hold onto your Hanami Hats and come along!

CAUTION! Extreme Pinkness can cause jaw pain from smiling, fast heartbeats and eye popping beauty. It's imblossomable to view without having a trip to paradise right here in the Square.
(Viewing with lose dental work not recommended)

Our Buddies We're Watching

You have come a long way baby
Ruby Reds

Variety Versions of Pink Perfection

Pink Packages Of Pure Happiness

First North Park Poppers

American Heritage 
Pink and Proud Wooster Square Nation
(Flags Fly at Historic Italian Consulate)

Little Buds, Big Friends

Columbus Colors

Wower of a Wonderful Work

Wooster Square Pink Nation!!

Saftey in Pink Numbers

Future Jaw Dropper

Hughes Views North

Hughes Views South

Wooster Square Blossom Blog


For this question of when these pesky pink pretty flowers will pop lets look at today's Blossom Perch shot.

April 15, 2013

Almost Identical to:
March 25, 2012
Of course, it is not the date that counts. But how far along these pank and white babies peak like:

Oh Happy Days!
Peak March 6, 2103

The Weather is the only factor here. Real warm days will make the buds pop and last about 5 days. They usually last longers 
because it is chillier. Hold the Rain and Wind Please!

12 Days from today the Blossoms will Peak on Hughes Place According to the Lastest Ablossomnalysis.

Wooster Square Park is usually about 3 - 5 days behind Hughes

Or, they will Pop! and Peak whenever they feel like it!
Oh the excitement!

Stay Tuned for Daily
 Updates and Photos and
Miles of Smiles

Last week for my CAW show: Box Shots!

April 1-22

See You Round The Square