Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Wooster Square Has the Right Chemistry

Festival Done! Now Comes Blossom Fun!

You never know what you are going to come across in ones search of Pink and White Happiness. But somebody (besides me) knows a heck of a lot about these things, in fact they may be more obsessed than a particular local Blossom Blogger. Thanks to handy tools like Google Reader (which they are dumping, thanks guys...) I can capture all sorts of interesting tidbits about Cherry Blossoms and our Beloved World Famous Wooster Square Cherry Blossom Trees. 

Chemistry You Say?

One might know that New Haven has all sorts of good Chemistry. It is in fact according to Kipplingers we are the 4th Best City if you are Single. I know first hand of course the Chemistry here in the Wonderful World of Wooster Square is perfect since Cheryl and I met walking our dogs in the confines of our Humble Square of Perfection. 

But! According to Matt Caufield, a Blogger for the Hoya Edition on the goings on around Georgetown in D.C., says that all life is dependent on Chemistry. Cherry Trees and their Insanely Beautiful Bountiful Blossoms are no different he says. 

Our Blossom Buddies we are following
(April 16, 2013)

Mr. Caufield says: " It is no secret to my close friends that chemistry is my favorite science, and it is precisely because every living thing is driven by it (including Cherry Blossoms). A general rule is that chemical reaction rates double for every increase in 18ºF, due to an increase in particle interaction. The blooms are driven by chemical reactions and are highly affected by temperature. Blooming times can even vary depending on where you are in the city."

He goes on to say that: " If a cherry blossom is exposed to high temperatures it will immediately bloom and last 4-5 days. However, prolonged colder temperatures may slow blooming times and nearly double the length of blooming times. Yay!" 

To read the story, Simply Science: Cherry Blossom Chem

Can't get enough history of how Cherry Trees Came to the United States? Read another interesting (brief) in the Scientific American. Seems like some people can't get enough of these pink and white blossoms.

Two more interesting facts but my head hurts from all this learning. 
We need a Pink fix before we can add to our Blossom Knowledge Banks....

Packed with Pink Power
(Hughes Place looking North)

Breezy Buds Blowin

Wooster Square Delights

(First tree on Hughes Place to Pop!)

From my two lips to your ears..
Tulip Towers!

The Square is Packed with Pink

Court Street Colors

Park Perking up with Pink

Hughes Place Playing it cool until heat arrives!

Buds Bearing Down for...

Pink Nation!!

We still don't have Official Wooster Square Blossom Blog Pop! on Hughes Place. I loosely call that when one day you wake up and go: WOW!!! That day is easier to see after looking at the daily pictures when they start to Pop!, but that is down the road...

I read that in Japan, the Cherry Blossoms symbolize the transience of life.  The cherry-blossom tree is known for its short but brilliant blooming season, a natural process that metaphorically describes human life. A fallen Cherry Blossom also represents a fallen Samurai who lost his life for the Emperor. 

Here in the Wonderful World of Wooster Square we just call them plain fun! Head down to Wooster Square to see for yourself!

Make Track for Wooster Square
(you will have a (bl)awesome time)

See You Round The Square