Saturday, June 8, 2013

Wooster Square Sakura Survive Super Soaking

Rain Reigns Region Ruthlessly

There is nothing better than the Weekends here in our Precious Perfect Patch we call Wooster Square. Sent off on a mission this morning to help Cheryl, Zippy and I made a loop around our Gateway to New England. Chyna stayed back as her teensy tiny tootsies get terribly tired on tremendous treks. (Don't feel bad, she got to accompany the Blossom Blogger later as I finally got out and took some photos). I looped over to Audubon and they are setting up for a whole day of arts and crafts for the whole family. 

As I traveled up Wall Street I could not get over the amount of people that are in New Haven as tourists. I walked through the heart of Yale by Sterling Library up to Chapel street. I have even seen buses of people with someone pointing out Super City Sights. People were out in droves after the deluge we had over the past 24 hours. And walking back on Chapel Street towards World Famous Wooster Square you are joined by dozens of people walking from Downtown to our Famous Friendly Farmers Market. 

Silly Square Squirrels Squealing...
bring some peanuts!

The Wild Wet Wooster Square Weather has given way to the sun and the Park is Packed with Picnicking People and their Pets. A perfect Saturday morning for all who came to enjoy the Square. 

It wasn't rainy all week. We did manage a some sunshine and I was out to see what I could find. One morning walk Chyna and Zippy brought me to a tree that is a Blossoming Beauty!

Sleepy Square Sunning

Willowy White Whispy Winning Wowers!

Honey, Home In on Historic Wooster Square

Chris adjusting his Global Positioning System

Flags Fly Fittingly

Billowy Big Blossom

Silly Sakura Sweetness

Boxes Bring Bountiful Beauty
(Nice Job Jodi!)

Wooster Square Pink Nation
Friendly Fine Flowers

Perfect Pine Purrs...
Head to Historic Wooster Square!

Tiny Tots Treat 

Court Street Colors

Park Perfect for Pedestrians

Don't forget that the International Festival of Arts and Ideas starts on June 15th for 18 days of Fun in the New Haven Summer Sun.

Just Join the Free Fun!
(80% of venues are Free)

Later Saturday finds an uncommonly cool crisp springlike day. Although when the Sun was Shining on our Sweet Sakura Square, we were at a perfect 74 degrees by afternoon. 

Hard to believe its over a month since our World Famous Wooster Square Cherry Blossoms were over on April 29, 2013. It seems like almost yesterday we were in a...

Historic Hanami Hissyfit!

 Pink Nation!

Gazing at the Cherry Blossoms,
The Bone of my Neck
Gets painful.
History of Haiku, vol I, R.H. Blyth

Also coming up in Historic Wooster Square is the St. Andrews Society Festival. Traditional Food Music and Friends make this a uniquely Wooster Square neighborhood event.

THURS.  June 27  SUN. June 30 2013
St. Andrew Club Grounds, 515 Chapel Street
In Historic Wooster Square, New Haven, CT
The St. Andrew the Apostle Society and the Amalfitani-Italian Community of New Haven continue to celebrate their heritage and traditions. 

Be sure to make New Haven and Wooster Square
on your short list of things to do this summer! 

Similar to the Blessing of the Fleet which is organized right here in Wooster Square, St. Michael's blesses each and every Sakura
after the strenuous blossom season...

Holy Sakura Silliness!
(just a reflection from Blossom Blog Headquarters)

More Photo Phun!

Giant Lilliputians 

Picture the Red and the White till you're Blue

Good Flowers Gone Bad
(Bright Beauties Behind Bars)

Whole Wide World Loves Wooster Square
(Lenzi Park)

Future Beach (Bum) Plums

Future Fantastic Flowers!

Phence Photo Phun

Peddle to Park

Blossom Snow

Remember our Cherry Blossom Snow?

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*source: WSBB 
(Wooster Square Blossom Blog)

Don't be Square this Summer!

Head for New Haven and 
World Famous Wooster Square!

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