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2014 World Famous Wooster Square Cherry Blossom Peak Dates Calculated!

Hazy Hot Humid Hits Square, Residents Flee

Of course, not everyone leaves the Wonderful World of Wooster Square in the Summer, it may just seem so. Life slows down to a nice and easy kind of pace. While many fellow Wooster Squarians are off to do important research, travel the summer performing, back home visiting or working, or some have moved on (come back soon!), many of us love Wooster Square and New Haven during the Summer months. How can you not? There is so much to do, so little time! Between the normal fun of museums, art shows, shopping and eating, you have the International Festival of Arts and Ideas! 

Running from June 15 through the 29th, the International Festival of Arts and Ideas is a 15 day extravaganza of performing arts, lectures, and conversations that takes over theaters and open spaces in New Haven. Over 80% of the events are completely free according to their Website. According to my calculations, if you only go to the 80% that are free then your entire Festival would be 100% FREE!! Where does it get better than that folks? I have even heard that the 20% of events that people actually pay for are 100% Smiling Sillies who are Satisfied. 

And, did you know that if you take the train into New Haven, there is a FREE shuttle that takes you from the Union Station to the New Haven Green. Do you want some more mobility to explore every part of New Haven from the top of East Rock to having lunch outside at Lenny and Joe's on the water on Long Warf? Then after you get off the train head for Devil's Gear Bike Shop at the corner on Orange and Chapel Street next to the Elm City Market under 360 State Street (it is only a 10 minute walk to Devil's Gear from Union Station). The helpful staff at Devil's Gear will rent you a bike for the day helmet and all for $25. 

Click here for Devil's gear website

State Street Station Steps from Square
(Driver Waiving to Blossom Blogger!)

New Haven is an extremely Bikeable City with diverse, exciting neighborhoods (Like Historic World Famous Wooster Square!). Check out Elm City Cycling's Website for more information on Biking in New Haven.

Eco Bikes, 2011
(Lago Trasimeno, Italy)
((Cheryl and I honeymooned in Italy after meeting in
Historic Wooster Square walking our dogs))
(((Devil's Gear informs me you cannot ride to Italy in a day, a longer rental would apply, or simply buy a bike and they will pack it and ship it to Italy for you.)))

The Summer of 2013 looks to be shaping up as Pretty Cool in New Haven even in the Dog Days of August. Things do get hot though when the World of Tennis sets its sights on New Haven for our 3rd New Haven Open!

2012 New Haven Open Champion 
Petra Kvitova

Many of the Worlds Top Women's Tennis players use it as a warm up for the US Open that follows. According to the players that come to New Haven, they Love that they can walk, eat and shop in a vibrant friendly city after a long day of tennis. Of course, the Wooster Square Blossom Blog will be there for the latest and Photos! In September the Wooster Square Blossom Blogs to Fenway Park to see my Beloved Detroit Tigers take on Cheryl's Beloved Boston Red Sox!

Go Detroit Tigers! 
(Tiger on top of Comerica Park Scoreboard made right here in New Haven (County), Milford Connecticut. Refurbished just last year, too.) 

2014 Peak Poppadge Dates

Much excitement here in Wooster Square all year round! Especially that the Wooster Square Blossom Blog Mainframe has examined all the Weather Data, Historical Data and all Good Data In (so none bad comes out). The Wooster Square Blossom Blog has a 100% accuracy of predicting Peak Poppadge and when our Habitual Hanami Hysteria Hits our Historic Square. (I actually just take a photo daily so you know exactly when to start hyperventilating). Remember from our Cherry Blossom Challenge with Washington DC, if Nate Silver of FiveThirtyEight Blog Fame (and fellow Detroit Tiger Fanatic) were to rate who was better at predicting their Pink and White Pretties Better, he would have come up with something like this... 

Blossom Confidence Index

Before we get to those crucial dates to ask Google or Siri to calendarize into your favorite Device, why don't we take a look back at the last couple of weeks here in the Wonderful World of Wooster Square, New Haven Connecticut USA...

Green and Blue Tunnel to Happiness
(formerly Pink and White Tunnel to Happiness)
((Hughes Place Looking North))

Perpetually Blooming Sakura
(Corner of Chapel and Academy)
((Only found one dried up Blossom!))

Sakura Sunshine Soaking in Square

Wooster Square Stars Stunningly 

Heading to and From New Haven Fitness you see lot's
of interesting Blossoms, Colors of Spring and Summer...

Red Rules Court Street

Iris you all come to World Famous Wooster Square!

History, Beauty and Fun!

Discover Your Youth at the Fountain
(New Haven Green)

Knights in New Haven Artfully
(Public Art By the Federal Building Looking at 
the Knights of Columbus World Headquarters,
New Haven, Ct)

Sweet Mary's will Satisfy  Sweet Tooth Swimmingly!
(Fellow Michigan State University Alum along
with Mary's son and Daughter!)

Welcome to the Neighborhood!
((On Court Street near corner of Orange))

Check out her Facebook page!

Famous Furrier to Familiar Faces

Volumes of Vivid Violets

Wooster Square Pink Nation!

Hurry and Hop on your Harley and Head to
World Famous Wooster Square!

Alien Iris Eyeing Eager Eaters 
(of Pizza Picnics in the Square!)

We are Still Pretty in Pink

Wooster Squarian Lady Bug about 
to Picnic on some tasty afids

Don't Look if you are squeemish....


Everything just tastes Better in
Wooster Square

Pink and Green Screams

Citizen Kane Flowers

Stop to Smell the Roses on Court Street

I know that everyone is on the Edge of their Device patiently waiting for the Dates of World Famous Wooster Square Sakura Silliness for 2014!!

Not to be outdone, but the National Park Service and the National Cherry Blossom Festival announced their dates.... 

Based on careful Blossom Blog Research...

2014 Peak Blossom Dates (Peak Poppadge)

April 25- April 29 2014

April 24, 2013

I am informed by Wooster Square Cherry Blossom Festival Co-Chair, Charlie Murphy, that the dates of the Festival are to be announced as well. And good thing next year (2014), that the Blossoms will be about the same time as this years (Peak April 21, 2013). Because the Cherry Blossom Festival held in World Famous Wooster Square with all its Hanami Hysteria will be:

April 27, 2014!

For more information and all the news that is 
Fit for Wooster Square Lovers the World Over head to the 
Historic Wooster Square Association Website!

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See you at the Arts and Ideas in New Haven!

as always...

See You Round the Square!