Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Yale Inauguration Highlights Jam Packed Weekend

Honorary Wooster Squarian 

Peter Salovey 

Named Yale University's 23rd President

Harkness Tower 

In case you didn't know, Yale University is in Downtown Historic New Haven. Yale plays an integral role in New Haven not only educationally but as part of the fabric of our community. You cannot live in New Haven (or around) not take advantage of all that Yale has to offer. Between free lectures, music, museums and more, there isn't a day you can't find something that will tickle your fancy.

 At the heart of the community, long time New Havener, and Honorary Wooster Squarian, Peter Salovey, has been given the reins to this National Treasure. I have had the privilege to meet and talk with Peter and I can tell you he is one of the nicest, down to earth persons around. And Peter is as much of a fan of New Haven as some over obsessed Blossom Blogger! 

Peter is extremely supportive of the World Class Women's Tennis Event, The New Haven Open and can be found at all area sporting events. Especially cheering on Yale's National Championship Men's Hockey Team! Peter also plays a mean bass in the Professors of Bluegrass! Watch a video of Peter and the Band in action!

Congratulations and 
Good Luck

Much of Yale's Inauguration is focused on the 
New Haven Community and 
EVERYONE is invited!!!

This weekends activities are all geared to the New Haven that Peter loves. There is an open house and block party to name just two of the fabulous future family fun follies. What's not to like living in New Haven, home of World Famous Historic Wooster Square and our Super Sweet Sakuras?

According to the New Haven Register, "A major study of the New Haven Region, published by DataHaven with other local partners, ranked it as the 19th best performing metropolitan region out of the 130 largest U.S. urban areas." In other words, New Haven Rocks!

Living in the the Top Twenty is Plenty Peachy especially in our
Precious Pretty Patch of Humble Perfection

In fact, if the whole New Haven Region were entirely inside the Confines of our Super Sweet Sakura Square, it completely calculates as the Best, Number One in the Country!! 
(Source: GullBull.harhar)

Whatever your reason for coming to New Haven this weekend, make sure you stop by the Wonderful World of Wooster Square. Grab a pie (pizza) and picnic in the fall like Indian Summer. And if there were any doubt, about where the best pizza is in the United States (sorry Conde Naste which didn't have New Haven on their top 10), according to New York Metro

New Haven Pizza is number 4 in the Country!!

We made the top 20 in Food and Wine!

If that is not enough to persuade you to come to Wooster Square during Inaugural Weekend, then read this article in 

USA Today "Great American Bites: New Haven Clam Pizza Smackdown!"

I know there those now wondering, "How does one exactly become an Honorary Wooster Squarian? Of course, I will break that all down for you while you take a walk with me around New Haven and our Historic Hanami Heaven, Wooster Square and check out some photos! 

Luscious Leaves Looking Lively 

Parks Perfect People! Please Pizza Pie Picnic!

Rocktober in Wooster Square

Beautiful Bonsai Bonanza Baby!

Seeds of Change

See Life through Rose Colored Glasses
in Historic Wooster Square!

Mums the Word on Court Street Colors!

360 Reflecting Reasons to Run to Fun!

Dogwood Barking Fall Beauty

A League of it's own!
(Go Yale Bulldogs!)

Glorified Mornings...

Hidden Treasures

Fella Famously Favoring Fanciful Fall

Beautiful Bountiful Blossoms Behind

Fence Foto Fun

Blossom Buddies still Banding!

Bitty Berries Bring Beautiful Birds

City Art, City History

Firehouse's Fiery Frame
(New Haven Central's Finest)

Holy Hanami Horror on Hughes Place!
(Tree on the "Pink and White Tunnel to Happiness"
has to come down as it died....)

cherry blossoms--
tree after tree
of good karma

hana sakura ippon ippon no isaoshi ya

Picture Yourself in New Haven

Wooster Square Pink Nation!!

Hello Mellow Yellow Fellows

Teensy Tiny Treats 

Windows Wow in Wooster Square

Your Table is waiting...

Make Tracks to Historic Wooster Square!!


How does one become an 
Honorary Wooster Squarian?

It's easy! All you have to do is wait at least 15 minutes in line for pizza on Wooster Street! Or, don't wait and have a pie in the park! Simply adore Lucibello's canolis or a Libby's Italian Ice. Have you walked up the middle of Hughes Place during Peak Poppadge of our World Famous Square's Sakuras? Well that qualifies you too! 

In other Words,
You don't have to be President of Yale
to be an Honorary Wooster Squarian!

You just have to love Wooster Square!

Want more proof New Haven is Hopping!?!

And when walking around New Haven this weekend,
if you happen to bump into Honorary Wooster Squarian
James Rothman,
wish him
Congratulations on your
Nobel Prize in Medicine!

Whatever your Plans this weekend...

See You Round The Square!