Thursday, October 24, 2013

Fall Foliage Finely Furtive, Florid & Famously Fickle!

Historic Hanami Hysteria Hits 

Wooster Square

 in Less than 6 Sweet Sakura Months

Just ask anyone here in the Wonderful World of Wooster Square which is there favorite season? No, not the final season of Breaking Bad, or hot peppers to spice up your favorite Wooster Square Pie. The answer would be Fall. The cool crisp days giving way to nights where we have christened our fireplace making Chyna and Zippy two of the happiest cutest canines in Wooster Square. The seasons change, and we adjust, adapt and enjoy. Albeit, they can be tricky. Read about Climate change Wooster Square style in my guest post in the Elm City Beat...

And what's not to love about being more than Halfway to Wooster Square's World Famous Cherry Blossoms?
As predicted by the Wooster Square Blossom Blog Mainframe, the 2014 Hanami Hysteria Hits Historic Highs when Peak Poppadge (more than 75% in Bloom) falls between April 25 through April 29 in 2014. Our Cherry Festival falls appropriately on April 29th. 

Don't Delay! Ask Siri or Google to courteously calendarize these Decidedly Drastic Dramatic Dates!

But also, if you have not been to Historic Wooster Square in the Fall, you are in for a treat. Or a trick! It is October after all! Drastically Dry Days Delay or Dampen our Fall Blossom Beauties! 

Fall Blossoms Yellow,
Orange, Red, or sometimes Pink
Sleep Sweet Sakura
Blossom Leaves
Bart and Cheryl's Haiku (2013)

There is plenty to Love about Fall, Wooster Square and New Haven! If you don't believe me, then check out a recent post in I Love New Haven!

Click here to love New Haven as much as Chris, Jeffrey and Us!

The other morning, Cheryl said Honey? So I said, Yes Dear? No, the honey she wanted was on the breakfast bar that I got at Historic Wooster Square's Nationally Recognized Farmer's Market. 
                 It is delicious and from Sugar Maple farms.

 While taking photos of our Many Magniloquent Magnificent Marvelous Blossoms, you can't help but run into a few bees. And from Bee's comes... well honey, right? That's so easy. But watching the Busy Characters and looking at the honey on my toast... well, how do bees actually make honey? 

Sounds like a job for the Blossom Blog Mainframe and its vast resources. I decided to try to design a bee camera and print it on the Three Dimension Blog printer (no Cheryl, one is not on order!) Then we could just tag along with the bee and see just how they make the Super Sticky Scrumptious Sweet Sun Soaked Succulent Savory Stuff. 

So while I'm adjusting the controls and knobs, tabulating and procrastinating, why don't you take a stroll around the Wonderful World of Wooster Square while we wait for the outcome.
(I just google it) 

Green is Good!

Super Sugar Maple Marvels Most

Pleasing Pumpkin Pals 

Flowers Flourish until Flattening Frost

Cheer Columbus' Cunning Colors 

Wooster Square Waits, Welcoming

Neighbor and friend, Katie mentioned that there were a lot of chestnuts in the park this year and pondered if that were 
a clue to a long hard cold winter... Nope! We just have a lot of chestnuts this year from more than one large Chestnut Tree.

Super Silly Squirrel Snack

We Berry much like Court Street in Wooster Square

Orange and Green Tunnel to Happiness
(Hughes Place looking south to Wooster Square)

Baffling Beauty Bee Bait Baby!

Wooster Square has a Foundation in Friendships

If you have not gotten to the Wooster Square Exhibit: Beyond the New Township, at the New Haven Museum. The exhibit is really fun and interesting. There are several images from the Blossom Blogger and some don't even have Cherry Blossoms! Blimey! 

 Heritage Huge on Columbus Day
Branford Hosts Local Parade

Moving Maples Money!

Photo Phence Phun!

Grab a pie and picnic under the flashy fall foliage!

Meet new Wooster Squarian, Finnigan...
or just Finn to win!

The weather here in Historic Wooster Square is perfect for
grabbing your favorite pie, person, and potable potion for a
Perfect Park Pizza Party!

Speaking of weather, Cheryl 
(Everyone's Favorite Real Estate Agent)
((and my wife))
 has a new name for our 
Elm City Empire!

New Haven is the NEW San Diego!

How Cool is that?
We have great Pizza, 4 mild seasons and 
Every Day is a Holiday in the 
Wonderful World of Wooster Square

CBS News reports that the declares 
Pepe's Clam Pie #1 in USA!!!
Sally's Comes in at #7!!
Modern Pizza comes in at #11

Early next year look for the 
Wooster Square Blossom Blog Pizza Blog!

Perfect Pies win Precious Park Prize! Click here for the top 20!

Click here for the DailyMeals complete New Haven Pizza Smackdown!

Speaking of numbers, the number 5 (years married) is what Cheryl and I celebrated over Columbus weekend. We met walking our dogs in 2006 in Wooster Square and married in 2008. Also we had to miss Peter Solvey's weekend inauguration as we headed up to the place we got married, Wolfeboro, New Hampshire.

We Eloped but were married at our good friends lake house, Valerie and Jonathan Hopewell.

We stayed at their farm home where Jonathan is a master wood worker. Check out his website and work!

Before we get to those busy bees check out a couple 
of photos from Wolfeboro, NH

Hopewell Happy Home

Farm has huge Christmas Trees for Sale!
Only a two hour drive from Wooster Square!
(Valerie and Jonathan)

Walkin on a Country Road....

Check out Keith Urban
Playing a tribute to James Tayor's
Country Road Live!

Wiley Willing Wood Working Workshop

Holy Mouse!

Looks from Lakehouse

Fall in New Hampshire

Stonewalls Abound

A Man and His Hands,

Wedding Bears 5 year Anniversary!

Thanks Jonathan, Valerie
(Chester & Lily..their dogs)

Thanks Wolfeboro New Hampshire!!

Ahh.. those Buzzing Bees and the Honey Hunt

Guess that I'm not all that naive when it comes to actually how bees make honey. I know they get pollen all over their little legs going from flower to flower but that hasn't a thing to do with the honey. You see the bee collects the nectar from flower to flower.

According to Blogger Matt Shipman, on his blog called "The Abstract" at NC State University, his daughter asked him the same question. So not to give his daughter false information, he tapped into the Blossom Blog Mainframe (he probably googled it too).  

I warn anyone who is a bit squeamish to get your airline bags (that come in the pouch) handy. Or to date myself I would scream!

Soilent Green is People!

Play the clip to see one of 
Charleton Heston's famous Movie lines.

Everyone knows that bees are well, busy. And most of us know that each bee has a job (got it all you worker bees?). So this Forager bee gets to buzz around the Wonderful World of Historic Wooster Square "collecting" nectar. Then like a good do bee, he flies back to his hive and gives this nectar to the "processor" bee who meets him at the front after receiving the appropriate text. 

So then the Processor bee takes it into the nest and deposits into a hexagonal wax storage bin where it ripens.

Hmmm. Really doesn't sound too complicated. But these forager bees don't have backpacks or water bottles they are filling. Foragers have a "special stomach" and so does the Processor.

Honey is Bee Barf People!

Read all about this fascinating process where bees have to well, regurgitate, many times to make this honey. There are also some other interesting facts like why you should not give honey to children under the age of one (uh...maybe because it's bee barf?).

Local Wooster Squarian and Candidate for Wooster Square Alderman, Andy Ross, has or used to have bee hives in his back yard. Andy who used to be Downtown/Wooster Square Management leader, was the brains to clean up the Comcast stretch of Chapel Street by putting up these posters and by getting a garbage can! Tougher than it sounds. 

Ridiculously photogenic Toy Poodle Chyna

Zippy the Blind Rockstar
Italian Greyhound
(he gives pawtographs)

Thanks Andy for helping to clean up 
Historic Wooster Square!

Good Luck Andy Ross!

Don't forget to vote November 5!

One last Photo!

Usually when I make the coffee at night and set the timer (has to be Willoughby's Coffee), I would write some humorous or encouraging love note to Cheryl. (And she writes some notes too) She usually gets up before I do and is off to New Haven Fitness.

I saved all the sticky notes.

Then stuck them on a wall for 2 hours.

I made it through about 1/2 of them before I realized I would be there for a whole day and or run out off wall space... so I stopped here...

5 Year Wall of Love

Head to Historic Wooster Square soon
and find the love of your life!

Or at least eat the #1 pizza in the USA!

Either way,

See You Round the Square!