Monday, April 28, 2014

Wooster Square Wildly Wows World!

Carpe Diem! 

Head to Wooster Square Now!

There, I did it. I am glad I said it. 
My job is done.

Now go directly to your boss: I'm sick
Grab your Special other:  Two or four legged
Run to Wooster Square!

Smile, Breathe, Smile, Breathe, Smile, Breathe

Tomorrow the Weather will turn...

Wednesday heavy rains...

Boy you really do look SICK!!

To many photos... too little time

Watch With Hanami Happiness!

Hughes Place Peak?

Saturday Started off wet...

Drenched in Pink

So good you want to eat them...

Tippy Tree Top Treats!


(water puddle)

Hanging with buds

Passionate for pink pleasing people!

Caution: Wet Pink!

Then came the Sun!

And the angels sing...

Holy Hanami Heaven Here!

Park's perfect for Pizza Pie Picnics People!

Come hang with some buds
(don't forget the pizza and suds!)

Hurray for the pink, green, white and blue!

 Blinding Beauties Baby!

Home Sweet Square

Monday Morning Mindfulness Memories

Fiery Friends Find Fame

White and Pinks here and now!

Smile makers

Pink r Fall

Top 40
(the HITS just keep on coming)

Warm Welcoming Wooster Square

Pink and White Tunnel To Happiness
Historic World Famous Wooster Square!

Fence Foto Fun

Our Blossom Buddies

Not for the feint of heart...

Happy 125 Birthday St. Michael's!

Cherry 360 Views



Wooster Square Cherry Blossoms,
good till the last one drops!

Pink Nation!

Sick Pays!

Fair Fine Flowers

Bonsai Sakura, Silly!

Visit World Famous 
Historic Wooster Square

The Cherry Blossom Festival was a success!

Thanks for stopping by and saying hi!

THOUSANDS of people crammed the day of fun in the sun. The first time in recent memory that the Cherry Blossoms were near peak during the festival! Thanks to everyone who came, volunteered, sponsored, worked and whoever else I am forgetting to thank! 

Thank You for making the Wooster Square Blossom Blog the most talked about, written about, dreamed about, and exaggerated about photoblogumentary on the 
Whole Wide World Web! 

Now, push yourself away from your desk, from the sink, from the bench, from pushing the lawnmower!

Tell your boss you're...
 sick/going home early/quit

Stay tuned for more updates!

See You Round the Square!