Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Rain Doesn't Dampen our Delirious Delights!

Wooster Square Blossom Blog 

Turns 100 (posts) today!

These are busy days here in World famous Historic Wooster Square.  We are all sighing collectively at the great work that was done to make our 41st Cherry Blossom Festival a huge success. Over 8,000 people came to our little Sweet Square slice of humble perfection.

And this year, yes.. our beloved beautiful bright blossoms were blooming blindingly. 

How could that be possible? Well, if you have been following along you know that the Blossom Blog reports the peak blossom periods accurately an astonishing 100%! In fact, the Blossom Mainframe is already working on next years 
(All you have to do is follow the blog and you know when they are blooming.)

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
Your Money Back! 

Also hard to believe that this is the 100 Blossom Blog Post.  Three years ago the Blog was hatched by Cheryl and the Historic Wooster Square Association. One hundred posts later it has morphed into a year round affair of Wonderful park, pizza, people, plays, provisions (food), and periodically, pretty passionately pleasing people! 

So many Blossoms, so little time! I ran myself ragged with the festival and Cheryl and I took a birding bike ride (photos to follow) on Monday. Tuesday I had to lie low. And today... the rain...

Two thousand Fourteen,
Our Beautiful Blossoms Shone,
To the air and ground.
Bart & Cheryl's Haiku 2014

Are the Blossoms Gone?

Our Sweet Sakuras in the 
Wonderful World of Wooster Square
still Wow!

While I tally up the total effects of the inclement weather on the blossoms,  you have to see the photos from the last couple of days.

And our Fine Feathered Friends right her in Wooster Square!
(New Haven)

Constant Staring at one photo 
for an extended period can cause   extreme excitement!

Enjoy the Blossoms Responsibly...


Monday was really special, more photos
then up to date...

Blue sky warms hearts

Wooster Square
Pink Nation!

Beautiful Bark Blossoms

Holy Hanami Pink Headache

Morning Meditation

 Home Sweet Sakura Square

History Makers Make Marks

Historical Hanami

Chapel Street

Warm Welcoming Wooster Square

Red, White and Blue

New Blossom Baby in the Hood

Tuesday the day was dark dank and done.

Pink Nation Too!

Bountiful Beautiful Branches

Blossom Blog Headquarters

Before the rains today...

Tulip rules Daffodils Dazzlingly

  Blossom Buddies today

Rain Rain Go Away!

The Blossom Blog Mainframe needs tomorrows input to see how much damage the winds and rains have been on our Sweet Square Sakuras.

I will consult tomorrow and report on Friday with more photos and we will do some..

Blossom Mathematics!

Speaking of birds...

Cheryl and I went for a ride 
Monday so I threw my 
camera on my saddle!

Check out the birds we saw!

A Hawk in North Haven

and this Osprey!

Red Tail Hawk
(near eagle nest)

Sally Sitting Still

Patriotic Pal

and just before home this Red tail hawk

Heading For Wooster Square!

Hopefully the rains won't be as bad as 
predicted for tomorrow!

There is only one place be to 
find out the latest on Wooster Square, Cherry Blossoms and more!

Right here! Stay Tuned 


See You Round The Square!