Thursday, April 17, 2014

Yo-yo Topsy Turvy Temps Slow Square's Shining Stars

Wooster Square Walloped With Wind, Rain and Cold

Even under the best circumstances, our Special Square Sakura's are a fragile sort. Not that the tree is particularly difficult to grow or maintain. No it's not that. 

The Cherry Trees are like any other fruit bearing tree that is subject to blooming early in spring, so it can spend all summer producing seeds and eating so it can survive the winter. Many an apple farmer will tell you that a spring frost can ruin the harvest.

Well we dodged a proverbial big biting flower frowning friggin frost fine friends. You see, when the blossom is in the Peduncle Elongation, which much of Hughes Place's trees are, frost is critical. Meaning, lets not have any or it will... (I can't even say it...)

So in the middle of Tuesday night with the winds howling, I just held my breath... Hoping not to walk Roxie, Zippy and Chyna and see Cherry Blossoms ripped from their pedestals, flung to the ground in tumultuous terror, terminating their journey to pink and white elation. 

Temperatures hovered around 32 and we had a dusting of snow and ice. The winds topped 32 mph in our fair square. No brave soldiers were on the ground, but still standing their posts determined to burst with pride and show their Wooster Square Colors, pink and white.

Washington DC's cherry blossoms were indicative of the fleeting fun our flowers can be.  Washington's were slow to Pop! this year too. But after a long wait they were spectacular. They were so inundated with crowds that they could not keep up with the trash.

But those same winds and rain that came screaming up the coast yesterday, all but devastated Washington DC's Cherry Blossoms. They peaked last Thursday, today they are mostly gone with the wind.

Waiting Wonder Awe,
Solemnly Sudden Sadness
Cherry Blossoms Fall
Bart and Cheryl's Haiku 2014

But here in the Wonderful World of Historic Wooster Square we are just beginning our 
Sweet Square Sakura Celebration!

Yesterday was indeed sunny but COLD!
I managed to snap my daily photos but was able to take some shots in the park on the way to 
New Haven Fitness this morning.

Take a look around the Square!

Sunglasses may be needed,
void where prohibited,


Blossom Buddies
((4-6 days to peak))

Corner of Academy and Greene Streete

Hurray for the pink white and blue!

Hughes Place Showing Color

Tight buds chillin it
(Wooster Place towards Chapel)

Bart's Bark Art

Citizen Kane Flowers

Morning Glories

Power to the Pink, People!

Pink Nation
(tree on corner of Chapel and Academy)

Wooster Square Waits!

Mrs Robinson says,
Grab a pie and throw me some crust!

Delicate Delicious Delights!

Wooster Square Memories Made

Blossom Buddies 

Be careful, they travel in packs and
attack your eyes, blinding you with beauty...

Pretty Pink Pleasers People!

We still have a way to go...
before the whole park goes 

Pink Nation!

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Don't forget the Cherry Blossom Festival is 
April 27, Noon to 5pm!

This year should be great!

Have a great Holiday Weekend
and stay tuned for updates!

See You Round the Square