Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Found Florets Foresee Future Flower Fun Folks!

Extension, Peduncle Elongation, Exceedingly Excites 

Everyone Everywhere

Just when it seemed that there would be no end to the winter of 2014, we got blasted with some spring here in the Wonderful World of Wooster Square.

Things are really heating up for the 
41st Annual 
Wooster Square Cherry Blossom Festival!

Neighbors literally hand rake the entire Square to make your visit to Historic Wooster Square a memorable one. Local artists, food, musicians and more make it a real fun family day. And perhaps this year we won't have to answer that silly question...

"Why don't you hold the Festival when the Cherry Blossoms are in full Bloom?"

Free Fun Flower Followers!

There really isn't much choice. The festival can't be held on Easter.. or Palm Sunday for that matter.

So that leaves a two dates for 2014. 
April 6th and April 27.

Good choice this year! Two years ago, they would have come and been long gone.

This year is going to be special!

How special? You will only know if you come
or follow the WSBB!

And you can follow it free, from the 
comfort of your own duff, 
divining your dutiful digital device, dedicated devotees! 

At the Wooster Square Blossom Blog,
we are on a Search for Super Special Salient Square Sakura Supreme Serenity, Sometimes Seriously, Sometimes Silly! 

Did you here about the Cherry Blossoms grown from space? Apparently, this 2000 year old tree had not been able to reproduce through its seeds. 
They were like sad milk duds.

But hey! Let's send one into space for a year and see what happens? What happened was a Blossom producing tree in 6 years, not the normal 10...

You have just entered the 
Blossom Zone...

So Buckle up Folks! The next couple of weeks are going to bring extreme extra excitement!

***It is advisable to take all medications and view our Precious Pink Park of Humble Perfection
while in a seated, or otherwise prone position***

Breathe normally, think Pink...

Listen to Air: Cherry Blossom Girl
to calm yourself

Look how far we came in just two days...

Blossom Buddies

Sun Soaking Sweeties

and before the rains came (and came)...

Blossom Buddies

This juvenile tree on Hughes Place is about 4 days to peak. Hughes Place Cherry Trees Pop! about 3 to 5 days before Wooster Square Park does.

Or, not... you never know with these 
funny fickle flowers

Pink Power People!

Sensationally Surreal, Sometimes Spectacular!

Sun + Rain = Blossoms!

 Blossom Drops

The Daily Show

Cheryl and I were able to take an actual bike ride on Monday. The temps hit the 70s, 60s here in Wooster Square. 

We decided to go check on our New Haven eagle pair, Pepe and Sally.

Sally Sitting
(you can just make out her white head on nest)

Pepe Perching

And for those that don't know. Connecticut has wild Parakeets. At first we thought they were Friar parakeets, but no, they are of the Monk variety.
One trait about these birds is that they build big communal nests. 
Another is that they are noisy as a Mutha!
Even odder, is that this racket is all going on about 10 feet from Pepe and Sally's huge home nest.

The parakeets have several nests in fact so it is quite a noisy place, especially when a train goes by too!

Click here for an old NYT article about our Monk Parakeets

Far Fetching Feathered Friends

Meanwhile, Back in our Shangri-la Square!

Color Coming Quickly

Blossoms Busting Bright

We missed you!

Blossoms Abound

Pink and White Tunnel (soon) to happiness!

!Photographer Alert!

Everyday these blossoms change,
getting towards our 
Huge Hanami Heaven!

Hughes Place about 6-10 days to peak!

Stay tuned for the latest updates!

Tomorrow no rain! 
More Great photos on the way!

See You Round The Square!