Monday, May 5, 2014

Wooster Square's Wicked Windy Weekend Sends Blossoms Here, There, and Everywhere!

Historic Wooster Square's 

World Famous 

Cherry Blossoms Winding Down

We Waited. We wondered. We Froze.

Now the long awaited 
Super Sakura Square Show 
Slows Seemingly So Sudden.

If you were lucky enough to get down here on during the Weekend then you were hitting the tail end of the Pretty Precious Pompous Posy Pyrotechnics! 

I had to be in New York for a special dinner
so we missed out on some of the 
Blossom Snowstorms!

We went from this on Friday on Hughes Place

Past Peak Friday

To this on Monday

Blossoms Gone With the Wind!

this year, 2014, the peak should not be hard to 
pin down. I will have the Blossom Blog Mainframe
look at all the photoblogumentarian information 
and we should be able to figure when peak was.

Unfortunately, we had a lot of rain and wind right after the Blossoms Peaked. Fortunately, they peaked right around the Cherry Blossom Festival!

For more photos of the actual Festival
(I have to work my own booth)
Check out the fine folks from 
I Love New Haven!

For now, let's take stock of our
Pretty Pink and White Friends!

Blossom Buddy Bust

Park's Perfect, Pretty and Pruned

May Flowers from April Showers

Japanese Maple Marvels Most

Nifty Simba Sees Pink Petals
(dandy lion)

Green Machine Making Move

Likin Lilac Lots!

Home Sweet Square Nest

Pleasingly Purpley Pink

Grackle Gets Goodies

Mighty Midgets Man!

Not Bill O'Reilly Flowers

Behold Bright Blossom Beauties

Happy 125th Birthday St. Michael's!

Rest, Relax... eat pizza.

Fence Foto Fun

360 Blossoms Burning Bright

White Wonderful Wows

Buzz at First Flight

A match made in Hanami Heaven

(this picture has not been rated, viewer discretion advised)

Pink Nation!
(and green and blue too)

Super Small Safari Square

The results are a bit foggy this year as the rains came and washed away our Beautiful Blossoms.

We peaked on the 28th and 29th of April...

April 29th

April 28th

The Blossoms would have opened up even more
on the 30th, however, rain and cold set in 
and they were droopy. From there more wind
and rain ravaged our Beautiful Blossoms.

Special Announcement!

The Wooster Square Exhibit at the New Haven Museum only has days left!

on Wednesday, May 7, (5-7) there will be a farewell to the exhibit, Wooster Square: The New Township.

Please join us and other Wooster Squarians
to say goodbye to this fun exhibit.

Thanks Margaret Anne!

Before I go, I wanted to share some photos 
I took in New York City over the Weekend!

Freedom Finds Friends

Tall and Totally Tantalizing

Phunky Photo Phun

Bank of Bikes

Cheery Cherry Chum

Flatiron Flattery

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Have a great week!

See you at the New Haven Museum 


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or I will

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