Friday, May 2, 2014

Wooster Square's Sakura Sweets Survive Swinish Savage Saturating Soddenness!

Sun Shines on Historic Square

Blossoms Still Shining

Oh did the wind blow. And blow. Rain so heavy and steady that for sure when I woke up Thursday morning, I would walk to dogs on a pink carpet. 

Fortunately, it was more like a polka dot carpet. Making it a bit disorienting if one isn't careful. But our hardy Square Sakura's really pulled through with not too much damage. The more the tree was in peak, the more blossoms are on the ground. Maybe 50%. 

But even Hughes Place, which was pretty close to peak, the blossoms held on to hold another show this weekend! If you are lucky enough to get down here on Friday, or Friday night, I think you will be in for a treat. The whole weekend they will still be around!

There are lot's of trees in bloom and if you like to take photos, now is the time! The trees are beautiful in every step of the process. 

I have some important New Haven Pizza news to pass on and where I think we are in our blossom season, and how far we have to go coming up!

While I jiggle some knobs and flip some switches to zero in on where we are, we will get to some idea as to how long our precious pink pretties will stick around.... until then...

Take a Stroll around our 
Salient Sakura Soaked Square

Pink Fog Fun

Sturdy Strong and Stunning!

Blossom Buddies

Super Sights Still to See in Serene Square!

Pink and White Survive!

Hughes Place Survives Deluge

History Loves Company
(and Pizza!)

Soaked Buds Seeking 
Super Sakura Seers

Foggy Fence Foto Fun

Ripple Reflections Really Rock!

Precious Pink Poodle
(rained cats and dogs)

Court Street Colors

Wooster Square Waits

Bright beautiful Friday Morning

Few Flurries Find Flower Followers

Pink Petals make Pleasing Pals

Chyna Loves Pink drops

Sometime they stick to her nose...

White Delights!

Great Weekend set for Wooster Square!

Our Nationally Recognized 
CitySeed Farmers Market
reopens in Wooster Square
this Saturday from 

Click here for local produce and such!

If you can't make it to Hughes Place, take a stroll with me 
this morning!

Did you here the latest Pizza news?

Sally's Pizza is for Sale
On Wooster Street!

But also, New Haven was named
the #3 city in the USA
Primo Pizza People!

Get to Wooster Square
for World Famous Pizza,
our Fabulous Cherry Blossoms 
are Still Blooming

all that is missing is YOU!

This will be your best chance this year
if you have not been yet!

I will be in NYC this weekend! 

If anyone wants to send me a 
picture from the weekend,
I will choose the most original one (and post it)
 and you win a free 
Wooster Square Cherry Blossom Mug!

Good luck and as always,

See You Round the Square!