Friday, December 5, 2014

Dare to be Square (Wooster that is), Hot Fun in New Haven! Home of Historic, World Famous Wooster Square!

Five Fabulous Fun Fascinating Follies For 

Fellow Fine Flower & Feather Following Fond Friends!

What a fun time it is in New Haven, a City that has so much to offer, every day of the week. Not only New Haven's Restaurants, which rank us as the Number One Foodie City in the USA, according to 

Take that New York and Boston!

Boston and New York! And don't get me going about Pizza, where New Haven stands alone at the top of that category! 

New York's fold in half pizza? 
Chicago's deep dish pizza? 
Don't get me wrong, if you put pizza in front of me I will be happy and smiling. Then I would have a Two Roads IPA and polish off the pie. Burp...

New Haven is hellaciously hopping hot here these Happy Holidays, honored hallowed Hanamians! New Haven has really grown into a model city for a livable downtown, where people don't need cars, can walk to work, and have great options for living spaces. We are right on the Amtrak/Metro North Railroads, which you can walk to or take a free shuttle from the Green. And if people come to visit, visa versa. You wanna drive once in a while? 
You can Uber this, or Zip (car) that!

Once downtown, on New Haven's Historic Green, you have all the entertainment you need in one lifetime, everywhere, literally all the time. Kind of like New York, but we New Haveners and Wooster Squarians like to get a nice rest. Then we do it again!

The average age in New Haven is just 29, but no matter what the age, everyone loves living downtown (and not EVERYONE acts like they're 16). So much so we have two new apartment complexes coming to Wooster Square. There are three other (or more) significant residential developments elsewhere under construction. The more the merrier! 

Alexion, the pharmaceutical company, started in New Haven and is coming home!

Stock priceALXN (NASDAQ) $198.61 +0.95 (+0.48%)

Building its Headquarters in the middle of the highway to nowhere (Sorry City of Derby, I don't think that is why they called the highway that. And from this Wooster Squarian, I would eat Roseland Pizza in Derby all the time if I could walk there! Maybe they should open on Wooster Street?) The highway you ask? New Haven is reshaping its downtown to make it more walkable, bikeable and people friendly. How cool is that?  And soon there will be a new huge development where our Sports Colosseum blew up, built by the company Live, Work, Play. A 4 star hotel, more residential and shops to buy all your stuff. 

How the New Haven Coliseum Blew up
(quite intended)! 

So why don't you head into New Haven this weekend to find some fun in the Hottest City on the East Coast! While I crank the Blossom Blogger Mainframe
to get on the trail of some fabulous fun this weekend, (I just google my droid)
check out some of the action in the visual side of your Photoblogumentary with a look at no leaves! Yes they are gone! But our next years blushing babies will be blooming! 

Non to soon though. 

So while you peruse our precious patch of humble perfection, Remember, it's the seasons we New Englander's love, but winter I can say is not one many's favorite. Cept'n ski bums. 

As you enjoy, listen to Flordia Georgia lines'
song "Dirt" I hope whatever place or country
where you stand you stand proud! 

Wooster Square is our Dirt!

"You know you came from it, 
someday you'll return to it..."

I selected this one because Natalie Morales from the Today show is an 
Honorary Wooster Squarian
having worked at The Blossom Blogs Official News Channel 8, practically located in Wooster Square.
Natalie also worked later on another station
in Hartford on another network! So
you have to deal with 40 seconds of introduction.

During this time, think of Pepe's Pizza,
the USA's top rank Apizza Aplace Anywhere.
Perhaps the World!!

Your Clam Pie awaits!


*Staring intently at Wooster Square photos too
long may cause dizziness, hunger and laughter.

Morning Glory!

Park Perfect for Picnics People!
(I have seen people eating Pepe's 
on benches when it's below freezing!)
((better than waiting in line))

Square's pretty Bare!

Last Lonely Leaves 

Blossom Tunnel to Happiness to Hanami Heaven!

Tree Lighting at 5:30 12/5/14!

Magical Maple Muted Mostly

A Wooster Squarian Bee-quarium

Warm Welcoming Wooster Square Waits!

Future Fantastic Fun Flower Fireworks Friends!

Corner of Depalma and Chapel Street
and the Wooster Square Farmer's Market

Some Italian Buds Being Born Baby!

We have a ways to go, like winter!

Super Starlings Star

Finding things to do in New Haven is really 
simple and easy. There are a few places I
can nudge you to, or check out some
of the websites the Blog Mainframe
has drummed up on the side.

But first! Cheryl and I went with friend Cliff on 
a weekend birding binge! First to lighthouse point
then on to see if our Eagles (Sally & Pepe)
 were around.
Cliff, another photographer, had to yet 
to see any of them!

Gaggle of Gooses

Mrs. C.

Northern Harrier Has High Hopes!

Or Marsh Hawk, female here we saw
on Thanksgiving Day.
(good thing he wasn't a turkey..where's the gravy?)

Well hello my little Chickadee!
(black capped)

Off to the Quinnipiac Marsh again!

Sally scolding Bar for coming back
empty clawed!

Off to fish again!

Juvenile Female Red Tail jump in the fray
(I asked somebody)
Kids these days!

Monk Parakeets hang out with the Eagles.
Last year they hung out with the Stones...

Then come Zooming by!

Sally on the hunt!
Perhaps Poor People Pleaser Pepe's having a 
clam pie and Peroni, or he's lazy!

Cliff has his scope in the trunk, and took this 
iphone shot through the eyepiece!

And it was a looonng way away!
Nice shot Cliff!
Pretty awesome!

Put that in your Droid and smoke it!

Eventually, one was closer to us later..

He kept checking me out,
or mad at Sally.

So What is there to do in New Haven in December?

1. Back here in Historic Wooster Square and New Haven, we are having our Tree Lighting with hot cider and donuts, and its free
if you mention the Blossom Blog!
(I'm told its all free)

Unfortunately, I have to stay in with a cold!

2. Want a good laugh? Playing at Long Wharf Theater, Steve Martin Play!

3. Want more high brow stuff? Check out the 
Yale Arts Calendar 
and just look at all of the
mind boggling artsy fartsy things to do!

2. More plays youze sezs?
Playing at the Yale Rep
is a World Premiere
By Branden Jacobs-Jenkins

1. Head to the New Haven Musuem
Hot off their Award for their exhibit on
Wooster Square
(must have been my photos they used,
I graciously gave them with my blessing!)
NHM has a new show opening this Weekend!

Nice Job Margaret Anne!

Nice Job New Haven Museum!

Not enough?

Check out my latest show!

Hurry, while supply lasts!
Void where prohibited!
Located at the Salon Details:
1022 Chapel Street


Soon coming to your big screen tv!
Honorary Wooster Squarian
Chris Velardi
(proud Syracuse Alum)
and morning Anchor at neighbor's, and 
Wooster Square Blossom Blog official
News Channel 8, came out to our
Sweet Heavenly Hanami Haven
to talk to the Blossom Blogger himself!

The interview is part of his annual Report-it!
news feature that Chris does so well!

So Chris hit the road to talk to some of us
phun photo takers about how we er, click!
We had a great talk and he asked why I'm Wooster Square's most vocal supporter? 
World Famous Historic Wooster Square!
It airs on Christmas Day on sister station My9
More details to follow!

Great Stuff Chris!

Thanks WTNH News Channel 8
(thats channel 8 on your tube)
((or if you have digital: channel

Stay Warm!

See You Round the Square!