Monday, December 22, 2014

Happy Holidays Hallowed Honorable Hanamians From Historic, World Famous Wooster Square!!!

Wooster Square Blossoms for the Holidays and final time for 2014


In December?

On a stroll around our sweet sakura square with Zippy and Roxie, something caught my eye. Right on the corner of sakura sunshine and hanami happiness (Academy Street and Chapel Street... Luisa Delauro Corner), I could not help but see a little pink and white delight poking out from the juvenile Cherry tree. This tree, I aptly named "Perpetually Blooming," is living up to its name. Luisa Delauro was responsible for bringing the Cherry Trees to Wooster Square Park (and turned 100 last year).

Having the dogs with me rather than my camera, I reached for my phone to take some photos. Unfortunately, I am the worst cell phone photographer in the world! I got home and looked at them and sighed. It's not that I don't have a decent cell phone, I just stink taking pictures with any phone. Unfortunately, Cheryl had the camera with her for her business. And not even the blossom mainframe with all its digits and bits couldn't make them photoblumentary material. 

Fear not beloved blossom believers. Sunday morning we were treated to some snow showers that stayed most of the day with little to no accumulation. So when it let up a tad (a little more than a smudge), I went out to take some photos of our year end bonus blossoms!

Tiny snow crystals adorn pink and white pretties

Our relatively mild winter so far must have made for a perfect blossom storm. However, I have not found any other Sacred Sakuras that are blooming.

These Famous and Historic Blossoms came to wish everyone a 
Happiest of Holidays, 
to remind you of the simpler
things in this life.

"Sakuras sleep, dream;
Holiday wishes for you;
Peace and kindness all"
Bart and Cheryl's Haiku, 2014               

 This buds for you!

Holiday Hanami High

Most of our future blossoms are 
tucked in with their friends

House Sparrow's Home

Downy Back Woodpecker helps
with insect control

Our pink and white tunnel to Happiness
(Wooster Square from Hughes Place)

Well, I do see white!

What a year 2014 has been! And there is 
only one way to celebrate!

Wooster Square Blossom Blog

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While you sip your coffee and rest during your shopping, drink in
what's special about our pretty
precious patch of humble perfection!

Art masquerades as nature

Light dusting, like our cannolis!

History loves Company!

Walk, eat pizza

Frozen Fence Foto Fun

Heading to a Holiday open house party for good friends the Square, Cheryl and I ran 
into a flock of Turkeys!

Two Terrific Toms

Turkey Truly Trotting

Who you calling Turkey!

Back in Wooster Square!

You mean this is for the birds?
Defiant Wooster Squirrelian!

Call, order pizza

Before we head off into next year,
Cheryl, Chyna, Roxie, Zippy and I wish you 
Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to
all our friends in the Square and to those 
with the Square in their hearts. 
And to everyone else too!

New Year brings New Hope, New Friendship and..

If you want to remember last years white
Christmas, here you go. We had snow and 
ice all of December. 

Thanks 2014!
What a great year!

Court Street Iced in.

Think warm

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And! If that is not exciting enough!

I was interviewed by WTNH Channel 8's
about photos sent in for their Report-it! feature.

Check out the teaser for the half hour
year end show featuring +Bart Connors Szczarba !
(Wooster Square Blossom Blogger)

Set your DVR's for Christmas Day when
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the news and then on Saturday the 27th,
it is on at 7:30pm on WTNH Channel 8

Thanks Chris and WTNH!

Happy Holidays 
from the
Wooster Square Blossom Blog!

Stay tuned for the Year in pictures!

See You Round the Square!