Saturday, April 30, 2016

Cherry Blossom Festival a Huge Success! New Haven named "Normalist" city in the USA!

Thousands turn out for food, flowers and fun!

Last Sunday, the eyes of the World were looking on Historic Wooster Square. 

And we didn't disappoint!

Fresh off my Presidential Pizza Pow Wow
with Bill Clinton, we plunged into 
Cherry Blossom Weekend.

The Cherry Blossom Concert and after
party were well attended!

We don't have exact figures on how many
people were at the festival, but it was
well over 5000. Lot's of standing and talking!

Here in the Square, we are all blossom busted!

It takes a neighborhood to throw a party.

Thanks to all the festival volunteers, committee, big wigs that came, bands, artists, vendors,
and most of all YOU!

New Haven is the New Normal?

If you mean by cool, we kinda 
already knew that.

I'll explain after I show you some photos from this week, and 
some more of my interview
with President Bill Clinton.

Fast fickle funky funny flowers...

Not hard to find some slackers.

Court Street Colors

Eye popping pleasure

Columbus' Color Guard

History loves Company

Historic Hanami High Here!

 Sakura Square Selfie City

Libby's ice goes nice with diplomacy!

Lot's of reasons to head to Wooster Square

Colors of Spring

Don't bark up this tree!

Wooster Square wonders...
why wait?

Green taking over

Hughes Place

Most blossoms were blown away
by high winds...

Complete Report in the next post
from the World's First, 
only, and surely the best 
Photoblogumentary in the world!

Now, what's this about New Haven
being normal? Well, the Blossom Blog Mainframe
found this article from former fellow East Lansing
resident, Michigander, Blogger, Detroit Tiger Fan
and Honorary Wooster Squarian,
Nate Silver

Oh yeah. He's a famous statistician, baseball stat maestro, and one of Time Magazines most
influential people. He falls slightly short of the
Blossom Blog in predictions due to us
having a 100% Accuracy rate.

In 2008, Nate picked 49 out of 50 political races.

So what about New Haven?

He says, New Haven fits the profile of the
new American City. Young, diverse, educated.

Read the whole article for the scoop, and 
tell Nate the Wooster Square Blossom Blog
sent you!

We are just warming up for the summer
here in World Famous Wooster Square!

Stay tuned for the 2016 
Blossom Analysis next!

Thanks Sponsors!
Blossom Bliss!
Open House Sunday, May 1st!
Free Cherry Blossom mug if
you mention the 
Wooster Square Blossom Blog!

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