Saturday, May 7, 2016

2016 Cherry Blossoms were an Amazing, Agonizing, Astonishing Arboriculture, Agricultural Aberration!

Snow, rain, cold and freezing rain couldn't stop our Historic Blossom Blowout!

It's a little hard to talk about History when 
you are talking about 2016. 
Why, didn't the year just start? 
Did the snow melt yet?
 What, Memorial Day is just around the corner? 

Time goes by so fast it'll blow the blossoms of life right before your eyes. You have to keep them open, enjoy the moments of beauty, 
for it is all fast and fleeting. 

And then it's all gone.

Nature's clock ticking steady,
Live, Love, Laugh, Learn, Loss.
Bart & Cheryl's Haiku 2016

The freezing rain had an effect on the State's
Peach crop... it's an entire loss.

As far as other produce, I am sure that Mother Nature dealt them a tough hand this spring also.

It was such strange weather, I had to go back and look, as I take thousands of photos for Official
Wooster Square Hanami History.

First, a little snow on top on April 4th.

Pink Nation with sugar frosting!

Trinity Treat on New Haven Green

Wooster Wonderland Wows

Historic Hanami Here

Home of America's favorite Apizza Style,
the Hamburger, the Frisbee, lollipops....

Wooster Square

Blossoms Blanketed

Calm before the storm...

Freakin Frozen Flower Foto Fun!

The snow turned to rain.

Then freezing rain. Completely covering fauna, friends and foes, folks. 

What was to happen? Wind would break them off?

Everything coated in ice, on the 5th.
Luckily, no wind but some melting sun.
It was cold too.

Coated Cuties

New benches get baptism by ice!

Ice baby ice

Sparkly Park

Frozen stars

Hughes Place Hit hard

Cherry Frappuccino

Frozen in Time

Frozen for good?

The 6th, still cold and some damage.

 Blossoms further along got hit the worst.

Damage here and there

Brave Blossoms

They aim to please

They delighted thousands

The New Haven Police Department
said that 10,000 people came
to our Humble Sakura Square
of Hanami Perfection for
the 43rd Cherry Blossom Festival!

Top: Cheryl Szczarba and Bart Connors Szczarba
Bart and Stephanie Simone from Channel 8
and the photo she took home!
(photos by Chris Randall)

Thanks Channel 8!

High Hopes

So our Beloved Blossoms were really
taken to task this year.

But they performed and the
Festival was a huge success!

Peak Pop

April 16-17

Historically speaking, an earlier peak.

Stay Tuned for more Blossom analysis,
photos, stories, and anything 
that's fit to post here
at the
Wooster Square Blossom Blog!
Happy Mother's Day!

President Clinton leaves Pepe's on Wooster Street

See You Round the Square!

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