Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Poignant Pink Popping Profusely all over Park!

 Huge Hanami High in our Sakura Square

It happens so fast. Or so it seems.
We wait. We worry.
We are surrounded by a pink and white Wooster Square Wonderland.

Then they're gone.

And this year our 
Cherry Blossoms were thrown 
everything mother nature had to offer.

But they came.

The Cherry Blossoms are Blooming!

You have to come see!

First some photos from yesterday afternoon, 
and some from early this morning.

The park is full of artists, photographer and picnickers as
 I photoblogumentarize
 the process!


Peaking on Academy?

Sunset Blossoms

White and pink wowers

Corner of Greene Streete and Academy Street.

Fiery Fun

Knights of Blossoms

Pink Popping on Warren

A sunny and warmer Wednesday...

Hump Day Hanami Happiness!

Pink Nation!

Buds hanging in the park

Hughes Place Popped People!

Let there be light on blossoms!

Shim Shimmering

New benches, new blossoms

Pink Nation!

Blossoms love history!

Your throne awaits

Corner of Academy and Chapel Street

Great balls of pink!

Photographer Alert!

This weekend should be the best for your wedding shoots, engagement shots
new baby photos or just 
some plain photo fun!

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Look for more photos and an
update on Friday!!

Thanks Sponsors!

See You Round the Square!
Bee Happy, Bee in Wooster Square!